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derers; —geweer, —tuig, —wapen, murderous weapon; —gierig, —lustig, sanguinary, bloody-minded, blood-thirsty; —gierigheid. —lust, thirst of blood; —Jaar, cümacteric; —klok, alarm-bell; —kuil, cutthroat-place; —priem, dagger; —tooneel, massacre, scene of murder.

Moord en, ov. w. to muider; — enaar, — er, m. murderer; — ennariter, —enarei, v. murderess; —ery, v. massacre.

Moorin, v. Moorish woman, negress.

Moorscli, bv. Moorish, moresque.

Moot, v. slice, piece, fillet (of fisli).

Mop, m. pug, pug-dog; —, y. brick, little cake, gingerbread-nut; li|) heeft —pen, he has got pelf (tin, rhino); h(| houdt vuik — pen (grappen), he likes fun; he is fond of jokes; —muts, woman's night-cap; —neua, pug-nose.

Mop pen, on. w. to grudge, to grumble, to pout; —per, m. —ster, v. grudger, grumbler, pon ter; —peren, on. w. zie Moppen.

Morder, m. grumbler.

Moraal, v. moral; moraliteit, morality; iiioraliseereu. on. w. to moralize, to point a moral; moralist, m. moralist.

Morrel, bv. moral.

Mores, iiit. manners; iemand — leeren, to teach one manners.

Morel, v. morelle; —leboom, morel-tree; — leiiwyu, cherry-brandy.

Morgen, o. acre (of land).

Morgen, bw. to-morrow; —avond, to-morrow evening; —ochtend, to-morrow morning.

Morgen, m. morning; des — s, in the morning; —bezoek, morning-visit; —dauw, morning-dew; —drank, momincr-liquor; — dronk, morning-draught; —gebed, morning-prayer; —gewaad, undress, deshabiile; —gezang, —lied, —zang, morning-hymn, •song; —glans, brightnesn of the dawu; — groet, —wensch, morning-salutation; — Japon, morning-KOwn; —kleeding, morning-dress; —land, Levant, Oriënt; —licht, morning-light; —lucht, moming-air; — maal, breakfast, lunclieon; —muziek,morning-niusic, aubade; —post, morning-post; —preek, morning service; — ritje, morning-drive; —rood, daybreak, aurora; —schemering, morning-twilight, dawn; —slaap, morning-slumber; —spraak, meeting, dcliberation, ceremony; — houden, to deliberate; —ster, moruing-star; battleaxe, club with pricks; —stond, morning; de —stond heeft goud iu den mond, the early bird cafcches the worm ; early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise; —uur, morning-iiour; — wacht, morning-watch; —wekker, alarmwatch ; —zcgeu, morning-biessing; —zou, morning-sun.

Moriaan, m. blackamoor; het is den — ge* wasschen, there is no washing tiie blackamoor white; een blanke —, an albino.

Morille, v. morel, (kind of) mushroom.

Mormeldier, o. marmot, mountain-rat, dormouse.

Morrelen, on. w. to work (to bungle) in the


Morr eu. on. w. to murmur, to grumble; — tg, bv. grumbling, peevish, fretful; —igheid, ▼. peevisliness, fretfulness.

Mors. ▼. slattern, sint; —ebel. slut.

Morsdood, bv. stone-dead, as dead as a door* nail.

Mors en, ov. w. to spill, to dirt, to daub; on. w. to make a mess, to puddle, to do carelessly; —beer. —pot, m. & v. sloven, slut, dirty pig; —beerig, slovenly, dirty, nasty; —Jurk, pinafore; —keukeu, kitchen lor dirty work; —kleedje, crumb-cloth; — mouw, loose sleeve; —pak, frock; —pot* ter(|, dirtiness, slovenliness; —er|), v. pudd* ling, mess; —ig, bv. & bw. dirty (-ily), sluttish (•ly), nasty (-ily); —igheid, v. dirtiness, slut* tishness, nastines9.

Mortel, v. mortar, brick-dust;—bak, mortartrough, -tray, *hod; —en, ov. & on. w. to beat (to fall) to pieces; —ig. bv. crumbling.

Mortier, m. mortar; —stamper, pestle.

Morzel, m. broken piece; te — slaan, zie Morzelen; —en, ov. w. to crush, to beat to pieces.

Mos. o. moss; —aclitig, bv. mossy; —roos, v. mossrose.

Mosch, v. zie Musch,

Moskee, v. mosque.

Moskiet, v. mosquito; — ennet, o. mosquito* net (-bar).

Mossel, v. muscle, mtissel; —bank, mussel* bed; —geld, small money, cowries; —Jon* gen, muscle-boy; —kreek, creek where muscles are cjiught; —man. muscle-monger; —schelp, inuscle-sbell; —schuit, muscle* boat; —vanger, muscle-fisher; —vangst, muscle-flshery; —vloot, paltry fleet; — ▼rouw, —wyf, muscle-woman.

Mossig, bv. nrassy.

Most, m. must, stum, new wine; —achtig, bv. unfermented.

Mostaard. M«»sterd, m. mustard ; — na den maaityd, like mustard alter dinner; hU heeft er — aan gegeten, he has paid too dear for his whistle; het ruikt naar den —, that is very dear, very expensive; — lepeltje, mustard-spoon; —man, —vrouw, mustard-selleri —molen, mustard-inill; — pot, mustard-pot; —saus, mustard-dauce; —zaad, mustard-seed.

Mot, v. moth, tiny (an insect); drizzle (kind of rain); old sow (a pig); —, o. refuse (of timber), saw-dust, dusfc (of turf); de — is iu dat laken, that cloth is moth-eaten; «Ie — in de maag hebben, to bc* very hungry, to have an appetite; sweepings; —gat, dusthole; —liuif. dirty woman's night-cap; — pruik, old nasty periwig;—regen, drizzle; —regenen, to drizzle; —tegat. —testeek, moth's hole; —tekruid, moth-wort, golden locks.

Motie, v. motion; — van afkeuring, voto