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oog of tuil cl), bêzel (van een ring), cash, pay-office, zie Kantt by — i(|n, to have plenty of cash, to be in cash; b() iemand in de — *U"» to 1)6 a favorite with a. O.; to be in one's white books ; de — opmaken, to balance accounts; —boek, cash-book, outside quire of a ream; —geld, current money; —houder, cash-keeper. caahier: — papier, paper of an outside quire; —rekening, cash-account.

Kassen, ov. w. to encliase, to set (jewels) in gold etc.

Kassie, v. cassia; —boom, cassia-tree. Kassier, m. cashier ; — •briefje, cheque; — s- I boek, cash-book; —«firma, banking-flrm; —•kantoor, bankinic-office, casliier's counting-house; —«knecht, casliier's man;—srekening, cash-account, banking-account. Kassig, bv. torn, damaged.

Kast, t. cupboard, closet; in de — zitten, to be in prison, to be under arrest, to be in quod; in *t —Je «taan, to be under the banns of marriage-, van *t —Je naar den muur, (to be sent) from pillar to post, and back again from post to pillar;—enmaker, cabinet-maker, joiner.

Kastanje, v. chestnut; wilde —, horse-chestnut; voor iemand de —s uit het vuur halen, to be made a cat's paw of, to pull the chestnuts out of the Ure Ifor one); — boom, chestnut-tree; —bruin, bv. & o. chestnut, auburn.

Kasteel, o. castle, manor-house, citadel; rook (In *t schaakspel); — (van een «chip), poop, fore-castle.

Kastelein, m. landlord, innkeeper, publican;

—es, v. landiady.

KastelenU, v. castellany, manor.

Kastyd en, ov. w. to chastise, to punish; — er, m. —ster, v. chastiser; — ing, v. chastisement.

Kast oor, m. & o. castor, beaver; —oren,

bv. beaver.

Kastrol, v. stewing-pan.

Kat. v. cat, fly-boat (a kind of ship), grapnel (klein anker), vixen, hap, shrew, scratchcat; — in den zak knopen, to buy the pig in a poke; de — uit den hoom kijken, to watch an opportunity, tolook 011 aiul wait, een — komt altUd op hare pooten terecht, a ent alway* coines down on lier feet; de — de bel aanbinden, to bell the cat; al» de — muist, mauwt ze niet, onecannot eat and speak at the same time; de gelaarsde —, puss-ln-boots ; de — in 't donker knapen, to do something on the sly; to play the hypocrite; het anker achter de — werpen, to go to sea no more; als de — uit is dunnen de muizen op tafel, when the cat in away the tnice will play; zy !• geen —je om zonder handschoenen aan te pakken, she is not easily managed ; she is a vixen; in het donker zyn alle —Jes grauw, in the dark all cats are grey ; de — de kaas aanbevelen, to set the lox to watch the geese; —aal, grig; — aa«, bait

for cats; good for-nothing fellow, vixen; — anker, kedge-anchor, backing-anchor, grapnel; —blok, cat-block; —halzen, on. w. to drudge in vain; —oog, cat's eye; — «chip, lly-boat; —uil, screecli-owl; — visch, small i'ry; — zw(|n, swoon, fainting fit; —tebak, cat's box, boot (of a carriage); —tedarm, cat gut; —tekop, cat's liead, norman; —tekruid, cat-mint; —tekwaad, nauuhty (waggish) tricks; op — uit zyn, to be on mischief;— te mof, cat-skin muff; —tespoor, rider; —testaart, cat's tail, horse-tail; — tevel, cat's skin, termagant; —tengekrol, —tengeschreeuw, caterwauling; — ten gemauw, mewing of cats; —tengeslacht, feline race; —tenhaar, cat's hair; —tenmuziek, mock-music, rough music, Dutch concert, mock-serenade; —tenspel, rough play, quarrel; —achtig, bv. catlike, vixenly; —terig, chippy, seedy.

Kater, m. male cat, he cat, tom cat.

Katern, v. & o. quire.

Katholiek, bv. & m. zie Cathollek. Katyvig, bv. miserable, calamitous; —heid,

v. mlsery, hardship, calamity.

Katje, o. kitten, catkin.

Katoen, v. & o. cotton, calico; — tje, cotton (calico) stuff, -dress; iemand — geven, to pitch into a person; hy gaf hein (van) —, he did his best, he pegged away with a will; — baal, bale (bag) of cotton; —boom, cottontree; —drukker, calico-printer; —drukkery, calico printing factory; —fabriek, cotton-mill; —fabrikant, cotton (calico)inanufacturer; —handel, cotton trade; — machine, cotton-gin; —plantage, cottonplantation; —verver, cotton-dyer; -ververij, cotton-dyeing; — wever, calico-weaver; —en, bv. cotton.

Katrol, v. pnlley; —schyf, sheave; —touw, pulley-rope.

Katt en, ov. w. to back (the anchor); to decline; on. w. to kitten; —ig, bv. catlike, vixenly.

Kauw, v. jack-daw.

Kauw eu, ov. & on. w. to cliew, to niasticate; tabak —, to chew tobacco; hy heeft niet veel te —, he is needy, poor; zyne woorden —, to speak slowly and witli difficulty; niet lange tanden —, not to enjoy one's dinner; —middel, masticatory; —spier, masticatory muscle; —tand, grinder; —er, m. chewer, masticator; —ing, v. chewing, mastication.

Kauwoerde, v. gourd, pumpkin.

Kauwsel, o. chewed stuff, chewings. Kavalje, o. jade, old lip, old (paitry) house. Kavel, m. lot, parcel; —en, ov. w. to parcel out, to divide into lots; to compute ; on. w. to cast lots; tyd en ty—, to accomroode to circuinstances; —Ing, v. parcelling out, lot, parcel.

Kaviaar, v. caviare.

Kawaan, v. coarse sort of tortoise-shell;

middle-sized turtle.

Kazak, m. travelling cloak, great-coat; aard*