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Namaak, v. counterfeiting, imitation, forgery; —•el. o. counterfeit, imitation; —«ter, v. zie Namaker.

Namaala, bw. afterwarda, hereafter. Namaand, v. latter end of the mouth. Nauiak en, ov. w. to counterfeit, to imitate, to forge; —er, m. counterfeiter, imitator, torger ; -Ing, v. zie Namaak.

Namaten, ov. & 011. w. to grind afterwards,

ov. w. zie Naschilderen.

Namelijk, bw. nameiy, to wit, viz, (videlicet). Nameloos, bv. inexpressible; nameless, ano-

uymous; —held, v. inexpressibleness. Nnuiens, bw. IVom, in the name of.

Nauiet en, ov. w. to measure (again); — ing, v. measuring (over again); — ing, v. measuiing (over again).

Namiddag, m. afternoon » —dienst, (in clturches), afternoon-service; des —s, in the afternoon; om S u. des —s, at five o'ciock P. M.; —slaa|»Je, nap, siësta. Namis, v. harvest-fair.

Nanacht, in. latter part of the night.

Naneef, m. great-nephew; posterity. Naneuriën, ov. w. to imitate a. o. 's humming or singing.

Naneuzei», ov. w. to spy, to pry into. Nauicht, v. great-niece.

Naoog en, ov. w. to follow (w»th the eye), to eye; —ing, v. following with the eye, eyeiug.

Naoogst, m. after-crop ; —en, on. w. to glean;

—ing, v. gieaning.

Nap, m. bowl, basin, cup;—gat,—kruiper,

cripple seated in a wooden bowl.

Napeinz en, ov. w. to meditate (to reflect)

upon; —ing, v. meditation, reflection. Napergen, ov. w. to press again.

Naplitlia, v. naphtha, rock-oil. Napleiateren, ov. w. to do over again with piaster.

Naploegen, ov. w. to plough again.

Napluiz en, ov. w. to piek again, to scrutinize, to investigate; —er, m. investigator, scrutinizer; —ing, v. investigation, scrutinizing.

Napluk, m. after-crop; — ken,ov. w. topluck

(to gather) afterwards.

Napol||sten, ov. w. to polish again.

Napost. m. last post, last mail.

Napraat, m. talk; —ster, v. zie Naprater. Naprat en, ov. w. to repeat, to echo; iemand —, to repeat (to echo) a. o.'s words; —er, m. repeater of another's words, echo; — erty, parrot-gabble.

Napréeken, on. w. to imitate (in preaching). Nar, m. fooi, jester, buffoon, droll; —reslee, Bleigh, sledge; —reubei, fool's bell; — reukap, fool's cap; —renpoets, foolish trick; —rentuig, trimmiug with bells; —reuwerk, foolery.

Naraad, m. advice given too late.

Narcis, v. narcissus, datfodil.

Nardus, v. nard, spike-nard.

Narede, v. epilogue.

Nareizen, on. w. to travel after, to follow.

Nareken en, ov. w. to reckon over, to connt (to compute) again, to control; —ing, v. reckoning over, counting (computing) again. Narennen, on. w. to run (to gallop) after. Naricht, o. Information, account, report, intelligence ; tot uw — diene, may it serve (be) to your guidance (Information, government); — geven, to send (to write) word; to give notice (Information).

Narigheid, v. zie Naarheid.

Nartydeu, on. w. to drive (to ride) after, to follow (on horseback, in a coach); to keep a tight hand over.

NarQpen, on. w. to ripen afterwards. Naroelen, on. w. to row after, to follow (in a boat).

Naroep, m. calling after; clamour; —en.ov. w. to cry (to call) after; on. w. to imitate the cry of; to hoot at.

Naroffelen, ov. w. to copy bunglingly; —

in a slipsliod way.

Narollen, ov. & on. w. to roll after. Naroomen, ov. w. to cream again.

Narrig, bv. queer, peevish, cross, fretful; —

heid, queerness, peevishness, fretfulness. Narukken, on. w. to march after, to foltow. Narwal, m. narwhal, sea-unicorn. Nasclielleu, on. w. to resound, to echo. Naschaven, ov. w. to plane anew. Nascheldeu, on. w. to call names after (a person).

Naschetsen, ov. w. to sketch after, to copy. Naschieten, ov. & on. w. to shoot after. Naschilderen, ov. w. to paint after, tocopy. Naschlmpen, on. w. to taunt after. Naschip, o. last sliip; niet de nascltepen

komen, to come too late.

Naschoppen, ov. w. to kick (to hurl) after. Naschouw, v. —ing, v. last inspection; —en,

ov. w. to inspect (to survey) afterwards. Naschreeuwen, ov. w. to cry after; on. w.

to imitate the cry of; to hoot at. Naschreien, on. w. to weep (to ery) after. Naschrift, o. postscript, copy.

Naschr($v en, ov. w. to copy, to write (to pen) down, to add, to pirate; —er, m. copier, copyist, pirate; —lug, v. copying. Naschuimen, ov. w. to scuni again, • after;

on. w. to continue foaming, • frothing. Naslaan, ov. w. to couuterfeit, to consult (a book), to look for, to beat after, to strike too late.

Naslag, m. striking after; counterfeit coin. Naotleep, ra. train, retinue; consequences; — en, ov. w. to drag (to trail) after, to tow, to liaul.

Naslenteren, on. w. to go trailing behind, to

go sauntering after, zie Nadrentelei». Naslepen, on. w. to drag (to trail) lehind. Nasiypen. ov. w. to grind again. Nasluipen, on. w. to steal (to sneak) after, to dug.

Nasmaak, m. after-taste, twang, grief. Nasmart, v. after-pains.

Nasmelteu, ov. w. to melt afterwards. Nasmyteu, ov. w. to throw (to Üing) after.