Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

bloed kan niet —, true blue will never stain, truth fears no colours; hy liegt het! hé lies in hU throatl heeteu —, to give the lie to; —er, m. liar.

Lier. v. lyre, hurdy-gurdy; de — aan de wilgen hangen, to glve up writing poetry; —dicht, lyric (al) poem; —dichter, lyric poet; —speler, —euian, lyremun; grinder of a barrel-organ, a hurdy-gurdy; —zang, ode, lyric, lyrical song.

Llerlauw, bv. lukewarm, tepid; —eu.ov. w. to make lukewarm, tepid.

Lies, v. groin; —breuk, inguinal hernia, bubonocele; — gezwel, bubo; —klier, inguinal gland; —outsteklug, inflammation in the groin.

Lieveling, m. Sc v. darling, favourite, pet; —•, (in sant.), favourite.

Lievemoederen; er helpt geen — aan,

there is no help for it.

Lieven, ov. w. to love.

Liever, bw. ratlier; ge moest maar — naar hals gaan, you had better go home now; hy wilde — thuis biyven, lie would rather atay at home; Ik wil dat boek — hebben, I like this book better; I prefer this book; — hebben, to like better, to prefer.

Lieverd, m. darling.

Lieverlede (van), bw. by little and little, graduaily.

Llevertje, o. little darling; Lievevrouwenbedstroo, wood-ruff, cheese-rennet.

Liflaf, bv. insipid; —, o. dainty, unsubstantial diih, stuff, kick-shaw, ftddle-faddle; — feu, ov. w. to flatter, to fawn, to fondle; —ferJJ, V, flattery, fawning, nonaenae.

Lig gen, on. w. to lie; to be aituated, - seated; to be; begraveu —, the lie buried; Londen ligt aan de Theeina, London lies (is aituated) on the Thames; de wiaid gaat—, tbe wind abates; In garnizoen —, to be garrisoned; na aan het linrt —, to be interested in; voor de hand —, to be plain, to be as clear as noon(day), to be as plain as a pikestaff; in onmacht —, to be ln a swoon; met elkaar overhoop —, to be at variance with each otiier; de wind Is gaan —, the wind lias abnted; te liuin —, to board, to lodge; school —, to be at school; voor eeaie stad —. to be encamped before a town; voor anker —, to ride at anchor; op sterven —, to be on the point of death ; laten —, to leave untouched, to leave (to let) alone; — aan, to depend upon, to be owing to; —dagen, running-daya, layd*y»; —geld, lying-money, demurrage (for ahips); -plaats, lying-place; — stroo, iitter; —gend, bv. lying, situated; real; —ging, v. situatiou; bedding.

Ly, v. lee; aaaa —, a-lee, on the lee-aide; — vallen, to fall a-lee; In de — zijn, to be at a pinch, to be in a scrape; —zeil, studding-sail; —ztyde, lee.

Ltydeltyk, bv. & bw. paaaive f-ly); tolerable (*bly), sufferable (-bly), endurable; — heid,

v. passiveness; tolerableness, suffe rableness.

Lyden, ov. & on. w. to suffer, to endure, to undergo; to tolerate, to bear; Ik mag het wel —, I have no objection to it; Ik kan hem niet —, I cannot bear him, I don't like him; honger —, to starve, to suffer from hunger; koude —, to endure cold; dorst —, to sufTer from (to endure) thirat; schipbreuk —, to founder, to be (ship) wrecked, to sufTer siiipwreck; de zaak lydt geen uitstel, the matter cannot be delayed; Ik zou wel naar de opera willen gaan, maar het kan niet —, I sliould like to go to the opera, hut I can't afford it; na — kouit verbltyden, after rain comes sunshine; —, o. Mtffering, suffer inga, distreas; pasaion; —sbeker, — skelk, cup of Buffering; —sgeschledenis. history of tlie paaaion (of Christ); —stekst, paasion-text; —«week, paasion-week, Holy-week; — d, bv. pnssive; de —e vorm van een werkw., the passive voice of a verb; de —e party, the losing party; —, auffering (aan, bv. with), afflicted (aan, bv. with).

Lyder, m. —es, v. suffer er, patiënt.

LyUzaam, bv. & bw. patiënt (-ly), meek, submissive; —heid, v. patience, meekness.

Lyf, o. body; waist; beliy; womb; life; iemand op het — komen (vallen), to fall upon (to thrash, to drub) a. o.; te — gaan, to lay violent hands upon, to make for (a peraon) ; weinig oui het — hebben, to be of little (no) conaequence, to be no great shakes; —arts, pliyaician in ordinnry; — baud, sash, girdle;—deuutje, —«tukje, favourite song; —eigene, bond slave; — eigenschap, bondage, servitude;—gevecht, single coinbat; —Jonker, page; —kaatyding, —straf, corporal punishment; — kleur, fleah-colour, incarnate; —knecht, footman, lackey; —kost, favourite diah;—oefening, bodily exercise; —rente, life-rent, annuity; —rok, prieht's gown; — strafTeiyk, criminal, penal; —tocht, uaufruct, conipeteuce, subsistence; —tochtclyk, usufructuary; —tochten, ov. w. to give the uaufruct, to provide for a person; —tochtenaar, —toclitenares, usufructuary; —trawant, life-guard; — wacht, guard, life-guard; (te paard), horaeguards; —wapen, corslet; —zaak,crimiual matter; —zalteiyk, criminal; —sbehoud, —s berging, self-preservation; — sdwang, bodily conatraint; arrest; —serveu, issue, natural heirs; —«genade, mercy, pardon, quarter; —sgestalte, stature, shape; — sgevaar, danger of life.

Lyfeiyk, bv. —held, v. zie Llchameiyk. —heid.

Lyfje, o. bodice, jacket; stays.

Lyk. o. dead body, corpse; bolt-rope (of a sail); zoo wit als een —, na pale as death (as a ghost); hy is geheel uit <le —en geslagen, he stands perplexed.dumbiounded; —baar, bier ; — begraving, burial, interment; —bezorger, —bidder, undertaker; —bus, urn; —dicht, elegy,dirge; —dienst,