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mander-in-chlef; hü zal «len — wel opkragen (Ag-). he see 1,iH way t0 do il 1 )ie will know liow to manage it; — klimmen, climbing the pole, to cliinb the mast; groote —, maiii-mast; — bamlei», ma-thoops; —bloem, gilly-flower; —boom, fir, mast; —bonch, fir-wooci, forest of masts ; — hout.rough mast trees and spavs; — klamp, cheek (flsh) of the mast; —koker, case of a mast; —korf, scuttle; — llclitep, sheerhulk: ->poor, mast-step, mast-case; — visch, cachelot; —w»«-l»ter, topman; — rimiMker, mast-nmker ; — eloos.bv.inastless. Mastel ui u, o. maslin, maslin-bread.

Mastik, v. mastic; —boom, mastic-tree. Mat, v. mat, hammock (=» hangmat); cockpit («= hanemat); —, m. Spaansche —, piaster -. I» de — *U". t0 be at a P'ncl1 *• eene deur—, a dooi-inat; voor Iemand lu de — springen, to come to one's rescue, to speak up lor one; Iemand op de — ▼allen, to drop in upon one at dinner; x(|n« —ten oprollen, to go packiug; — schudding, refuse (siltings, sweepings) of corn; —werk, mat-work; —tebies, buil rush ; — tenkooper, mat-seller; —teiininken, mat-making, mat-maker's trade; — tenmaker, mat-maker-, —tenvrouw, woman that sells mats.

Mat, bv. flat, stale; unpolished ; weary, dull, languid; mate, check-mate (= schaakmat) ; —glas, Dutch-fflass, milk-glass; —goud, dead gold; — zetten, to checkmate. Matador, m. matadore, principal card.

Mate lyk, bv. & bw. moderate (-ly); —loos,

bv. & bw. immoderate (-ly), excessive ( ly). Materiaal, o. materials; materialisme,

materialis'm; materialist, materialist. Materie, v. matter, subject.

Materieel, bv. mateiial; —, o. materials, stores; het rollend — van de II. 8. M., the rolling-stock of the Dutch Rail way Company.

Matheid, v. flatness, staleness.unpolishedness,

tarnish, weariness, dullness.

Mathoen, o. plover.

Matig, bv. sober (-ly), moderate (-ly), abstemious; —en, ov. w. to moderate, to temper, to regulate; zlcli —, to restrain (to check) oneself; —held, v. sobriety, temperance, moderateness; — sgenootscliap, tempevance-sockty; — ing, v. moderation, regulation.

Matras, v. mattress-, — senmaker, mattress-

maker, upholsterer.

Matres, v. school-mistrees, dame; —seschooi,


Matrijs, v. matrix, mould.

Matrone, v. matron.

Matroos, m. sailor, Jack-tar.

Matrozen broek, v. sailor's trousers; —dans, sailor's dance; —dracht,—kleeding,— pak, —plunje, sailor's clothing, sailor's dress; —geld, —huur, sailor's pay; —hemel, fiddlers' green: —kost, sailor's fare; —lied, sailor's song; —wacht, sailor's watch.

Mats en, ov. w. to maul, to kill, to knock

down; —hamer, club mace, mallet.

Matsvot, m. fooi, scoundrel, coward.

Matt en, ov. w. to mat, to bottom (chairs); to mate-, —er, —ster, matter (of chairs); —biezen, v. bulrusli.

Mattigheid, v. weariness, dullness.

Mauwen, on. w. to mew - —ing, v. mewing. Mazelen, v. mv. nieasles; —, on. w. to have

the measles.

Max en, ov. w. to finedraw; —er, m. flnedrawer.

Mechanica, v. mechanica; mechaniek (mechanisme), o. mechanism ; mechanicus,

m. mechanic, practical engineer; mechanisch, bv. mechanic (-al).

Medaille, v. medal; —ur, medallist, medalcoiner (—moulder); medaillon, o. locket, medaillon.

Mede, v.mead.hydromel.madder (— meekrap). Mede, bw. also, likewise; —, vz. with. Medearbeid en, on. w. to cooperatej —er,

m. fellow-laborer, cooperator, helper. Medebeschuldigde, m. & v. one accused of

the name offence, fellow prisoner. Medebezitter, m. joint-owner, proprietor. Medeborg, m. fellow-bail, -guarantee. Medebrengen, ov. w. to bring(to carry along)

with, to import, to produce, to require. Medebroeder, m. brother, companion, colleague, fellow-member; —schap, o. confrater nity.

Medeburger, m.— e»,v. fellow-citizen.town sman, town's-woman; —schap, o. fellowcritizenshlp.

Medechristen, m. fellow-christian. Mededansen, ov. Sc on. w. tojoin in a dance. Mededeel baar, bv. communicable; — baarheid, v. communicabiüty; —en, ov. w. to coinmunicate, to impart; —er, m. communicator, informant, informer; —genoot, — hebber, copartner; —Ing, v. comniunication, information; — zaan», bv. communicative, liberal, charltable-, —zaamheid, v. communicativeness, liberality, charitableness. Mededienst knecht, m. —maagd, v. fellowservant.

Mededing en, on. w. to rival, to compete, to stand in competition; —er, m. —ster, v. rival, competitor ; —Ing, v. competition. Mededoen, ov. w. to join in, to partake of;

on. w. to be of the party, to make one. Mededoogen, o. compassion, pity, commiseration; —d, bv. enz. zie Meedoogend, enz. Mededrinken, ov. w. to drink with a. o. Medeëeuwig, bv. co-eternal; —held, coeternity.

Medeëigen nar, m. —ares, v. joint-owner. Medeerfgenaan», m. coheir, v. coheiress. Medeët en, on. w. to partake of a dinner (breakfast, supper), to dine (to breakfast, to sup) with a. o.; —er, m. guest, fellow-boarder. Mede gaan, on. vr. to go (along) with a. o., to accompany, to keep abreast of (the time), to be the partner of; —gaand, bv. yieldlng, compassionate; — ganger, m. companion.