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tlng-ground; —bak, dung-trouph, lay-stall; —bent, —dier, fatling, fattened animal ; —ga Hel, —vork, manure-lork, pitch-fork, prong; —(caiis, crammed goose; —lioop, —vaalt, dung-hill; —kalf, fattened calt', calf that is fattening; —kor, —wagen, dunjrcart; —kooi, coop; —kuil, —poel, —put, dung-pit; —varken, fattened pij?; —voeder, —voer, fodder; —wogen, dung-cart;—en, ov. w. to dung, to manure, to fatten, to cram, to pamper; —er, m. fattener.

Mesties, m. & v. mestizo.

Meating, v- dunging, manuring, fattening.

Met. o. minced pork (for sausages); — worst, (a kind of} pork-sausai?e.

Met, Mette, v. she-goat.

Met, vz. wlth, by, in, on, «pon, at; — geweld, l»y force; — zachte (luide) stem, in a lnw (loud) voice; — één slag, at a (one» blow; —■ één oogopslag, »t a glance;—de post, l»y post; — uw verlof, by your leave; — verlof (iiill,), on leave; — voorbedachten rade, on purpose, intentionally, with malice prepense; — «Ie stoomboot, —den trein, by steamer, by train; w(j z[|u — ohm zen* •en, we are six ; there are six of us; geëngageerd z(fu —, to be engaged (in iniirriagc) to; felieiteeren —, to congratulate on (upon); vermenigvuldigen —, to multiply l»y; zich voeilrn —, to leed on ; condoleeren —, to condole (with a person) on (a loss); — een rtytuig komen, to come in a cnrriage; onbekeiul —, ignorant of; spaarzaam —, economical of.

Metaal, o. metal; edel (onedel)—, preciotis (baser) metal; —ader, metallic vein;— gieter, brass-founder; — gietei-y, foundery; — glans, metallic lustre; —glad, metallic glass;

— houdend, metalliferons ; — kunde, metallurgy; —kundige, metallurgist; — schei«Ier, chemist; —schuim, dross ; —vorming, metallizution; —achtlg, bv. metallic, metalliforni.

IVIetalen, bv. metal, metallic, brazen.

Meteen, bw. at once.

Meten, ov. w. to measure; to gauge (=» pellen, roeien); zich niet iemand —, to vic (to coinpete) with a person; iemands rug —, to measure one's back; (lig.) to give him a drubbing; iemand met «Ie <»«»gen —, to eyc a person from head to loot, to take stock of him.

Meteoor, in. metcor ; meteoroliet, serolite, meteorolite, meteoric stoue; meteorologie, meteorology.

Meter, v. godmotber.

Meter, m. mea*urer, gauger; meter, metre-, —tje, o, ruler.

Metgezel, m. — liu, v. companioa.

Meting, v. measuring, measurement, gauging.

Metr iek, v. prosody ; —isch, bv. metrical;

— stelsel, metrical systein.

Metsel aar, m. inason, bricklayer; —sbak, hod ; —skuecht, journeymati-inason ;—arij, v. masonry ; —en. ov. w. to build, to make; on. w. to do mas>on 's work; —hamer,

manon 's hammer ; —kalk, mortar; —steen, brick ; —werk, masonry, brick-work.

Metten, r. mv. matins; korte — maken, to make no ceremony, to make short work of a thing; Iemand de — lezen, to chide (to rebuke, to lecture) a. o.; to take one up roundly.

Metter «laad, bw. indeed, really, In fact ; — tijd.bw. in time, in process of time; —woon, bw. zich — vestigen, to flx one 'h abode, to put up.

Meubel, o. piece of furniture ; —gordijnen, (dress)-curtains ; —magazijn, upholsterer's store, pantechnicon ; —maker, joiner, cabinet-maker ; —verkooper, upholsterer ; — en, o. mv. furniture; household-stulf.

Meubileereu, ov. w. to 1'urnish, to fit up (a house).

Meug, v. liking; zie Heug; elk zijn—,

every one to his liking.

Meuk, v. stewing ; In de — staan, to aoak through ; to be preparing; —en, ov. & on. w. to stew, to make mellow, to soften, to simmer, to soak.

Meuzel aar, m. —aarster, v. soiler, epicurean (— lekkerbek) t —en, ov. & on. w. to soil.

Mevrouw, v. lady; Mrs. (mistress); Madam; mylady, ladyship.

Mlauweu, on. w. zie Mauwen..

Middag, m. noon, midday; vóór den —, before noon ; na den —, in the afternoon ; des —s, at noon ; —cirkel, — kring, — lijn, meridian ; —eten, dinner ; —hitte, noon-tide-heat, meridian heat; —hoogte, meridian altitude ; —klaar, palpable, evident, as clear as the sun at nooa-day ; — maal, dinner; het — houden, to dine; —malen, to dine ; —slaapje, nap, siësta; —uur, noon-tide ; -hour; —zon, meridian sun.

Middel, v. & o. waist; tot aan zijn — in *t water, up to hi9 waist in the water; —, o. means, expedient; remedy; medium; een pijnstillend —, an anodyne ; een — tegen kiespijn, a remedy for tooth-ache; een man met —en, a man of fortune, of means; a rich man; — van bestaan, means of subsistence; the wherewitiial to live; — van verkeer, means of conveyance, — of locomotion ; hij had alle —en uitgeput, he had come to the end of his tether; een

— bedenken, to bethink oneself of an expedient ; —en en wegen, ways and means; door — van, by means of; by the agency of; door een of ander —, by any means, by hook or by crook.

Middel- (iu sam.), bv. middle, middlemost.

Middelaar, m. mediator; —schap, o. mediatorship.

Middelaarster, v. mediatrix.

Middelbaar, bv. middle, average, moderate;

— on«lerwiJs, secondary instruction ; middelbare gr«»otte, middling size; —school, secondary school; —tijd, average time.

Mlddeldek, steerage.