Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

—taal, original language; — teekenlng,

plan, ichnography; —tekst, original text; —toon, key-note, fundamental tone; —touw, relieving-rope; —trek, primitive atroke, trait, characteriitio; —vaat, solid, flrm; — verdeellug. division of grounda, primitive division, diatribution; —verf, prime colour; —verven, to prime; —reet, foundation, fundament, base; —vesten, to found, to ground, to lay the foundation of; —vester, founder; —vesting, foundation; —vlakte, surface, area, jrround-plot, base; —waarheid, fundamental truth ; —werk, groundwork; —wet, fundamental law, constitution, bilI of rights; —woord, primitive word, radical; —el, m. — eling, m. groundling;— elooa, bv. groundless, bottomlesa, unfathomable; boundleas, inexhaustibie, inflnite, unsearchable; — eloosheid, v. groundlessness, unfathomable depth, boundlessness, infinitude; —en, ov. w. to found, to ground, to lay the foundation of, to base, to prime <bH schilders); on. w. to sound; —Ig, bv. & bw. fundamental (-ly). thorough (-ly), solid (•ly), profound (-ly). earthy (smaak), radical, clear; — igheid. v. solidity, profoundness, radicality, thoroughness, earthinesa.

Groot, o. groat, half a stiver, wholeaale, large-hand; in liet —, wholesale; de —en, the great; een Spaansche —e, agrandee; —, bv. great, large, big, bulky, capacious, roomy, tall, high, grown up, important, renowned, grand, eminent; —e letter, capita! (letter); —e ineiischen, grown-up (fullgrown) people; — uur, full hour; de —e wereld, the higlier classes, the upper ten thousand, high-life ; — worden, to grow up; zich — houden, to restrain oneself, to conceal one's disappointment; to do the grand: op —en voet leven, tolive in great state; een — woord doen, to talk big; to carry it high ; — zijn met een auder, to be very familiar, to be on intimat*? terms with a. o.; eeu —e „oome", a big bug; —e oogen opzetten, to atare preciously; -aalmoezenier, Lord High Almoner; —achtbaar, right honorable, venerable; —achtbaarheid, venerableneas, reverence; —admiraal, lord high-admiral; —bek, — muil, bragger, bully, babbler; —boek, ledger; —brengen, to bring up, to rear; —dadlg, grand, magniflcent, lieroic;—dadIgheid, magniflcence, heroicalneaa; —handel, wholeaale-trade; —handelaar, wholesaledealer; —hartig, bv. & bw. high-minded, proud (-ly); — hartigheid, high-mindedneaa, pride ; —hertog, grand-duke; —hertogdom, grand-dukedotn ; —hertogelyk. ffrand-ducal; —hertogin, grand-ducliess; —hoofd, greatheaded i'ellow; —kanselier. Lord High Chancellort — kruis, grand-cross; —machtig, miglity, powerful; —machtigheid, mightiness; —maken, to enlarge, to exalt, to glorify; —making, magnifying, gioril'ying; —meester, grand-master; —meesterschap, grand-masterahip; —moeder, grand-mother;

—moedig, bv. & bw. magnanlmoua (-ly)t —moedigheid, magnanimity; —mogend, liigh-raighty i —mogendheid, high-mlghtiness; —neus, bottle-nosed person; —oor, long-eared person; —ouders,grnnd-parents-, —schatmeester. Lord Treasurer; — scheepseh, bv. copious, princely, unstinted; —spraak, boasting, bluster.grandiloquence; —spreken, to talk big( to bluster, to boast; —spreker, bragger, boaster; —vader, grandfather; —vorst, grand-dnke; —vorstin, grand-duchess; —zegelbewaarder, lord keeper of the great seal; —elHks, bw. preatlyi —held, v. greatneas, largenesa, bigneas, bulkineaa, tallness, height, importance, enormity,grandeur,eminence,magnitude, noblenesa; —held van ziel, magnanimity; —Jc, o. grandam, granny; uiaak datje —Je wU»! teil that to the (horse-) marines; draw it mild; —sch, bv. & bw. proud (-ly), haughty (ily), grand, magniflcent, noble (-bly)j —schlieid, v. pride, liaughtineaa, grandeur, magniflcence, nobleness; —te, v. greatness, size, extent, capacity, burden (van een «chip), stature, magnitude.

Cirop, v. trench, furrow.

(■ros, o. groaa, wholesale, mass, generality; main body; het — van een leger, the main body (bulk) of the army; het — der menscheii, the generality (the plurality) of mankind; —, v. —se, v. engrosaed copy; —seeren, ov. w. to engrosa, to ezaggerate; —sier, m. wholesale-dealer; — svak,wholesale-trade.

Cwrot, v. grot, grotto, cave; —werk, rockwork, fretted work; —werkmaker, rockwork-maker.

Oroveiyk, bw. zie Grof.

(«ruis, o. dust, gravel, grit, rubbish, powder, coal-duat, culm ; —droog, quite dry, bonedry ; —hok, coal-place; —fjzer, groaslngIron; —kooper, coal-merchant; —zand, gravel; —achtlg, bv. zie Gruizig,

Gruizig, bv. gravelly, gritty; —held, v. grittineas.

Grut, v. groata ; thrash, refuae; het kleine —, the amall fry; —molen, oat-meal-mill; —tenbry, oat-meal-porridge; —tenmeel, oat-meal, buckwheat-meal; — tenpap, gruel, water-gruel.

Grutter, m. corn-chandler, meal-man; —swaren, meal; —swlnkel, corn-ciiandler's shop, lueai-siiop; —U, v. corn-chandler's trade (busineaa).

Gruwel, m. abomination, liorrible «atrocious) deed; —en, on. w. (van), zie Gruweni —Uk, bv. & bw. horrible (-bly), horrid (-ly), enormous (-ly), siiocking (-ly), atrocious (-ly); —Ukhelü, v. horribleness, horridnesa, enormity, atrocity.

Gruw en. on. w. (van) to abhor, to hold in abomination, • in abliorrence, to ahudder at; — zaaui, bv. & bw. hideoua (-ly), atrocious (-ly); — zaamlieid, v. liideouaness, atrociousneas, gruesomeness.

Guano, v. guano.