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direct 111, to vary, to decline; —Ing, v. wrong indication, variation, declination.

Miiietgeii, ov. w. to miesay, to speak ill. Miscellen, on. w. to sail wrong, to miss -,

not to meet (in sailing).

Miszetten, ov. w. to put in a wrong place, to misplace.

Miszien, on. w. to see wrong, not to see well,

to mistake; zieli —, t. w. to mistake. Miszitten, on. w. to sit wrong, to sit in a

wrong place, to misbecome, not to fit.

Mits, vw. provided; —, vz. on condition of;

— dezen, by this present, bereby, lierewith. Mitsdien, bw. therelore, consequently; —,

vw. whereas, since.

Mitagaders, bw. besides, togetlier with, like-

wise, as also.

Mobiel, bv. movable; — verklaren, to call into active service; — verklaring, inobili* r.ation; inobiliseeren, ov. w. to mobilize; on. w. to get ready lor action.

Modder, v. mud, mire; — goot, sink :—kuil, —poel, slougli, quagmire; — man, mudman, cleanser; —molen, dredging-machine; -plan, muddy puddle; —praam,—schouw, —schuit, mud-boat, dredging-boat; —sloot, muddy ditch; —vet, bv. fat as bacon (-as butter), plump as a dumpling; —arhtig, bv. muddy, miry; —en, ov. w. to dij? out the mud, to clean, to bungle, to cquivocate ; — Ig, bv. muddy, miry, puddly; —igheid, v. muddiness, miriness.

Blode, v. lashion, custom, mode ; — worden, to become the fasbion; in de — kouten, to come into fasbion, to become the vogue; In de — zijn, to be all the po, — the vogue; uit de—, out offasiiion ;—«rtikelen, fancy articles, goods, millinery; —gek, — pop, fop, beau, dandy, fnshion-monger; — handel, milliner's trade, millinery ; —handelaar, man-milliner; —kleur, fashionable colour; —maakster, milliner; —plaat, fashion-print; —winkel, milliner's shop; —ziek, bv. fond of finery, foppisb.

Model, o. model, patlern, mould; oorspronkelijk —, prototype; tot — dienen, to serve for a model;—Ja«, regulation coat; —sabel, regulation *word ; —pop, lay figure; —teekening, model drawing, academy figure ; —leeren, ov. w. to model, to mould. Moderateur(lamp), inoderator(-lamp). Modem, bv. modern, fasiiionable Ueeren,

to modernize.

Modiscli, bv. modish, fashionable, stylish, in

fashion; —, bw. lashionably.

Modiste, v. milliner.

Moed, m. courage, heart, spirit, liopes; den — opgeven (laten zinken, verliezen), to lose courage: zyn — koelen, to take one's revenge (aan, of); wel te —e, of good cheer, cheerful; kwalijk te —e, out of spirits, dismayed; in arren—, in angry mood; iemand — Inspreken, to put some heart into a person; — Inboezemen, to inspire (with) courage, to encourage, to put upon one's mettle; iemand den — ontne¬

men, to dishearten a person ; — gehouden! cheer up! keep a good heart! — vatten, to muster up courage, to take heat*, to come up to the scratch.

Moede, bv. fatlgued, weary, tired (of).

Moedeloos, bv. discouraged, disheartened, creat-fallen, dejected, low-spirited; — maken, to discourage, to dishearten; — worden, to lose courage; to show the white feather; —lield, v. dejection, dejectedness, low spirits.

Moeder, ▼. mother, parent; dam (of animals), matron (of an orphanage, a cliaritable institution), governess, directress-, —aarde,mother* earth; —ader. crural vein; —deugd, oripinal virtue; —hart, motber's heart,maternal tenderness ; —kerk,mother-churcli;— koek, placenta, after-birth; —kruid, mother-wort; —land, mother-country; —liefde, maternal love-, —maagd, motlier-virgin; —melk, mother's-milk; met de —melk inzuigen, to be taught from earliest in fancy; —moord, —moorder, —moordster, matricide; — naakt, stark-naked; —naam, name of a mother; —plaats, place of a mother, a I motber's place; zij vervulde eene — 1 plaats bij, she was a mother to; —schoot, motber's lap; —taal, mother-tongue, vernacular tonguei; —tje, dear mamma, old woman, gammer; — tje spelen, to play at keeping house; —vlek, mole; —vorm, matrix; —ziek, fond of one's motlver; —ziel, living soul; — alleen, quite alone;— zorg, maternal care; — skiudje, darling, fondling; —«moeder, maternal grandmother ; —svader, maternal prandfatber; — szijde, van —, by one's mother's side; eene tante van —szijde, a maternal aunt; —lijk, bv. motherly, maternal; bw. like a mother, mater* nally; —loos, bv. motlierless; —schap, o. motherliood.

Moedig, bv. & bw. courapeous (-ly), brave (•ly), spirited (-ly), proud (-ly), highspirited, mettled, plucky, valiant, gallant; een — paard, a horse full of mettle; een — man, a man of mettle (daring, courage, pluck); — heid, v. courageousness, spirit, courage. Moedwil, m. petulance, wantonness, pertness; uit —, wilfully, on purpose, for wantonness, for love of mischief; —lig, bv. & bw.petulant (-ly), wanton (-ly), pert (-ly), saucy (-ily), bw. on purpose, desiguedly; —liglieid, v. zie Moedwil.

Moeheid, v. weariness, lassitude, fatigue. Moei, v. aunt.

Moeieiyk, Moeilijk, bv. difficult, trouble* some, hard, painful, arduous; een — werk, an arduous task; —e tijden, hard times; eene —e toestand, a tryingsituation; het —ste van zijn tank afhebben, to have broken the back of one's ta*k (work); zleli — maken, to grow angry; — maken, to quarrel; —, bw. with difficulty, hardly; — heid, v. difficulty, tscrape, fix, trouble, arduousness.

Moeien, ov. w. to trouble, to bother, to vex.