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JEZ. — JüW.

me, dat ver«*ker Ik Je, I want aadly to give (liini) a drubbing, I aasure you; wy weten wel waar het heu» Jeukt, we

know where the ahoe pinchea him; —erig. bv. itchy; — eriglteid, v. itchineaa; — ing, V. itching; —te, v. itch, itching.

Jezuïet, ni. Jesuit; —enklooster, Jeauita' convent; —euorde, order of the Jeauita; —lach, bv. & bw. jeauitical l-ly); —Isme, o. jenuitism.

Jicht. v. gout; —pU»> twinge (of the gout);

—achtig. bv. —ijs. bv. pouty.

Joden beurs, v. Jewa' exchange ; —buurt, —hoek, jewry, ghetto, Jewa' quarter; — genoot, jewlsh proselyte; —kerk, synagogue; —lym, —pek, bitumen, asphaltum, jew'apitcli; —winst, —woeker, exceaaive uaury; —«loiu, o. judalam, Jews.

Jodin, v. Jewess.

Joelen, on. w. to shout, to roake merry. Jok, m. jeat, joke; uit —s, for fnn; uit —a apelen, to play forlove; —apreuk, quib; —ken, on. w. to jeat, to joke, to fib, to lie; —kenanr, m. —keuaarster, v. fibber; — ker, m. —ster, v. jester, fibber; —kern|), v. jest, joke.

Jol. v. jawl, akiflf, jolly-boat.

Jolig, bv. merry, funny; een —e vent, a jolly good fellow ;— heid, v. merrinesa, funniness, inirth.

Jong. bv. young, junior, new; — gehuwden, newly-niarried couple; — gewend, «»ud gedaan, once a use, ever a cuatom ; van —en datum, of recent date; de —ste gebeurtenis, the latest (moat recent) event; het _«te gericht, the laat judgment; de —ere leerlingen, the junior pupila; de — ste deelgenoot, the junior partner; —gexel, bachelor; —nienscli. young-man; —, o. young, young one, whelp, cub, brat. Jongeling, m. youtli, lad; —sdroomen, juveuile dreams; —«Jaren, juvenile years, youth ; —«vereenlglng.young-meu'a association; —schap, v. youth, adolescence. Jongen, ni. boy, lad, atripliug, apprentice, fellow ; —sjaren. years of boyhood, - apprentioeahip; — sleeftyd, boyhood; —swtreek, bovish trick; —«werk, boyiah work; —sachtig, bv. & bw. boyiah (-ly).

Jongen, on. w. to bring forth young onea; to whelp, to kitten, to calve, to foal, to yean. Jonger, bv. younuer, later, junior; zyne vrouw is drie Jaar — dan hy. his wite ia younger than he by three yeara; alie ia three years her huaband'a junior; —, m. diaciple.

Jonga. van — af, bw. from one'a youth. Jongst, bv. youn«rest, iaat, late; —e dag, doomaday, day of judgment; —leden, laat, late, past.

Jonk, v. junk (a Chinese veasel).

Jonk, bv. young; —heer, zie Jonker; — man, young man, bachelor; —vrouw,young lady, mias, «pinster, maiden, honorable misa; —vrouwelUk, virginal, ntaiden, maideulike. Jonker, m. young nobleman, cadet, younker;

—achtig. bv. high (game), strong-scenteJ. Jonkheid, v. youth.

Jood, m. Jew; —scli, bv. Jewlah, Judaic ; — e

wandelaar, (the) wandering Jew.

Jool, m. aimpleton; —, v. fun, irolic.

Joop, m. (a kind of) apple, hip.

Jopenbier, o. apruce-beer.

Jota, v. jot, syllable, word, iota.

Journaal, o. journal; In het — boeken, to journalize, to enter into the journal; Journalist, journalist; Journalistiek, journaliam. Jouw, m. hooting; —en. on. w. to boot. Jubel, m.jubilation,jubilee; rejoicinga, mirth; —feest, jubilee; —Jaar, year of jubilee; — kreet, ahout of victory, • of joy; —lied, aong of jubilee; —en, on. w. to rejoice, to exult; Jubilaris, hero of the feaat.

Jucht, o. Muacovy-leather, Kussia leather. Judas, m. traitor; —haar, red hair; —kus, traitor'a (treacherous) kiaa ; —ooren, excreacence of an elder-tree.

Jutter. v. young lady, miaa, damael; spar, beam, joint; warmiug-pan; —sliondje, lap-dog; — achtig, bv. — lyk, bv. lady-like; — ling, m. top, apark, beau; —seliap, v. young ladieB, fair bex; —tje, o. little miaa, dragon-tly; — in 't groen, tennel-Hower,nigelladamaacena, love in-a puzzle (— mist).

Juffrouw, v. miaa, miatreaa, madam-, — M., Miaa M.; Mis. M. (married); — hulshoudster, lady-housekeeper.

Juich en, on. w. to shout, to exult, to triumph; —toon. rejoicing, huzza; —er, m. —ster, v. ahouter, exulter, rejoicer.

Jiillen. on. w. zie Janken.

Juist, bv. & bw. just (-ly), exact (-ly), precise (•ly); dat Is — wat ik beweer, that'ajuat my owii coatend; hy is — de man, he ia the very niau; te —er tyd, in the nick of time; opportunely; de —e woorden, the exact (precise) worda; — om O uur, at aix o'clock sharp; het —e bedrag, the exact amouut; —held, v. juatnesa, preciaion. Juk, o. yoke, croaa-beaiu; onder het — brengen, to-aubjugate, to aubdue; het — afwerpen, to throw off the yoke; —been, jugal boue ; —boog, wooden arcli; —gespan, team (of oxeu); —gordel, yoke-girdle;—os, yoked ox ; —rieui, yoke-string; — zenuw, jugal nerve.

Juni, en Juli. a. June and July.

Jurist, m. barriater, lawyer; Juridisch, bv.


Jurk, v. frock.

Jury, v. jury.

Jus. v. gravy, drippiug.

JuMtitie, v. Justice.

Jnt, v. —te peer, a juicy pear; doove —,

davit (of a »h»p).

Jutteuiis, v. te Sint —, at latter Lammaa, at the Greek caleuda, on a cold day iu August.

Juweel, o. jewel, gem; —kistje, jewel-box (—case);* — poeier, jewel-powder; —en,bv. jewel.

| Juwelier, ra. —ster, v. jeweller.