Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

Kat er el nar, m. —Aarster, v. extortioner; —ar(J, v. extortlon; — en, ov. w. to bind, to pinion, to ga? (the mouth); to extort, to exact, to oppres*; —baard, moustache, veterun-soldier; —band, fetter, muzzle, tie; —ing. v. binding, extortion.

Knibbel aar, m. —aarnter. y. caviller, haggler, higgler; — achtig, — Ig, — ziek,bv. captious, pi ven to cavilling, stingy; —achtlg* held, —zucht, v. captiousne.ss, stinginess, miserliness; —ar|), v. caviliing, haggling, higgling, splitting hairs; —en, on. w. to cavil, to haggle, to higgle, to split hairsi — spel, spiliikins, spellicans; —ing, v. zie KnlhbelarU.

Knie, v. knee; let* onder de — hebben, to be master of soinething, to be abreast of a thing; Ik heb vandaag geen — gebogen, I have not been off my legs to-day» tot aan de —en in de sneeuw, knee* deep in the snow; ik kreeg liem onder de —, I subdued (submitted) him; —baud, knee-string; —bank, hassock; —boog, ham; —buiging, genuflexion; —hout, knee; — schUf, knee-pan, knee-cap, patelia; —stuk, knee-piece, half-length-picture; — vornilg, knee-shaped.

Kniel en, on. w. to kneel; —er, m. kneeler; — ing, v. kneeiing.

Kniesoor, m. & v. fretter; —ig, bv. grum* bling, morose.

Kniez en, on. w. to fret, to pine, to grumble ; zich dood —, to eat one's heart out, to grieve oneself to death; —er, m. fretter; stingy, miserly person; — ig, bv. fretful; — iug, v. fretting.

KnQr, o. —nies, clasp-knife.

Kn|)p, v. pinch; In de — zitten, to be in a flx (in hot water); —en, ov. w. to pinch, to nip, to oppress, on. w. to trim sharp; als het kntypt ( = In geval van nood), at a pinch; het knUpt, it is intensely coid; het zal u —, it will go liard with you;de ontvanger kn||pt de hoeren, the tax-gatherer makes it hot (pinches) to tlie farmer; —bril, giasses; —glas, eye-glass; —koekje, wafer-cake; — rok, tight coat; —tang, (a pair of)pincers; —er, m. pincher, claw, pinch-penuy; —ing, v. pincher, nipping; —ster, v. pincher, pinchpenny.

Ku||seii, on. w. enz, zie Kniezen.

Knik, m. nod, crack; —stag, stay of the top* gallant*mast; —ken, on. w. to nod, to crack, to snap; toestemmend —, to nod assent; van neen —, to sliake one's head; een ei —, to break an egg; zy tie knieën knikten, hls knees knocked together (gave way); — kebeenen, to totter, to walk witii bent knees; —kebollen, to nod (with doziness), to snap.

Knikker, m. nodder; marble; —en, on. w. to play at marbles; van de baan —, to supplant, to cut out; —spel, game at marbles.

Kuip, m. flllip, flirt, clip, cut; —, v. trap, gin, snare, spring, snap; bawdy house; geen — voor den ueus waard, not worth a straw,

a flg etc.; —Je, o. purse (with a catcli), spring* purse; —pen, ov. w. to flllip, to clip, to cut (one's liair, nails), to entrap, to catcli (birds, mice etc.), to crack, to kill; on. w. to spring, to snap; kaartles —, to clip tickets; to punch tickets; —beugel, snap (spring) of a purse; —beurs, purse (with a snap); —nies, clasp-knife; -muts, zie Kueepmutsi — oog, m. & v. blinkard, blinker; —oogen, to wink (at); —oogje, wink; —schaar, scissors; —slag. flllip; —slot, lock with a spring (snap), spring-lock; —per, m. clipper, cutter, catcher, cracker; —sel, o. clippings, cuttings; —ster, v. zie Knipper.

Knitteren, on. w. zie Knetteren.

Knobbel, m. knob, knot, hump, lump (of the skull schedel)i —uitwas, knotty ex* cressence; —ziekte, the rickets; —achtig, —Ig, bv. knobby, knotty; —iglieid, v. knotti* ness.

Knod, Knodde, v. knob; —destok, club, cudgel.

Knoei en, ov. & on. w. to bungle; to blun* der; to intrigue, to corrupt; to tamper with; —werk, bungling, clumsy work; —er, m. bungler, paltry workman; — er|), v. bung* ling, patch-work, daub, clumsy work; intrigue; —ster, v. bungler.

Knoest, m. knot, knob; —achtig, —erig, —ig, bv. knotty, knobby, gnarled, gnarly; —erigheld, —Iglieid, v. knottiness, knobbi* ness.

Knoet, m. knout; met den — geslagen worden, to be knouted, to get a knouting.

Kuofl'elen, ov. w. zie KnufFeleu.

Knoflook, o. garlick.

Knok, m. bone, knuckle; —ig, bv. bony.

Knokkel, m. knuckle; —olie, —sop, drub* bing, stirrup-oil; —achtig, bv. clownisli, clumsy.

Knol, m. turnip, hack, jade (old horse); bulb (of tulips, potatoes); iemand —lei» voor citroenen verkoopen,to make one believe that the moon is mude of green cheese ; hy laat zich geeu — lei» voor citroeneai verkoonen, lie knows a liawk from a handsaw; —akker, —land, turnip-field; —rndy», turnip-radisjh ; —rond, bulbous; —seldery, celeria; —vormig, turnip-shaped; —zand, rape-seed; —achtig, bv. like turnips, tuberous.

Knoop, m. knot, knob, snarl, node (of plantsj; button, tie; den Gordiaanschen — doorhakken, to cut the Gordian knot; de hu we» lyks —, the marriage-tie; eeu — draaien, to make a button; (flg.) to cheat, to flatter; er een — opleggen, to swear to a thing; een — leggeu, to tie a knot; daar zit 'na de —, there's the rub ; —doekje, small neclc liandkerchief;—gras,dog'sgrass, button-weed; —koord, netting-string; —vorm, button mould; —z||de, twisted silk; — endraaier, — enmaker, button-maker; —enfabrlek, but* ton-manulactory; —«gat,button-hole;—werk, network; — zijde, twisted silk; — en, ov. w. to net, to knit, to knot, to tie, to button; iets in zyu oor —, to remember anything;