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of censure; — vaii wantrouwen, want-ofconfidence vote; declaration ol no confidence.

Motiveeren, ov. w. to account for.

Motor, m. motor; —liet», motor-bicycle (— byke); —wanen, motor-carriage (—cart).

Motten, on. w. to drizzle, to pout.

Motterig, bv. drizzly.

Mottig, bv. moth-eaten, pock-marked, pockfretten; — lieid, v. pock-marked face.

Motto, o. motto, device.

Mout, o. malt; —bnk, malt-tray; — eest, — oven, malt kiln; —maker, maltster; — makerij, maltfloor; — wU«», malt-spirit» ; —en. ov. & on. w. to malt; —er, in. malster; —er||, v. malt-floor.

Mouw, v. sleeve; tray; iemand iets op de — spehlen, to impose upon a. o.; to make a. o. believe a thing; to trade on a person's credulity ; ie (het) achter de — hebben, to be a sly-boots; de handen uit de — «teken, to set diligently to work, to put one's shoulder to the wlieel ; ik weet er ireeiie — nan te passen, I cannot malce head or tail of it; I c;innot settle the matter ; dat is eene gemaakte — (lig.), it is only a pretext, a pretence-, l»y l>ieui het iu de —, he kept it a secret; —tjes, o. mv. ruftte».

Mozaïek, bv. & o. mosaic (work). Mud, Mudde, v. & o. i'our bushels_; (nederlaudscli), hectolitre; l»y de —, in plenty. Mul', bv. & bw. musty (-ty); — aehtig, bv. rather musty; —fen, on. w. to must, to smell mouldly, to grow musty; —hg. bv. | musty ; — fligheid, —heid, v. mustiness. Mug. v. gnat; van eene — een olifant ■naken, to exaggerate; to make mountains of mole-hills ; de — uitzygen en ,le» kn" ■neel doorslikken, to strain at a gnat and to swallow a camel ; de — vliegt om de kaars (Hg.), be is about to be arrested;

geheet, —gesteek, gnat-bite; — genby-

ter, ox-tly, gad-Oy ; -genziften, to cavil, to split hairs; — genzifter, caviller, hairsplitter; —gemifterU, cavilling, hair-split-

Muik, v. malanders; —been, swollen leg. Muil. m. mule (a donkey); muzzle, snout, mouth; —, v. slipper; -band, —korf, muzzl« ; —banden, to muzzle ; — dry ver,

ezeldrijver, muleteer; —ezel, mule; —

ezelin, she-niule; — yzer, —prang, bit;— paard, mule; —peer, box ou the ear.cufl, slap; —zadel, mule's sadtüe. ,

Muis, v. mouse; muscle (of the thumb) ; de ber" heelt eene — gebaard, the mountaiu^has brought forth a mouse; «Ie — is in de val (Hg.), the mouse is in the trap, the fellow is caught ; het —-Je had een •taartje, the ailair iind dreadful consequeu. —doorn, —doren, wild myrtle ; — grauw, —vaal, mouse-gray; —hond, mousing-dog, weazle ; —kat, mouser ; leder, hand-leather; — jes, o. mv. sugarplums, caraway-coutlts; a kind of potatoes. Muit, Muite, v. quarrei, dispute; cage, mew;

—maker, zie Muiters —meester, ringleader of mutineers; —ziek, seditious, mutinous ; —zucht, mutinousness ; —aehtig, bv. 6editious, mutinoua ; —eling, m. mutineer; rebel; — en,on.w. to mutiny.to rebel; to mew, to moult; aan het — slaan, to mutiny; —er(|, v. rebellion, sedition.

Muizen, on. w. to mouse; to eat heartily; to muse, to ponder ; het muist al wat van katten komt, wliat is bred in the bone will never go out of the flesh ; katjes die — mauwen niet, one cannot eat and talk at the saine time.

Muizen, v. mv. mice ; —drek. mouse-dung; —gat, —hol, mouse-hole; —Jacht, mousehunt; —keutel, mouse-duug; zie Muisjes; —kooru, tare, i-ye-grass; —maaltyd, horse's meal; —nest, mouse-nest; —val, mousetrap ; —vanger, mouser, rat-catcher. Muizenis, v. crotche", care, trouble ; —sen in het hoofd hebben, to have a fiea in one's ear.

Muiz evel, o. mouse-skin; — ing, v. mousing, muaing,.

Mul, v. grit, dust, refuse ; —, bv. dry, dusty, sandy.

Mulat, m. mulatto; —tin, v. mulattess.

Mulheid, v. dryness, dustiness.

Muil en, on. w. to cruinble; — ig, bv. zie

Mul ; —Igheid, v. zie Mullieid.

Mummel aar, m. mumbler; —en, on w. to


Mummie, v. mummy.

Munster, m. cathedral, cloister.

Munt,v. coin ; money, cash; mint; klinkende —, hard cash ; kruis of —, cross or pile ; —slaan uit iets, to profit by, to take advantage of; voor goede — aannemen, to take in good spirit; to take (it) for truth ; iemand met geiyke — betalen, to give a. o. as goo<l as he broutrht; to pay one in one's own coin, to pay in kind, to give tit lór tat; —biljet, —brielje, cash-note ; — geld, —loon, mintape ; —gereedschap, coining tools ; —gezel, joumeyman-coiner ; —hamer, coiner's hammer; —huis, mintliouse ; —kabinet, collection of coins ; — kamer, mint-hall; —kenner, one versed In numistnatics, uumismatologist ; —kunde, numismatics, nuinismatology; —meester, mintmaster; —meesterschap, mint-niaster's office; —olie, mint-oil; —pers, mint-mili, coiniug-press; —plaatje, coinplate, planchet; —recht, right of coinage;—schroef, minting-screw; —"log, coin, stamp-, —slager, corner; —specie, coin, cash, Bpecie; —stelsel, monetary nystem; —stempel, stamp, die, inetal for coining; —stof, nietals to be coined ; —stuk, coin;—teeken, mint-mark; —wezen, coinage-, —en, ov. w. to coin, to mint, to stamp; to aim, to design; —er» m. minter, coiner; —ing, v. coining.

Muren, ov. w. to mure, to wall, - about. Murik, v. wall-rue, chick-weed.

Murmelen, on. w. to murmur, to purl. Murmureer der, m. grumbler, mutterer;