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Inmetselen, ov. w. to flx Into a wal!, to immure, to surround witli a wall.

Inmiddels, bw. in the mean time, mennwliile.

Inmyneu, or. w. to call in (at an auction), to buy in.

InmofTeleu, ov. w. to muflle, -up, to wrap up.

In mond en, on. w. to discharge, to empty into ; — ing, v. discharging, junction.

Innnni en, ov. w. to sew (up), to stitch, to make slioiter, to uarrow.

Innein en, ov. w. to tnke (in), to conquer, to load, to take on board, to lodge, to make narrower, to take up, to occupy, to fill.to charm, to captivate ; on. w. to take phyaic; steden, landen —, to take, to capture towns, to conquer countries; «Irnnkjes —, to take physic (medicine); een Japon —,to narrow (to shorten) adress;«le roeiriemen —, to boat the oars ; ruimte —, to take up room, to occupy space; kolen —, to take in coals, to coal; passagiers —, to take passengers on board; —end, bv. charming; lovely; —endlieid, v. charmingness, loveline.HS; —er, m. taker, captor, conqueror; —Ing, v. taking (in), receptiou, capture.

lunen, ov. w. to receive, to coliect.

Iikiieriyk, bv. inner, inward, internal, intrinsic; —, bw. inwardiy, internally.

Innig. bv. & bw. sincere (-ly), earnest (-ly), cordiai (-ly), fervent (-ly); een — gebed, a fervent prayer; —e liefde, sincere (ardent) love ; — held, v. sincerity, cordiality, fervour.

Inning, v. receiving, collection.

In oogst en, ov. w. to reap, to gather (in); — Ing. v. reaping, gatliering (in).

Inpakk en, ov. w. to pack (up), to embale; —er, m. packer; —ing, v. packing (up).

Inpalm en, ov. w. to appropriate, to receive by instalments; —Ing, v. appropriation.

Inpassen, ov. w. to try; on. w. to fit in.

Inpeperen, ov. w. to season with pepper, to requite, to make smart for; Ik zal liet hem —, Til have it out of hitn ; I shail make him smart for it, I will pay him home.

Inperkten, ov. w. to press in, • into.

Inpikken, ov. w. to hook; to set about (a thing).

Inplant en, ov. w. to implnnt, to inculcate; —Ing, v. implautation, inculcation.

In ploegen, ov. w. to groove, to channel.

Inpomu en, ov. w. to pump in, to infuse ; de ftjngelache spraakkunst —, to cram in the English grammat*; 't was enkel —, it was niere cramming; —er, crammer.

Inpraten, ov. w. to persuade (to engage) to, to talk into.

Inpreeken, ov. w. to exhort to, to preach up.

Inprent en, ov. w. to imprint -, to inculcate (on, upon), to impress (on, with), to instill (into); —ing, v. imprinting, impression, inculcation.

Inpronpen, ov. w. to cram in, - into, to blot.

In puilen, on. w. to sink.

lairnkelen, ov. w. to cover with ashes, to bank up (a fire).

Inraken, on. w. to get in.

Inregenen, onp. w. to rain in.

Inrekenen, ov. w. to cover with ashes, to taks in, to catch, to apprehend; wegens dronkenschap werd h|) Ingerekend, he was

run in for drunlcenness.

Iiirenneu, on. w. to enter at full gal top.

Inrielit en, ov. w. to dispose, to arrange, to settie, to adapt; h|) is al ingericht, he is settled yet; een goed ingerichte woning, a well-appointed house ; tot atelier —, to mnke into a studio; —iug, v. disposition, arrangement, institution, school.

Iur|)den, ov. w. to overtake, to break by riding against, to break in (a horse); on. w. to ride in, to enter on horseback.

Inr||g en, ov. w. to lace; —iug, v. lacing.

Inryten, ov. & on. w. to tear in.

Inrit. m. riding in, entrance on horseback, way in.

Inroeien, ov. & on. w. to overtake, to row in, - into.

Inroep eu, ov. w. to call in, to summon, to invoke; —ing, v. summoning, invocation.

Inroer eu, ov. w. to mix. to intermix, to mingle; —iug, v. intermixtion, mingling.

Inroesten, on. w. to rust.

Inrollen, ov. & on. w. to roll in, • into.

Inrond, o. interior circular opening.

Inruil en, ov. w. to bartcr, to truck, to exchange; —Ing, v. barter, truck, excliange.

Inruim en, ov. w. to yield, to give up, to cede, to concede, to grant, to evacuate, to make room (for a person); — ing, v. yielding, conceding, evacuation.

Inrukk en, ov. w. to pull in; on. w. to marcli into, to invade, to skeduddle, to get away; ingerukt, marsch!, break ranks! —Ing, v. irruption, inroad, invasion.

Inschenk eu, ov. w. to pour out, to fill; schenkt in, fill (charge) your glasses; een kop thee —, to pour out a cup of tea; — ing, v. pouring out, filling.

Inschep en, ov. w. to sliip, to embarlc; zich —, t. w. to embark; —ing, v. shippiug, embarkment, embarcation, getting ou board, shipment.

Inscheppen, ov. w. to put in (with a ladle, etc.).

Inscherp en, ov. w. to imprint -, to inculcate (on, upon), to instill (iuto); —ing, inculcation.

Inscheuren, ov. & on. w. to tear, to rend, to burst.

Inschieten, ov. w. to shoot in, to destroy by shooting, to shove into; on. w. to enter suddenly, to steal (to rush) into, to go in, to come to one's mind, to occur to memory; er

. bö.-- to lose by.

Iiinchyneii, on. w. to shine in.

Inschikk elyk, bv. yielding, compliant, accommodating, indulgent; — eiykheid, v. yieldingness, compliance, iudulgence; —en, ov. w. to excuse, to bear (to comply) with, to indulge (in, to); on. w. to make place, to ■it (to stand) close, to yield, to come down ; —Ing, v. bearing wltli, compliance, indulging (in, to).

Inschoou, bv. very beautiful.