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one; voor (met) Iemand — zijn, to be

prepossessed in one's favour; —met iets, pleased wlth (at) something; — held, v. prepossession, fondness. liigcsehapen, bv. innate, inborn.

Ingewloten. br. enclosed, inclturive, included. Ingetogen, bv. & bw. continent (-ly); inodent (•ly), composed (-ly), sedate (-ly); —held, ▼. continence; modesty, sedateness.

Ingeval, vw. in case.

Ingev en, ov. w. to give in, to administer; to present, to prompt, to suggest, to inspire ; geef den patiënt het drankje in, administer the potion to the patiënt; ieuin>»cl eene gedachte —, to fiuggest an idea to one; — ing, v. smrgestion, inspiration. Ingevolge, bw. pursuaut (agreeably) to, in

consequence of, in compliance with. Ingewand, o. entrails, bowels ; — «kwanl, complaint of the belly ; — «ontsteking, ententes ; —«worm, intestinal worm; —•ziekte, disease in the bowels.

Ingewyde, s. adept, initiated.

Ingewikkeld, bv. intricate; —held, v. in-

tricateness, intricacy.

Ingeworteld, bv. inveterate, deep-rooted. Ingezetene, m. & v. inhabitant.

Ingierig, l»v. very covetous, miserly.

Ingiet en. ov. w. to pour in, to infusie ;—i»»g,

v. infusron.

In gijpen, ov. w. to reeve (the sails).

Ingiydeu, on. w. to slide in, - into. Inglipnen, on. w to slip in, • into.

Ingoed, bv. very good.

Ingooien, ov. w. to throw (to enst) in, -into; to break, to smash (windows); zyne eigen glazen —. to hash one's goose; to hi«oil one'a own business.

Ingordeti, ov. w. to furl.

Ingraven, ov. w. to dig in, - into.

Ingreep, m. encroacliinent.

Ingritfelen, ov. w. to engrave, to ingraft. Ingrijpen, OV. w. to lay hold of; on. w. to catcii, to encroach (upon); —de hervoriningen, radical reforms.

Ingroei en, on. w. to grow in.

Ingroen, bv. very green.

Ingroeven, ov. w. to cliannel, to champer,

to flute, to groove.

Inhaken, ov. w. to hook in.

Inhakken, ov. w. to hew in, - open, to breuk open ; o. w. (op) to charge (upon); €lat znl er nog al —, that will put us to ^reat expense*. Inhal en, ov. w. to draw (to fetcli, to haul, to take) in, to gatlier, to inhale, to i*eceive, to regain, to make up for, to overtake, to come up with, to retract; iemand —, to come up with, to overtake a person; verloren tyd —, to make up for lost time; eene les —, to catch up a lesson; iemaml — (by 't leerenj, to take one up (in study, in clasn); eene koninkiyke familie IVettelijk —, to receive a royal family in state; «len oogst —, to gather in the harvcst; zijne woorden —, to retract one'a word»; ronk —, to inhale ismoke; zeilen —, to

furl (to reeve) sails; —Ig, bv. covetous, scraping, stingy; — igheid, v. covetousness, stinginess; —ing, v. drawing (letching, hauling) in, gathering, inhalation, reception, recovering, overtaking.

Inham, m. creek, cove, bay.

Inhangen, ov. w. to hang in; het zal er —, it will not be a trilling matter, it will 1>e rather expensive.

Inliehlien, ov. w. to hold, to contain, to be guarded by, to be laden (freigbted) with, to signify, to import, to be of importance. Inhechteii. ov. w. to fasten in, to infix. liiliechteniMiieming. v. arrest, imprisonment. InlieeniHeh. bv. native, iudigenous, inland. Inlieet, bv. very hot.

Inhei en, ov. w. to ram (to drive) in;—ing,

v. ramming (driving) in.

Iiihyucheti, ov. w. to hoist (to haul) in. Iiihollen, on. w. to run in with full speed, to tear in.

Inhoud, m. contents, tenor, puTport, table of contents, capacity; korte —, BUininary, argument; —«maat, cubicmeasure;kubieke —, solid content; —«opgave, table of contents, index; —en, ov. w. to contain, to hold, to keep in, - back, to retain, to restrain, to bridle ; iemands weekgeld —, to stop a mau's (a boy's) weekly allowance; zieli —, to restrain oneself; dit perceel werd ingehouden voor f IÖOOO. the reserve price of these premises was £S83*/j; wat houdt dit vat in? what does tlns cask contain? een paard —, to bridle a horse; —ing, v. coutaiuing, keeping back, retain* ing, restraining, restraint.

Iuliouteii, o. mv. ribs, body, timbers; goed van — 7.yn, to have a good constitution, to be of good build.

Inhouwen, ov. & on. w. zie Inhakken. Inhuldig en, ov. w. to inaugurate, to iustall, to instate, to swear fealty to; —ing, v. inauguration, installatiou.

Inhur en, ov. w. to hire, • anew, to renew a lease, to engage again; —ing, v. hiring, • again. taking a new lease.

Initialen, initials.

Initiatief, o. initiative, beginning; het — nemen, to take the initiative; op — van ltuftland, at the instance of Kussia. Injagen, ov. w. to chase (to drive) in, • into, to overtake; on. w. to tide (to drive) into with full speed.

Inkahlielen, ov.w. tosap.to hollow (out),to fret. Inkanker en, on. w. to eat in, to corrode, to take root, to inveterate; —ing, v. corrosion, inveteration. lukarn aat, o. carnation; —aten, bv. fleshcoloured.

Inkeep, v. jag, notch; inkepen, ov. w. to


Inkeer, m. repentance; tot — koinen, to

repent; —en, on. w. to put up; to bait. Inkeltlereu. ov. w. to lay up in a cellar. luUep ei», ov. w. to jag, to notch; —ing, v. jagg:ug, notching, zie Inkeep,