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fir«; —wagen, coalcart; —zak, co al-baf.

Kolf, ▼. bat, olub; golf-stick; butt-end (of a gun); receiver, recipient (distilleerkolf); de — naar den bal werpen, to throw the helve after the hatchet; —baan, place to play at golf; hockey (golf-) ground; —bal, ball; —spel, golf; —Je, o. small bat; dnt ia een — naar iii||ii hand, that jast suits me-, that's nuts to me.

Kolibri, m. humming-bird.

Koliek, o. colic, gripes; — pU»i, gripes, gripings.

Kolk, v. pit, hole, guit', ubyss, whirl-pool; —en. on. w. to whirl, to hubble up; to belch, to retcli.

Kollebloean, v. wild poppy.

Kol len, ov. w. to knock down; on. w. to ride upon a broom-stick; —b|JI, butcher's axe; —hamer, butcher's mallet.

Kolokwint, m. bitter-apple, bitter-gourd, eolocynth.

Kolom, v. column.

Kolonel, m. colonel; —splaats, —scliap,


Kolon laai, bv. colonial; m. soldier of the eolonial troops; —ie, ▼, colony, settlement; —Ist, m. colonist, settler; —Isatie, v. colonization; —iseeren, ov. w. to colonise.

Koloriet, o. colour, colouring.

Kolos. m. colossus; —saai, bv. colossal.

Kolsem, m. keelaon (zaadhout).

Kok en, on. w. to play at golf (hockey); —er, m. golf-player, hockey-player.

Kom, v. basin, bowl; pond; doek.

Koiu baars, v. sailor's coveriet, - rug; hy Is al lang In de — genaaid, he has gone to Davy's locker long since; —bof, cooking-hut; — buis,v. cook's galley, caboose.

Komed iant, m. comedian, actor, stage-player, tragedian ; —ie, v. play house, theatre; — stuk, drama, play.

Komeet, v. cornet.

Komen, on. w. to come, to arrivé, to get; wie *t eerst komt, die 'teerst maalt,flrst come, flrst served; goede raad komt alttyd

gelegen, good counsel is never out of date; een ongeluk komt zelden alleen, misfortunes never come single; hoe komt dat?, why so?, wliat is the reason of that?; laten —, to send for, to order; nader —,to approach ; verder —, to advance, to improve, to make headway; achter iets —, to flnd out (to discover, to get the knack of) a thing; aan let» —, to get (to gain, to come by) a thing; — op, to bethink one's self of; erdoor—, to get through, to pass; tot zich zeiven —, to recover one's senses, to become oneselt again; in gebruik —, to come into fashion, to becoine customary; in de gedachte —, to occur (to suggest one's self) to the mind; in kennis — met, to make the acquaintance of, to become (to get) acquainted with; «Ie gaande en —de man, the corners and goers; z|)n — en gaan, his comings and goings; wat moet daarvan — ?. wlmt may be the result (consequence) of it?; in de war —, to get confused; dat zal hem duur te

staan —, he will have to pay dear for it; he will be made to pay through the nose; aan den man —, to get married, to flnd a liusband; (verkocht worden) to be dis* posed of; aan land —, to come on shore; lu braud —, to take (catch) fire, to get on flre; op school —, to come to school; op het spoor —, to flnd out a track; op de hoogte — vau. to get to know all aboufc, to get fully informed of a thing1 ; in zwang —, to become ail the go; In vergetelheid —, to fall into oblivion; terecht —, to be ■ettled; te pas —, to be of use; van de wacht —, to come off duty ; och kom!, you don't say so!

Komfoor, o. cliafing-dish, brazier.

Kom{jn, m. cumin; zwarte —. caraway; — kaas, —ekaas, cumin-seed-cheese, clovecheese; —zaad, cumin-seed.

Komkommer, v. cucumber; —tQd, dnll (silly) season.

Komma, v. & o. comma ;—pont, semi-colon.

Kommand ant, m. commander, governor; —eeren, ov. & on. w. to comrnand; —eur, m. commander, commodore.

Kouiiiiensaal, m. boarder.

Kommer, m. trouble, sorrow, grief; — r()p, hardly ripe; —IUk. bv. & bw. sorrowful (-ly), distressful (-ly), cumbersome, scant (-ly), pitilul Hy); —loos, bv. careless, unconcerned; — nis, v. trouble, sorrow, griel'.

Kommies, m. custom-officer, excise-man; — brood, soldier's bread, munition-bread, bombernickel.

Kompas, o. compass; z|jn — Ie verdraaid

(Hg.), he has a tile oft", he has a bee in his bonnet; rechtw(|>cnd —.corrected compass; miswUzeud —, dipping compass ; —beugel, gimbal; —doos, compass-box ; — huisje, binnacle ; —lamp, compaws-lamp; —maker, compa^s-maker; —naald, compass-needle; —roos, compass-card; —streek, point of the compas*.

Koiuplot, o. plot, intrigue, connpiracy.

Komnt, v. coming, arrival; accession (to the throne).

Koud, bv. known; — doen, to makeknown; een legel|)k zfj —* be it known to every one.

Kondschap, v. Information, notice, intelligence; op — uitgaan, to reconnoitre-, —pen, ov. w. to inform (to advise) of; —per, m. messenger, informer; spy.

Koniijt.o. comflt, preserves, sweetineat; —en, ov. w. to comflt, to preserve (fruit); gekoufijt in, thoroughly versed in; —ing, v. preserving.

Kongeraal, m. conger-eel.

Koiijju. o. rabbit, cony; —evel, rabbit's skin; —enberg, — enbosch, —eatperk, rabhitwarren; —enhok, cony-house ; — eitliol, cony-burrow; —enjacht, rabbit-hunting; — en kruid, sow-thi-tle; — en pastei, rabbitpie; — enstrik, rabbit-snare ; —euvel, rabbit's skin.

Koning, in. king, monarch ; z(|ai haau uioet