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het iwnarat, the last straw (pepper corn) breaks the camel's back; het—Je schieten (flg.). to advance the money, to pay the piper; Ik zal er nog een —Je opleggen, I shall

make things more difficult.

V,oods, T. booth, shed, ihanty; —, m. (coasting-) pilot; binnen- en bulten—, harbourand sea-pilot; river- and coasting-pilot; — boot, pilot-boat; —geld, pilot'»wages,pilotage; —man, pilot; —mannetje, pilot-fish; —vaarwater, pilot-water; —wezen, pilot* age; —en, ov. w. to pilot

l.oof, o. foliage, leaves; green; —liut, tabernacle; —huttenfeest, least of the tabernacles; — r||k, leafy, rich in foliage; — werk, festoon-work, branches, leaves; —worm, Caterpillar; —achtig, bv. like leaves.

I.oog, ▼. lye, buck; — asch, buck-ashes; — bak, —kuip, bucking-tub; —doek, bucking-cloth; —water, lye, buck; —zout, alkali; —zoutig, alkaline; —achtig, bv. alkaline; —en, ov. w. to buck; —Ing, v. bucking.

V-ool. v. oak-bark, tan; — en, ov. w. to tan;

— kuip, tan-pit, tan-vat; — «tof, tannin; — en, ov. w. to tan;—er, m. tanner; —skalk, slack-lime, slaked-lime; -»r«. ». tanner'» trade, tanning-business, tan-house, tau-yard, tannery.

Viook, o. leek, garlic; —bol, clove ofgarlic;

— saus, sauce of garlic, onion-sauce; —achtig, bv. smeliing (tasting) of leek,-of garlic.

lowin, Ijoonilg, bv. & bw. heavy (-ily), dull (-y), slow (-ly), unwilllng ; met loome schreden (flg.), with a bad heart; sore against one's will (wishes); —held, v. heaviness, dullness, slowness.

I.oon, o. reward, recompense, wages, salary; een behoorlUk — voor een behoorl(|k dagwerk, a lair day's wages for a fair day's work; het — der zonde, the wages of si»;

— naar werken kr)|gen, to get one's due reward; ondauk is *s werelds —, the world's wages is ingratitude; geeu — zonder werk.no gains without pains; li(j heeft z||n verdiende — (lig.)» it serves hiin right; —bederver, blackleg, underseller; —heer, pay-master; —slaaf, sweater, hireling; — •tandaard, rate of wa?es; —trekkend, receiving wages; —trekker, wage-earner, hired servant, hireling; — en, ov. w. to reward, to recompense, to pay, to make up for, to be worth.

Vioop, m. course, running, run, race, career, stream, dysentery, barrel (van een geweer), train (van krult) t op den —, in the xtreets, abroad; op «len — gnau, to run away, to take to one's heels; de natuurlijke — der dingen, the natüral course of thiugs; de

— eener rivier, the course ofa river; den vrijen — Inteu (geven), to give the rein to, to give the loose to; de puurden gingen op den —, the horae* bolted; deze opera heeft veel —, tliis opera is a great draw; z|)ue zinnen z|)n op den —, his wits are a-woolgathering; dat is 's werelds —, that is the way of the world; that's how

the world wags; —achtig, bv. fond of toing in the «treets; gadding (about).

Loop en, on. w. to run, to walk, to flov, to stream; In het oog —, to be apparent, to strike the eye, to draw everybody's attention; ouder den voet —, to run down; storm —, to make an assault, to storm; laten —, to let alone, to let go; (het zeil) to strike sail; het loopt naar v|)f uur, it is near flve; het op een — zetten, to etart at a lun; to cut one's stick; to take to one's heels; Iemand tegeu het l||f —, to runintoone; er In — (flg.), to be in for it; ten einde —, to draw to an end; zich het vuur uit de sloflTen —, to do onu's level best; gevaar —, to run the risk; van stapel —, to be launched; In de koffiehuizen —, to frequent coftVe-houses; plat —, to play the truant; de stad plat —, to search atown; in))n horloge loopt voor (achter), my watch is losing, is gaining; de klok loopt drie minuten voor (achter), the clock is three minuten fast (slow); op den klap —, to be a sponger; met een meisje —, to keep company with a girl; in de war —, to get confused, mixed up; de kleine begint te —, the baby begin* to fcel its legs ; —baan, career, race, life, orbit (of apianet);—graaf, trench, approach; —Jongen, foot-boy, errandboy; —knecht, lootman, errand-man; — maar, rumour. report; —meisje, errandgirl; —pas, double-quick time; —perk, race, career, lists; —plaats, rallying-pl&ce, quarters; —plank, gang-way, gang-board; —pr(|s, price for a race; —schans, retrenchinent, trench; —schuit, gadding gossip ; —stag, man-rope ; —t(|«l, term ; — wagen, go-cart; —end, bv. running, current; instant; c^er —e maand, instant (bv. the 7th Inst.); — vuurtje, train of gunpowder; —cr, m. runner, racer; express; lootpost; fore-foot; uppermill-stone; bishop (In 't schaakspel), master-key, doublé key; hoisting-rope; slip of carpet, stair carpet; — Je, o. run; quibble, fun; trick, knack, sleight; een — nemen met, to make a fooi of; h|| had er een —Je op, he knew how to manage it, he had a knack of doing it.

■'oopsch, bv. gadding, proud, ruttish; —held, v. pride, ruttishnoss.

''oor, v. te — gaan. to be lost.

Loos, bv. sly, cunning, subtle, false, spare, empty, sliam, mock; een looze vent, a sly-bootn.a cunning blade; eeu looze kreet, a false cry; een looze bodem, a sham bottom, a doublé bottoin; eeu looze deur, a dummy, a mock-door; een — gevecht, a sham flght; een looze aanval, a sham attack ; looze mouwen, empty sleeves;—, bw. — eiyk, bw. slyly, cunningly ; —held, v. sliness, cunning, craftiness.

V<oot, v. shoot, otTspring, scion (flg.)t —Je, ticket; eeu —Je nemen In de Staatsloterij, to take a ticket in the lottery of the State.

Loover, v. leaf, tiusel; —, o. foliage; —ye, o. spangle.

L00. — L00.