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courageous (-ly), valiant (-ly); — hartigheid, —moedigheid, bravery, courageousness, valour; —zinnig, bv. & bw. ingenioun (-ly), sagacious (-ly);—zinnigheid, ingetiiousuess, sagacity; — aiird, m. clever (brave) person;

— held, v. cleverness, bravery, valour, tallness, bigness, stoutness.

Kloen, v. zie Klnweu.

Kloet, m. boat-hook, pole; booby, clumsy fellow; —en, ov. w. to push on (witli a pole); —«tok, zie Kloet; —er, m. punter.

Klok, m. draught, - v. clock, bell; cup, bowl, helm (of an alembic); cluckiug-hen; in éen

— leegdrinken, to empty at a draught; een mnn van de —, as regular as clockwork; ieU non cle grootc — hongfii, to inake it generally knnwn; dut klinkt nli een —, it is irreproachable (capital, excellent); —gelui, bell-ringing; —gieter, bell-founder; —gieterU, bell-foundery ; —Immer, jack ; —huis, belfry, core (of an apple);—luider, bell-ringer: —«lag, stroke of the clock; met

— van zeaaen, when the clock strikes six. at six o'clock precisely; — spy*. bell-metal, nice eating, favourite dish; —kereep, bel 1rope, bell-pull; — kendoop, benediction of a bell; —keiininker, doek-maker; -keuspel, chimes, carillon, bells; — kenspeler, chimer; —«p(j«, bell-metal; — kentoren, steeple, belfry; —klepel, clapper; —Je, o. little clock, • bell, bell-flower.

Klok ken, on. w. to cluck, to guggle, to gurgle; —hen, clucking-hen.

Klokkenist, m. chimer, clock-setter.

Klomp, m. lump, clog, wooden sboe; een —Je suiker, a lump of sugar; een — goud, a nugget of gold; met de —en van het Qs hlUven, not to meddle witli anytbing; —zak, Urubbing, blows; —enmaker, maker of wooden shoes; — aclitig, bv. clotted.

Klongel, v. —en, on. w. zie Klungel,—en.

Klont, v. clod, lump; het is zoo klaar als een —Je, it is as plain as a pikestaff; it stares you in the face.

Klonter, m. clot; —achtig, — Ig, bv. clotty, clotted; —en, on. w. to clot, to curdle; — igheid, v. clottiness, grumousness.

Klont ig, bv. cloddy, lumpy; —Je, o. lump (of sugar).

Kloot', v. cleft, gap, chasm, crevice, chink;

— in de huid, cliopped skin; een — (breuk) tusschen hen, a breach between theni; een

— In een rots, a cleft (crevice) in a rock; een — In een muur, a cliink in a wall; —b||l, cleaving-axe; —hamer, mallet,wedge; —hout, wood to be cleft; —kin, dimpled chin; —lip, harelip; —mes, cleaver, cleaving-knife; —Je, o. dimple, zie Kloof.

Klooster, o. monastery (for men), cloister, convent, nunnery (for womenj; in een — gaan, to become a monk, to take the veil, to enter a convent; —abt, abbot; — alidis, abbess; —broeder, monk, friar, lay-brotlier; —eel, cell; —gang, cloister-alley;—garen, nun's thread; —gelofte, monastic vow; — geschiedenis, monastic history; —gewaad,

monastic dress, veil; —goed, estate (gooda) belonging to a monastery; —Juffer, nun; —kerk, monastery-church, cloister-chapel; —lat|)n, monk's Lat in ; —leven, monastio life; —moeder, — voogdes, prioress.abbess; —orde, monastic order; —regel, monastic rule; —tucht, monastic discipline;—vader, —voogd, prior, abbot;—voogdy, priorship; —wet, monastic law; —wezen, inonasticism, monachism; —zuster, nun, lay-sister; — achtig, bv. monastic, cloisteral; —en, ov. w. to cloister (up); — ing, v. cloistering(up); -luk. bv. cloisteral, monastic, conventual; —ling, m. monk, v. nun.

Kloot, m. ball, globe, sphere; testicle (teel* bal); —boog, cioss-bow; —rond, —voruilg, globular, spherical;—zak, scrotum; —achtig, bv. spherical, globular; —Je, o. little ball;

— globe; —svolk, rabble, mob; —scli, bv. spherical.

Kloov en, ov. w. to cleave, to split, to cliop (wood); —er, m. cleaver, splitter; —ing, v. cleaving, splitting.

Klop, ui. knock, stroke, rap, stamp; — krijgen, to be beaten sound ly, to be drubbed; —geest, rapping spirit; — geestery, spiritrapping; —hauier, mallet; —hengst, stalHou; —hout, beetle, planer;—Jacht, battue;

— zee, head-sea.

Klop, v. —Je, o. beguine.

Klopp en, ov. &. on. w. to knock, to tap, to beat, to palpitate, to fight, to drub, to thrash ; op de deur —, to knock (to rap, to tap) at the door; het hart klopt, the heart beats (palpitates); van aandoening

— (het hart), to tlirob with emotion; het stof uit—, to dust (a coat); Iemand —, to drub (to tlirash) a person; —er, m. knocker;

— iug, v. knocking, tapping; palpitatlon, pulsation, throbhing.

Klos, m. bobbin (of thread), spindle; log, bowl; —baan, bowling-green,golf-course; —beitel, bat, club ; —beugel, —poort, —ring. iron ring, - lioop; —koord, loop-lace; -seu.ov. w. to twist with (to wind uponj bobbius; on. w. to make bobbins, to play at bowls (at golf).

Klots en, on. w. to beat, to dash; —ing, v. dashing (of the waves).

Klucht, v. farce; joke, fun; —maker, buffoon, merry-Andrew; —spel, farce; —dichter, author of a tarce-, —speler, comic actor, actor of farces; — ig, bv. & bw. comical (-ly), droll (-ingly), farcical (-ly), odd (-lyj; —Igheid, v. comicalness, drollery, oddness, oddity.

Kluft. v. crevice. chink; ward, parish; —heer, warden; —predikant, pargou of a parish; —werk, mast of several pieces.

Kluif, m. zie Kluifje, —, v. claw, clutch, talon, pounce; gossip, chatter-box; —fok, fore-sprit-cail; —hout, jib-boom; —Je, o. bone to piek; een lekker —Je, a titbit; —ster, v. pieker.

Kluis. v. hermitage, cell, vault, hawse;—gat, liawse-bole; —hout, hawse-piece; —prop, hawse-plug.