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ion, newinsj-cushion; —machiaa®. sewingmachine; -niaud, sewingbasket; — naald, sewing-needle; -ring. thimble; —sclaool, sewing-school; -tafel, tailor's wrork-table ;

vrouw, sewinjr-school-mwtress; —werk,

sewing-work; -zijde, sewir,g-silk; -er, m. sewer; — «el, o. seam, sewing; —ater, v. seainstress, needle-woman. .....

Kaakt, bv. naked, bare, callow (bird), pooriy dressed, poor, desitute; —. o.; a»a«r het — teekenen, to draw a naked body, to draw frora the nude; - «guur, nude (figure. model); de —e waarheid, the naked (bare, plain) truth; moeder—, starlc naked; Iemand — uitschudden, to strip one of everytliing; —, bw. nakedly, openly; —loopera. adamites ; —held, v. nakedness, bareness, nudity, poverty.

Naald. v. needie, burin (for etcliing); spïre (of a steeple), obelisk (on atomb); voor elke

een draad hebben (lig.), to have a

cure for every sore; to be quick atrepartee; met de heete — gemaakt, (to be) done in a hurry; -hout, piue-wood; —vorniig, needle-shaped, aculeate.tapering, pyrainidical.

ekop, needle's head: —enfabriek,needle-

manufactory; —eaigeld, pin-money ; — enkoker, needle-case; —enkoop, — eaakooner, —enkoopater, needle-seller ; —enmaker, needle-niaker, needler; —enoog, eye ol a needie; —enwerk.needle work, point; — enwinkel, needle-shop.

Naam, m. name, noun; character, renown; vaaa (b||) — kennen, to know by name; liedeu van —. people of renown; In van. in the name of (the lting), on thekings authority ; in God»—, for God's sake, in the name of God; verdichte—, pseudonym, pen name; zeg hem dit uit myueu - , teil him this in my name, on my authority, at my request; lu een goeden (slechten) — ataau. to stand Ito be) in good (bad) repute; ik wil er den —niet van hebben, I won't have it laid at my door, I dou'twish to pass for the doer-, president in - alleen. president in name only; het kind b|J ziin rechten — noemen, to eau a spade a bpade; b|J (met) name, especially, particularly; als het kind maar een — heeft (flff.)* it matter» not what you call it;—buiding, declension; —christen, christian in name, nominal (pretended) christiau; —cyfer, cypher, initiala; —dag, name-day, aniuversary; —dicht, acrostic; -gek,—ziek. fond of oue'8 name ; —genoot, namesake; *US', —rol, list of names, index, catalo&ue, nomenolature; —plaa^e, door-plate; -roof,


—roover, defamer, slanderer ; — teekening, Blffiiature; —val, case; —wisseling, metonymy; —woord,noun; -haftig,bv. renowned, famous; —loos, bv. nameless, anonymous, A , , , .

Naftp en, ov. vr. to ape, to nrnnic, to counterfeit; —er, m. ape, aper, mimio; —erU.-ing, V. aping, mimicry, iniitation.

Vaar, vz. to, towards, for, according to, after;

> vw. ai; — boven, up stairs; — beneden,

down stairs; begeerlg —, desirous of; bestemd —, bound lor; oordeelen — den schHn, to judge from appearauces; vragen — iemaude gezondheid, to inquire alter a person's health; iemand — den weg vragen, to ask one's way of a person; aarden —, to take after; — z|Jne meening. In hls opinion; ruiken, amaken —. to smell (to taste) of; — behooren, as it should (ought to) be; — de stad, to town, towards the town; — loonden vertrekken, to depart (to start) for London; — de natuur teekenen, to draw from nature; loon — werken, reward according to deserts; — ■uitn «maak (milu zin), to my taste (my liking, my mind); Ï»U heet Jan — zQnen oom, he is called John alter his uncle; — men zegt, as tiiey say; as people say.

Vaar, bv. & bw. sad (-ly), sorrowful (-ly), dismal (-ly), ghastly, inslpid (-ly); — geestig, bv. melancholie; —geestigheid, melancholy, melanclioiiness.

Naftrbeideaa, on. w. to work nfter, - later. Naardien, vw. as, since, whereas.

Naarheid, ▼. sadness, dismalness, ghastlinefls,


Naarmate, vw. (van), according to. Naarstig, bv. & bw. diligent (-ly); —held,

v. diligence.

Naaet, bv. neareat, next, lowest; an||n —e bloedverwant, my nearest relation, my next-of-kin; het — e dorp, the nearest vtllage; de —e weg, the nearest way, the shortest cut; hy woont — haar, he lives next-door to her-, de —e pr|Js, the lowest priee; de —e erfgenaam, the next Iteir; ieder la zichzelf het —, charity begrins at home; — God, dank ik hem iiiUu leven, next to God, I owe him my life; ten — e b(|, almost, very neariy; Ik denk voor *t —, I am most inclined to think; I iean to the opinion; —, vz. next to, beside; —bestaande, nearest relation ; —volgeaid, next, loliowing. Naaste, m. & v. fellow-creature, neighbour. Naast eia, ov. w. to seize, to capture, to appropriate; —Ing, v. seizure, appropriation. Na babbelen, ov. w. to repeat, to echo; on.

w. to repeat (to echo) the words of. NabafTen. ov. & on. w. zie NablafTeu. Nabakken, ov. w. to bake later; on. w. to

imitate in baking.

Nabalken, ov. w. to Imitate the braylng oi;

on. w. to bray after.

Nahanket, o. dessert.

IVsbaaaen, ov. & on. w. zie NablaOen. Nabauw eaa, ov. w. to ï-epeat scornfully, to echo; on. w. to repeat (to echo) a. o. 'b words Bcornfully; —er, m. —ster, v. one that repeats; —, oue that echoes (a o. 's words). Na bazuinen, ov. w. to trumpet after. Nabedeaakea», ov. w. to consider too late; —,

o. second thouglits, afterwit.

Nabeeld eaa, ov. w. to copy, to counterfeit, to model; —ing, v. copy ing, modelllng.