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ed ; — sgezindlieid, heavenly-mindedness ; —steeken, sign of the zodiac; — en, on. w. to ascend to heaven, to die; —ing, m. & v. inhabitant of Heaven, celestial; —ach, celestlal, lieavenly; -wnnrta, bw. heavenward, towards Heaven.

Hemmen, ov. & on. w. to hem (after).

Hen, v. heit; leg-, layer; eene blinde — vindt soms een korrel, nobody is always a fooi (is a fooi foi* ever); z|| ie eene — met aporen, (lig.) she is a shrew; —netnster, prig», Paul Pry; — nenei, hen's egg.

Hen, vnw. them.

Henen, bw. away.

Heng, v. hinge, lioolc.

Hengel, m. angling-rod, handle; —korf, — mand, hand-basket; —roede, —stok, angling-rod; -snoer, angling-line; —nar, m. angler; —en, on. w. to angle (naar, for), to hover, to Hail to and fro leaning on the wind; — naar complimentjes, to be flshing for compliments(for praises); om iemand —, to set one's cap at; — ing, v. angling.

Hendel, o. hinge, handle; — korf, — mand, hand-basket; —stoof, foot-stove with a handle.

Hengat, m. stallion, stone-horse, steed; de — van Apollo, Pegasus; the stallion of Apollo; —ebron, (— de bron van % polio), Hippocrene; —ig, bv. lubric, salacious.

Henller, 111. hangman, Jack-Ketch, deuce.

Hennep, m. hemp; —akker, hemp-fleld; — braak, hemp-brake; —braker, hemp-braker; —garen, hemp-yarn; —koek, hemp-seedcake; —olie, hemp-seed-oil; —stok, liempstalk; —teelt, cuitivation of hemp;—zaad, hemp-seed; —en, bv. (of) hemp, hempen.

Her, bw. hence; van ouda —, of old.

Heradem en, on. w. to breathe again, to recover one's breath; —ing, v. respiration.

Heraut, m. herald; — te paard, inounted herald.

Herbakken, ov. w. to rebake.

Herbaren, ov. w. to regenerate, to create again.

Herberg, v. inn, tavern, publio house; hotel; —en, ov. & on. w. to lodge, to harbour; —Ier, m. innkeeper, host; —ierster, v. hostess; —ing, v. lodging, harbouring; — zaani, bv, hospitable; —zaanilieid, v. hospitableness, hospitality.

Herbinden, ov. w. to bind (over) again.

Herbllnken, on. w. to shine again.

Herbloei en, on. w. to flourish again; —Ing, v. flourishing again.

Herboren, bv. regenerate; — worden, to be new-born, to be regenerated, to revive.

Herbouw, m. rebuilding; —en, ov. w. to rebuild; —er, m. rebuilder; —Ing, v. rebuilding.

Herdagen, ov. w. to lummon again; on. w. to dawn again.

Herdeel en. ov. w. to redistribute; —Ing, V. redistribution.

Herdekken. ov. w. to cover again.

Herdenk en, ov. w. to remember, to recall

to mind; —Ing, v. remembrance; ter—Ing van, in commemoration of.

Herder, m. shepherd, herdsman, pastor; — adicht, pastoral, idyl; — sflnit, shepherd's reed, - pipe; —shond, shepherd's dog; —«hut, shepherd's cot; — sknaap, shepherd's boy; —skout, pastoral dialoffue; —sleven, pastoral life; — slied. pastoral song; —sstaf, crook, crosier (of a bishop); —ataacb, pouch, scrip, shepherd's purse; —suurtje, happy fcritical) hour, lovers'hour; —svolk, pastoral tribe; —szaiifc, pastoral song.

ller<loen, ov. w. to do over again.

Herdoop, m. rebaptization; —en, ov. w. to rehaptize; —er. m. rebaptizer, anabaptist; —ing, v. rebaptization.

Herdruk, m. reimpression, new edition, reprint; —ken, ov. w. to reprint; —king, v. reprinting.

Hereeiilg en, ov. w. to reunite; —er, m. reuniter; —ing, v. reuniting, reunion.

Hereiach en, ov. w. to redemand, to reclaim; —er, m. reclaimer; —ing, v. redemanding, reolamation.

II eremiet, m. anachoret, recluse, hermit; hermitage, hermitage.

Hereut en, ov. w. to regraft, to inoculate again ; —ing, v. regrafting.

Herfat. m. autumn, the fall; —dag, day of autumn; —draden, gossamer, air-threads; —hooi, after-math; —lucht, autumnal air; —maand. September: —nachtevening, autumnal equinox; —t||d, harvest time; — vrucht, autumnal fruit; —weer, autumnal weather; —wind, autumnal wind; —zon, autumnal sun; — achtig, bv. autumnal.

Hergeven, ov. w. to give back, to restore; on. w. to give (to deal) again (b{| *t kaartspel).

Hergieten,ov. w. to refound, to recast (metais).

Hergloeien, ov. w. to neal again, to anneal.

Herbal eu, ov. w. to repeat, to reiterate; — er, m. repeater ; —ing, v. repetition, reiteration, tautology; iu —ingen vervallen, to get tautological; b{J —, repeatedly, over and over again.

Her(|k, m. second assize, gauging (stamping) again; —en, ov. w. to assize (to gauge, to stamp) again.

Herinner en, ov. w. to remember, to callto mind; (aan) to remind of, to put (one) in mind of (a thing); zich —, t. w. to remember, to recollect; —ing, v. remembrance, recollection, reminder (of); —avermogen,memory.

Herkauw en, ov. w. to ruminate, to chew the cud; —end, bv. ruminant; —end dier, ruminant; —er, m. ruminator, cud-chewer; —Ing, v. rumination.

Herkeu baar, bv. recognizable; —nen, ov. w. to recognize; — uing, v. recognition; — •teeken, mark of recognition, badge; —swoord, pass-word, watch-word.

Herkeur en, ov. w. to rsexamine; —ing, v. re-examination.

Herkiesbaar, bv. re-eligible; —held, v. recligibility.