Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar


the same tune for nothin*; —boek, massbook, missal; —brood, hóst;— broodkas, pis ; —dienaar, acolite; — dienst, mass; —gewaad, chasuble; —kleed, alb; —offer, sacrifice of tbe mass; — priester, mass-priest.

Ml», bw. mis», amiss, wrong; het — hebben,

to be wrong, to be in the wrong box, • all ubroad, - wide of the mark, • out,• mistaken; — of raak, hit or miss.

Misaard en, on. w. to degenerate; — Ing, v.


Misacht en.ov.w. to undenralue, to disregard,

to slight; — ing, ▼. disregard.

Misbaar, o. sad noise, moan, hubbub. Misbaar, bv. dispensable, not strictiy necessary.

Misbak, o. ill-baked bread; —keu, bv. not well baked, miscarried, deformed; — sel, o. deformed tliing, failure.

Misbaren, on. w. to make a sad noise, to

miscarry, to abort.

Misbruik, o. misuse, abuse; — maken van, to abuse, to take advantage of; — en.ov. w. to abuse; Gods naam —en, to take God's name in vain; —er, m. —ster, v. abuser; —Ing, ▼. abuse.

Misdaad, v. crime, trespasn, offence, felony. Misdadig, bv. criminal, guilty; —er, m.;

—ster, v. criminal, malefactor, culprit. Misdeeien, ov. w. to treat badly, to t'avour ill, to deprive of; «le uiisdeelden, the poor, the des*itute.

Misdoen, ov. Sc on. w. to offend ; to transgress,

to do wrong, to sin.

Misdoop en, ov. w. to baptize the wrong way; to misname, to misrepresent; —Ing, v. misrepresentation.

Mlsdtaaien, ov. w. to turn (to wind) the wrong way.

Misdracht, v. miscarriage, abortion ; — Ig,

bv. misoarrying, abortive.

Misdrageu, on. w. to miscarry; xich—,t.w.

to misbehave, to behave ill.

MlsdriJ f, o. crime, trespass, misdemeanor, offence; —ven, ov. & on. w. zie Misdoen. Misdruk, o. waste-paper; —ken, ov. w. to misprint.

Misduid en, ov. w. to misinterpret, to misconstrue; to take ill; —er, m. misinterpreter ; —Ing, v. roisconstruction.

Misgaan, on. w. to go wrong, to miss the way; zich —, t. w. to do ill, to go too far, to forget one's self.

Misgeboorte, v. miscarriage, abortion; deformed being, monster.

Misgelden, ov. w. to pay (to suffer) for. Misgewas, o. bad growth, searcity ; abortion,

deformed th ing.

Misgiss en, ov. w. to guess wrong; zich —, to be mistaken j —Ing, v. guessing wrong, mistake.

Misgooien, ov. Sc on. w. to miss in throwing,

not to hit.

Misgreep, m. mistake, error.

Misgrijpen, ov. Sc on. w. to miss in catcliing;

— & zich —, t; w. to mistake, to be mistaken.

Misgun nen, ov. w. to envy, to grudge; — ner, m. envier ; —ning, v. euvyiug; —st, v. envy, jealousy ; — stlg, bv. envious, jealous (of); —stlgheld, v. envy, grudging. Mishaaglijk, bv. displeasinf?, disagreeable. Mishagen, ov. w. to displease; —, o. displea-

sure, dislike.

Mishakken, ov. & on. w. to miss in cutting;

• in chopping.

Mishandel en, ov. w. to use ill, to ill-treat,

to abuse; —Ing, v. ill treatment, abuse. Mishappen, on. w. to miss in snapping at. Mlshebben, ov. w. to be wrong (mistaken) in. Mlshooren, ov. & on. w. to mishear, to hear

wrong (badly).

Mlshouden, ov. w. to keep (to hold) ill. Mishouweu, ov. w. to miss in hewing, to hew badly.

Mlshuw en, ov. w. to mismatch, to misally, to disparage; on. w. to disparage one's self, to marry below one's rank ; —ing, v. mismatchment, disparagement; marrying below one's rank.

Mislnzicht, ©. wrong (erroneous) view. Mi^Jaar, o. sterile year, year of scarcity. Miskans, v. ill chance.

Mlskenn en, ov. w. to disregard, to slight, to disown; to misconceive, to miscontrue^to misrepresent; —ing, v. disowning, disavowing; misconstruction, misrepresentation. Miskijken, on. w. not to see right, to look the wrong way; zich —, t. w. to be mistaken.

Misklank, m. dissonance.

Miskleurig, bv. ill-dyed, ill-coloured. Miskocht, bv. zie Mekocht.

Miskoopeu (ziel»), t. w. to buy too dear. Miskraam, v. miscarriage, abortion ; eene

— krijgen, to miscarry.

Misleggen, ov. w. to mislay.

Misleid en, ov. w. to deceive, to delude, to beguile, to impose upon; —er, m. —ster, v. deceiver, deluder, importer; —Ing, v. deception, deceit, delusion ; imposture, take-in. Mislezen, ov. Sc on. w. to read ill, - faultily;

zich —, t. w. to mistake in read ing. Misloon en, ov. w. to reward below merit;

—Ing, v. bad reward.

Mlsloepen, on. w. to take the wrong way, to go astray, to miss; not to succeed; elkaar —, to miss each other; zijne carrière —, to take the wrong career, to mistake one's calling.

Misluiden. on. w. to sound ill, to jar; —d,

bv. dissonant; —dheid, v. dissonance. Misluk, o. ill success, miscarriage ; —ken, on. w. to miscarry, to farl, to prove abortive; —Icing. v. miscarriage, failure, ill success. Mismaakt, bv. dinfigured, deformed, mis-

shapen ; —held, v. deformity, bad shape. Misuiak en, ov. w. to disflgure, to deform;

—iug, v. disfiguring, deform ing.

Mismas, m. medley, mish-mash.

Mismeteu. ov. 8c on. w. to measure wrong.