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Gift. o. poison, venom, bane ; —beker, poisoned cup; —brief, deed of grift; —menger, poison er; —werend, antidotuii —Ig, bv. poiso nous, venomous, deleterious; slandering. «IJ. vnw. thou, you, ye; —lieden, you, ye (people).

©Übeien, on. w. to anicker, to titter. G(jk, t. zie Giek.

GUI, o. wort, ferment; —bier, beer In the cooler; —kuip, cooler, ïermenting-vat; — en, on. w. to ferment, to work ; to be greatly desirous (of), to hanker (after); —Ing, v. fermentation, immoderate desire. ««•Mo. taokle ; —balk,tackle-beam; —touw,

Göp, v. ahlvering (of aails); op beft — lig-

Su, to lie gasping, to be dying; pas op ' —, mind the vicissitudes of fortune; be mindful of death; —en, ov. w. to gasp; to ■hiver (of aails).

G(Jzel aar, m. hostage; —en, or. w. to imprison (for debt); —brief, warrant for arresting a debtor; -kamer, prison for debtors, spunging-bouse; —recht, right of imprisoning for debt; —Ing, v. imprisonment (for debt).

Gil, m. shriek, scream, yell, sharp cry.

Gild, Gilde, o. guiid, Corporation; —os, very fat ox ; —ebnde, — eknecbt, beadle (messenger) of a guiid; —eboek, register (rolis) ®- * guiid t — ebrief, bill of incorporation, charter; —ebroeder, freeman (member) of » guiid; —eliuie, —eknmer, hall of a guiid; —emeester, master (foreman, deacon) of a Corporation; —epennlng, medal of a guiid; —proef, master-piece ; — erecht, rights (laws) of a guiid; right of being incorporated.

Glll en, ov. w. (- schuin afsnfjden), to

saw stanting, • obiiquely; on. w. (hard schreeuwen), to scream, to yell; —er, m. screamer; —ing, v. shrieking, screaming; —Inghout, o. timber sawed obiiquely. Ginder, Ginds, bw. yon, yonder; ginds en

weer, to and fro; for a moment.

Glndsch, yon, yonder; aan —e zilde, over

the way, on the other side.

Ginnegap pen, on. w. to titter, to chuckle,

to giggle; —per, m. —ster, ▼. giggler. Glnniken, on. w. to sneer, to grin.

Gips, o. gypsum, parget, planter ; —afgietsel, plaster-cast; —beeld, figure of pargetstone, piaster image ; —brander, piastermaker ; — brander)), —oven, plaster-kiln ; —gieter, plaster-caster; — kalk. pargetlime, piaster; —vorm, plaster-mouid; —werk, plaster-work, stucco ; —werker, plasterer ; —aehtig, br. gypseous ; —en, bv. of piaster ; —en, o*. w. to do over with gypsum, to piaster, to cover with piaster.

Giraffe, t. giraffe, camel opard.

Giro, o. endorsement; — bank, v. circulatlon(giro-, discounting) bank; glreereu, ov. w to endorse (bills).

Gis, v. guess, conjecture; op de— .byguess, gueasiugly, at random; b|| (naar) de —

by estlmatlon; het viel alt de —, it was

beyond expectation.

Gisp en, ov. w. to blame, to reprors; —er,

m. blamer, reprover; —Ing, t. reproof. Gise en, ov. & on. w. to guess, to coqjecture; naar Iets —, to guess at anything; — doet niisseu, guessing Is missing; —er, m. gu«H*er; —ing, ▼, guessing, conjecture, escimation.

Gist, v. yeast; —achtlg, bv. yeasty, yeaatlike; —en, on. w. to ferment, to riss, to work ; —ende drnnken, effervescent drinks; —Ing, v. fermentation; sedition (— geest van oproer).

Gisteren, bw. yesterday; —avond, last night; h(| Ie niet van —, he was not born yesterday, he is a sly-boots ; de courant van

yesterday's paper.

Git, v. & o. Jet; -iwart, Jet-black, jetty. Gitaar, v. guitar.

Gitten, bv. jetty.

Glaasje, o. little glass; het — lichten, to tope, to drink deep; onder een — zitten, to crack a bottle; — op den valreep, parting cup, stirrup-cup; h(J had te diep lu *t — gekeken, he had had a drop too many, he was tipsy (half-seas over, etc.); "II pakt geregeld z(|n —, he regularly takes hia nip (his dram); h(| houdt wel van een —, he ia a toper, a regular tippler. Glad, bv. smooth, bright, polished, sleek, slip* pery (street); plain; cunning, »ly; eene -de tong. a flippant tongus; een —de st|)l, a smooth (fluent) style; zoo — als een spiegel, as bright oa a mirror; zoo — nis een aal, aa nlippery as an eel; zich niet op — fys wagen, not to venture on slippery ground; een —de kruin, a bald iiead; —de wegen! slippery roads; —de kin, beardless chin; dat Ie nogal —, that stands to reason, that goes witiiout saying; Iets — vergeten z(|u, to have clean forgotten it; — uil«. altogetner wrong; —akker, m. jade; —bek, beardless youth, greeuhorn; false jewel, Imitation-stone; — boenen, to scour bright; —maken, to smooth, to poliah; —schaaf, smootiiingplane; —slager, hammerer; — slUpen, to polish; —, bw. entirely, totally, coinpletely: — afslaan, togivea flat refusal; —digheid, v. —lieid, v. smoothness, brightness; slipperinesB, cunning, alyness; —weit. bw. tle Glad.

Glana,m.lustre, splendour, radiance, brilliancy, brightness, gloss (of silk, hair etc.); met — slagen, to p:iss (to aucceed) with lionoura; —steen, polisber; — r(|k, bv. resplendent, radiant, briiiiant, glorloua, bright; een —e overwinning, a signal (briiiiant) victory; —r|fkheid. v. resplendency, radiance, brilliancy, gloriousness, brightness.

Glanz en, ov. w. to polish, to calender, to aet a glosa upon; on. w. to ah ine, to aparkle; —er, m. glosser, polisher; —Ig, bv. glossy; —Igheld, v. glossiness.

Glas, o. glass; window-pane; hour-glasa, half an houri de glazen vullen, to fitl (to charge)