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Loting, v. drawing of (casting) lot*; conscription; in de - Tallen, to beoome a conacript.

Kouter, bv. pure, fine, massy; mere, bare; — onzin, aheer nonsense; de —e waarheid, the naked truth, nothing but the truth; —, bw. merely, barely;'t was — water, it was only (merely) water; —aar, m. reflner; —en, ov. w. to purify, to refine ; — pan, clarifying-pan; —held, v. purity, fineness, massiuess; —Ing, v. purifying, reftning.

Louwmaand, v. January.

Lor en, ov. w. to praise, to commend, to glorify; to ask ; — en bieden, to bargain, to liiggle; —er, m. praiser; one that aska a price.

I.ub, Lubbe, v. cuff, ruff.

Lubb en, ov. w. to geld, to castrate; —er, m. gelder; —Ing, v. gelding, castration.

Lucht, v. air; sky; atmosphere; wind, brceze; ▼ent; smell, scent; match; een sterke —, a •trong (an obnozious) smell; eene heldere —, a serene (a clear, bright) sky; eene fMssche —, a fresh breeze; frissche —, fresh air; — geven aan, to give rent (relief) to; s||n hart — geven, to open (to disclose) one'a heart; de — hebben (kr)|gen) van, to have in the wind, to get ■cent (wind) of, to smell out; — (iu sommige aam.)* aerial, etherial; —ader, artery; —band (van eene fleta), air-tyre (of a byke); —beschrijving, aerography; — blaamje, bubble; —bol, balloon; —buis, air-pipe; —dicht, air-tight; bv. & bw. herinetic (-ally); —dichtheid, air-tigiitness; — air-hole, spiracle; — geateldheid, climate, temperature of the air; —geest, aerial spirit, ayiph ; —gezicht, view of the air, fata morgana, meteor; —hartig, lighthearted, lolly; —hartigheid, iight-heartedness, jollity; —kasteel, castle in the air; — kunde, pneuinatics, aerology; —ledig, bv. void of air, o. vacuum; —leer, aerology; — leider, ventilator; —meetkunde, aerometry; —meter, aerometer; —pomp, air-pump;

wind-pipo, trachea; — pUpont«teklng, trachitis, trachial inliammation; —reis, aerostatic voyage; —reiziger, —schipper, aëronaut; —reizen, ballooning; —ruiut, atmosphere; —springer, vuulter, tumbler, caperer; —scheepvaart, aorostation, aeronautics; —schip; balloon, aerostat; —schipper, aëronaut; —spoorweg, «levated(atmo»pheric), ï'ailway ; —sprong, caper, gambol; —streek, cliinute, zone; —stroom, current of air; —verlieveling, —verschijnsel, meteor, phenomenon; —vormig, aeriform; —weegkunde, aërostatica; —weg, glottis; —weger, barometer; —en, ov. w. to air, to match, to bear, to suffer; on. w. to smell, to acent the game; z||n toorn —, to vent one's anger; eene kamer —, to air (to ventilate) a room; koren —, to winnow corn; ik kau hem — noch zien, I canuot bear the siglit of him; —Ig, bv. Sc bw. airy (-ily).

light (-ly), clear (-ly), thln («ly^careless (-ly), Jolly (-ily); —igheid, v. airiuess, Hghtness, clearness, thinneas, carelessness,jollity; —Je, o. soft gale; een — scheppen, to take the air, to air one'a aelf; om een — gaan, to perish, to be lost, to go to pot; er was een — aan, there was a twang (a bad amell) about it, (fig.) there was a snake in the graas.

Lucifer, m. (phosphorical) match, light; — sdoosje, box for matches, match-box.

Lui, bv. & bw. lazy (-ily), sluggish (-ly), idle, idly, slothful (-ly); —aard, —bak, —buis, —wammes, lazy bones, sluggard, idler; — bakken, —buizen, to be lazy, to idle; — lak, sluggard, bedpresser; —lakken, to idle, to lie a-bed tiil broad day; —ledig, very lazy; — lekkerland, (land of) Cocagne; —wagen, scrubhing-brush (with a long stick), transom (of a sliip).

Luid, bv. & bw. loud (-ly); —, m. naar — van, according to the tenor of, as the report goes; —keels, aloud, in a loud voice, at the top of one'a voice; —ruchtig, bv. & bw. noisy (-ily), clamorous (-ly); — ruclitigheid, noisiness, clamor, clamorousness.

Luid en, ov. & on. w. to ring, to toll; to run, to purport; de vesper —, to toll for vespers; de alarmklok —, to ring the alarum-bell; zyn brief luidt als volgt, his letter runs as foliows (thua); —er, m. ringer; —Ing, v. ringing, toliiug.

Luien, ov. & on. w. enz. zie Lulden, enz.

Luier, v. swaddling-cloth; —goed, childbedlinen ; —korf, —mand, childbed-baaket, childbed-linen, baby-linen, layette.

Luieren, on. w. to idle, to loiter.

Luifel, v. penthouse, awning; —schrift, inscription on a penthouse.

Luiheid, v. laziness, idleness, sloth.

Luik, o. ahutter, batch, trap-door; —gat, hatch-way ; —ring, hatch-ring.

Luiken, ov. w. to shut, to close.

■aiiui, v. humor, cue, wiiim, freak; In eene goede — zyn, to be in good spirits, to be of good clieer; in eene kwade — z(Jn,to be out of humour (sorts), to be in bad spirits, in a bad humour, to be in the munips;— ig, bv. & bw. humourous (-ly); — schrijver, humourist; —igheid, v. humourousness, humour.

Luipaard, m. leopard.

Luip en, on. w. to leer, to sneak; —erd, m. sneaker, hypocrite.

Luis, v. louse; —kop, tatterdemaüon, mean fellow, rascal; —kruid, lice-baue ;—ziekte, lousy disease.

Luister, m. aplendour, lustre, gloss; —r|)k, bv. & bw. splendid (-ly), illustrioua (-ly), sumptuoua (-ly), magniftcent (-ly).

Luiater aar, m. listener, eaves-dropper; —en, ov. w. to whisper; on. w. to listen, to hearken; (naar) to li»ten to, to obey; het paard luiatert naar den toom, the liorse obeya the bridlei het kind luistert nergens naar, the child minds nobody; het luistert nauw, it requires much care aud attention; naar