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side; heft —Je omgaan. (flg.) to kick the bucket, to turn up one's toes; uit welken

— waait de wind? how does the wind blow? royaal uit den — komen, to come down handsomely; —balk. —keper, corner-post; —bank, counter; -boot, liooker; —buffet, corner-board, -buffet; —huls, corner-house; —meetkunde, —•meting, goniometry ; — ■teen, corner-stone ; —st(fl, corner-post; — tand, canine tooth, eye-tooth; —vorinlg, cornered, angular; —want, hooked ftshingnet»; —zak, corner-hazard; —swyze.angularly, cornerwise; —nclitig, bv. angular, cornered; —er, m. hooker;—ig, bv. angular, cornered ; —igbeld, angularity.

Hoen, o. hen, cliicken, fowl; —derhout, leg (wing) of a towl; —derdief, poultry-thief, kite ; — derei, hen's egg; — derliok, poultry-liouse, hen-coop; —derkooper, poulterer; —dermaag, gizzard, appetite; —deruiarkt, poultry-market; —dermest, poultry-dung; —dernest, t'owl's nest; —derpastei, chickenpie; —der rek, hen-roost; —dersoep, chicken-broth.

Hoep, m. lioop, plain ring;—ring, hoop-ring.

Hoepel, m. hoop; —rok, farthiugale, hooppetticoat, crinoline; —maker, hoopmaker; —eu, ov. w. to trundle a hoop.

Hoest, m. cough ; —bui, fit of coughing ; — ■tillend, appeasing coughing; —en, on. w. to cough.

Hoetel aar, m. —aarster. v. bungler, botcher; —ary, v. bungiing; —en, on. w. to bungle; —werk, bungling.

Hoeveel, bw. how much, iiow many;—held, v. quantity, —«te, bv. who (what, which) of the number; den —n van de maand hebben w||? what day of the month is it?

Hoewel, vw. though, although.

Hoezee, tsw. huzzah 1 hurrah!

Hoezeer, bw. how much; —, vw. though, although.

Hof, m. yard, court-yard; —, o. court; z|)n

— maken bi), to pay (to make) one's court to, to pay one's addresses to, to court; — van laatste instantie, court of last resort; open —, open table ; —arts, court-physician; —barbier, barber in ordtnary; —bediende, officer (servant) at court; —dauie, lady of honour. lady in waiting; —dichter, poetlaureate; —dienst, court-service; —gebruik, court-etiquette; —gerecht, —kamer, superior court of.justice; —gezin, courtiers; — hond, mastiff, watch-dog; —houding, court, state; —Jonker, pago; —Juffer, maid of honour; —kanselier, court-chancellor; — kapel, court-chapel; —kapelaan, —prediker, court-chaplain; —kliek, court-party; -kom|)n, caraway; —leven, court-life; — meester, steward ; —meesterschap, stewardship ; —nar, court-jester, fooi; —raad, privy council, privy councellor; —rouw, •court-mourning; —stad, residence; —stede, homestead, farm, country-seat; —anker, «heet-anchor; —stoet, retinue of a prince; —wacht, guard of the court; —wachter.

yeoman of the guard, watch-dog; —zanger, court-singer.

lloffelUk. bv. & bw. courteous (-ly), genteel (-lyj; — heid, v. courteousness, courtesy, genteelness.

Hofje, o. establishment for old people.

Hok, o. pen, kennel, sty, dungeon, doek; — duif, tame pigeon; —konUn. tame rabbit; —vast, home-keeping; —vaste meiischen, stay-at-homes.

Hokkeliug, m. & v. calf one year old, breadand-butter miss, young shaver.

Hokken, on. w. to squat, to crouch, to flair, to stagnate, to renounce (in *t kaartspel,; het hokt, there's some obstacle, it won'tdo.

Hol, o. hole, hollow, cavity, den (van wilde heesten), cave, cavern, cover (offoxes etc.), lodge (of beavers), dead (van den nacht); op — raken, to take fright * to run away, to take bad courses, to run vlot, to be wandering, to go a wool-gathering, to be perplexed; op — gaan, to (take fright and) bolt; iemands hoofd op — brengen, to turn a person's head; —over bol, helter-skelter, head over heels, precipitately.

Hol, bv. hollow, empty, deep, concave; —Ie vaten klinken het hardst, hollow vessels make the most sound; In het—Ie van den nacht, in the dead of night; —Ie zee, rough sea; — Ie oogen, sunken eyes; —Ie brilleglazen, concave spectacle-glasses; —Ie woorden, idle fancies, empty words; — beitel, — Uzer, gouge; —bewoner, troglodyte, inhabitant of a cavern; —bollig, facetious, comical, droll; —buik, glutton; — buikig, empty-bellied, gluttonous; —keel, chamfer, glutton; — oogig, hollow-eyed ; — rond, concave; —rondheid, concavity; — wangig, liollow-cheeked; —wortel, hartwort, birch-wort; —aclitig, bv. somewhat hollow.

Holderdebolder, bw. topsy-turvj', head over heels.

Holheid, v. hollowness.

Ilolla, tsw. holla! holdl

Hollen, on. w. (to take fright and) run away, to wunder, to rove, to riot, to revel.

Holligheid, v. hollowness, cavity.

Holster, m. holster; (pistol-) case.

Holte, v. hollow, cavity, pit.

Hom, v. soft roe; frill (= sabot); —baars, milter, soft-roed perch; —bokking, softroed red herring.

Hommel, m. drone, humble-bee.

Hommel en, on. w. to hum, to buzz; — ing, v. humming, buzzing.

Hommer, m. milter.

Homp, v. lump, big piece.

Hompel aar, m. limper, hobbler; —en. on. w. to hobble, to limp, to halt; —voet, limper; —ig, bv. hobbliug, limping.

Hond, m. dog; hound (=» Jachthond); dogstar; (lig.) rascal, miserable fellow; blaffende — bijten niet, barking dogs never bite; Iemand als een — behandelen, to lead one a dog's life of it; wie een —