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to vlvlflcate, to vivify; Iemand — begraTen, to bury a person alive; — makinir, vivification. *

I.evemllg, bv. lively, brisk, quick, sprightlv. mettlesome, bright; -held, v. liveliness, brisk ness, sprightliness, vivacity, brightness. bustle, stir.

I.evtnloo., bv. Hfeless; -held, v. llfelessnes« »• liver; rrnc hcete («r droge) —

hebben, to be fond of one's drop, to be given to drinking; -nder, hepatic vein; -ben"«R» —worst. liver-pudding; —kleur, livercolour; —kleurig, liver-coloured; —kruid, liver-wort; —kwaal, —ziekte, —zuclit, disease of the liver, liver-complaint, hepatic aisease; —loop, —vloed, hepatic flux- — ontsteking, inilammation of the liver' — pulsten, pimplcs in the face.—steen,hepatite—traan, cod-liver-oil; —verstopping. obstruction of the liver; —zuchtig, hepatic. ■■•everaar, m. deliverer, furnisher. leverachtig, bv. hepatic. leverancier, m. fu mis lier, purveyor (to the Court = Hof—), contractor (for the army = urmy-contractor, leverancier voor het leger).

leverantie, v. delivery, purveyance, supply. Y er baar, bv. fit to be delivered, saleable of good delivery. liever en, ov. w. to deliver, to farnfsh. to purvey; slag —, to ffive (to join) battle; goederen —, to deliver goods; koren aaii net leger —, to supply the army with corn; een nieuw pak — aan Iemand, to make a new suit (of clothes) for one; —liiir, v delivery, furnialilng; o|> -Ing, on delivery Ingitermjjn, term of delivery. leviet, m. Levite; —lach, bv. Levitical.

li* .0r' on' w' to read» t0 renP-tü P'ck inops), to gather (simples, herbs etc.), to glean ((Train on the flelds); Iemands planeet—, to cast a person's nativity, to teil his fortune«le mis —, to sny mass ; het laat zich als

een roman —, it reads like a novel; er,

m. —ere*, v. reader, gleaner (of ears of corn); —Ing, v. reading, lecture, version, gathering gleaning; eene — houden, to read (to deliver) a lecture on; die krant geeft er eene andere — van,that (news) paper gives an other (a different) version (account) of it.

V.las, v. file, string.

lichaam, o. body, solld (vn.t lichaam), «lood —, corpse; «Ie geconstitueerde lichamen, the bodies corporate; the body politic; het wetgevend —, the legislative body (corporationj; —sbeweglng, exercise—sbouw, stature; —sdeel, limb, member—•gestel, constitution, frame of body • —a'. kastijding,mortification; -skracht. bodily nast"cs °Ur'—80efe,,l,lK' exercise, gym-

■-ichamciyk, bv. bodily, corporeal, corporal; e*M —* bezeil, a corporeal being; een—e straf, a corporal (bodily) punishment;—held, v. corporeality, corporality, corporeity.

•f °* candle, Iuminary; aan heft —

'° brlng to light, to reveal, to divulge; aan het — komen, to come to light; In heft — geven, to pubÜHh, to put forth; beft boek zal het — zien den ïJHIen dezer, the bonk will see the light on the lSth inst; tiissclien —en donker, between the dark and the day-light; in the twilight, at dtisk; het — van onzen tijd, the Iuminary of our age (time, days); Iets In het ware — plaatsen, to present (to set) a thing in lts true light; toen ging hem een — op, then he saw his way;wl| bleven zonder —, we were left in the ww' . * — ««nateken, uitblazen, to light a lamp, a candle; to put out the candle, the lamp; h|| is geen gr«»ot —, he is no great shakes ; —, bv. light, bright, clear; •-blauw, briglit-blue; —brekend, refractive; — bruin, lightbrown ; —drager, lightbearer, cnndle-holder; link-man;—gat, loop* hole; — geel, hiight-yellow; —gevend, luminous; — gr(j*. pale-gray; —groen, light-green; —hout, luminous wood; —kever, luminous beetle; —krans, wreath of light (glory); —leer, opties; —meter, photometer; —mis, Candlemas (day); libertine; —missen, to riot, to revel; — misseri), revelry, debauchery ;—punt,luminous point; —rood, bright-red; —scherm, screen; — schijnend, shining, bright, luminous; — schuw, shunning the light; -steeu, phosplioric stone; —stof, luminous matter; — straal, ray (beam) of light; —stroom, stream of light; —zee, sea (ocean) of light; —zijde, luminous (favourable, fair) êide, bright side; —elaai, —erlaai, bv. in — e vlam. all in a blaze.

Idehft, bv. en bw. light (-ly), easy (ily), slight (-ly), nimble (-bly); — bier,smail beer, mild ale; een —© sigaar, a mild cigar; eene —•wond, a slight wound; — in 't hoofd, giddy; —, bw. (very) likely, possibly; — ma* troos, apprentice scaman; half-pay sailor—blauw, light blue; -e ruiterij, l'ghthorse ;—anker, heave-auchor; —f;«*loovig, bv. & bw. creduloiiH (-)y); —geloovigheld, credulity; —geraakt, touchy, irritable; —geraaktheid, touchiness, irritableness; —geel, —groen, light (pale) yellow, — green; —hart, in. & v. light-hearted (merry) person, happy-go lucky person; —hartig, light-hearted, merry; —hartigheid, lightheartedness, gaiety; -hoofd, m. & v. lightheaded (careless) person; —hoofdig, lightheaded, careless; giddy, dizzy; —hoofdigheid, light-lieadedness, carelessness; giddiness, dlzziness ; —vaardig, bv. & bw. light (-ly), rash (-ly); inconsiderate (-ly); wanton (•ly). profane (ly); —vaardigheid, lightness, rashness, inconsideration; wantonness, profaneness; —vink. wild fellow, licentious person, rake; —zinnig, bv. & bw. lightminded (-ly), flckle (-ly), frivolous (-ly), thoughtless (-ly); —zinnigheid, lightness, fickleness, frivolousness, thoughtlessness; —