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NEC. —


witH a pointed mouth; —Uiep» Plou^,*9l,are' coulter; —schuit, bont with a pointed prow-, —beling, nu Kebaal.

Xecroloog, m. necrologist; necrologie, v.


Nectar, m. nectar.

IWeder, bw. down, below; op en —, up and


Xedera*punt, o. nadir.

Xederbi^gelen, on. w. to trickle down. Jt'ederblikseinen, ov. w. to Htrike down

with lightning, - witli a thunder-bolt. Kederhollen. Xederhonzeii. Xederbruien. ov. w. to tluow (to buil, to bounce) down; on. w. to fall (to bouncej down. Nederbrengen, ov. w. to bring (to carry)

down. , .

Nederbuig en, ov. w. to bend (to bowj down;

zich « t. w. to bow down, to prostrati;

one's self; to condescend; — ing. v. bowiug down; condescension.

Nederbuitelcn. on. w. to tunible down. Nederbukk en. on. w. to stoop (down); —

ing. v. stooping (down).

Nederdal en, on. w. to descend; —ing, v. descent.

ütederdoen. ov. w. to put down. Xedertlompelei». ov. w. to plunge. Nederdonderen. ov. w. toHing (to burl; down. ATederd ragen. ov. w. to carry down. KederdrUven, ov. w. to drive down; on. w.

to tloat down. .

Kederdruipeu, on. w. to drop (to trickle)

dowu. ,

Kederdrukk en, ov. w. to press down. to overcome, to depress, to cast down; —ing, v. pressing down, depression. ïi"cder«lr»ippelen,on. w. zie Xeder«lruipen. Aederduik en, on. w. to dive, to ducli ; —

ing. v. diving.

Xederduit «eh, o. low-German. IVederduwen, ov. w. to push (to tbrust) down. Aïedereind. o. lower end.

IVederllaiiHeii. ov. w. to scribble, to liurry

over, to cast down neglitfently.

A'eder gaan, ov. w. to tread down; on. w. to go down, to descend; —gang, m. descent, setting.

Kedergictrn, ov. w. to pour down. HIedergiy«len. on. w. toglidelto slide)down. Xedergooieu. ov. w. to throw (to cast) down. Neder hagelen, o». w. to be struck down (to

be laid) by the bail.

Kederhakken, ov. w. to feil, to cut(toliew)

down. „ ,

Kederhal ei», ov. w. to fetcb (to pull) down, to lower, to .strike; — er,m. zie Xeerhaler. Kederhaugeu. on. w. to bang down. Nederliell en. on. w. to slope, to slant; —

ing, v. slope, declivity.

IV'eil er houd en. ov. w. to keep down. Aiederhouw en, ov. w. to lell, to out (to bew) down, to put to the sword; —ing, v. cutting down.

IVederhukken, Xederhurken, on. w. to squat (down), to eower, to >it asquat.

Nederig, bv. & bw. liumble (-bly), lowly (-ily), modest (-ly); —held, v. humility, humbleness. Nederjagen. ov. w. to chase down. Xederkammen, ov. w. to comb down. Nederkappen, ov. w. to feil, to cut down. .\ederki)keii, on. w. to look down, to cast

down one's eyes.

\ederkladdeu, ov. w. to daub, to scribble. 'Xederkliuiui en, on. w. to cliinb down, to

descend; —ing, v. descent.

Xederkniel en, 011. w. to kneel down ; —ing,

v. kueeling down, prostration.

\ederkonien, on. w. to conie (to fallj down, to descend; to alight ou (ofa bird); to devolve on (upon); het komt op hetzelfde neer, it conies to the same thing.

\eder krijgen. ov. w. to get down. Xederkruipeu, on. w. to crawl down. Xederlaag. v. defeat, overtiirow. Xederlateu, ov. w. to let down, to strike. Xederlegg en, ov. w. to lay down, to kill, to abdicate (the crown); zich —, t. w. to lie down; zyu ambt —, to resign.to teuder oue's resignutioii; —Ing, v. laying down, abdication.

Xederligg en, on. w. to lie down; —ing, v. lyiug dowu.

Kederlokken, ov. w. to allure (to call) down. Vederloopei», on. w. to run dowu. Xederperaen. ov. w. to press down. Xederplakken, ov. w. to throw down, to

smash down.

Xederplauteii, ov. w. to plant.

\ederploH' en, ov. & 011. w. zie »ederbollen, to precipitate, to iling down;—ing. v. precipitation.

Xederplompen, Kederplouzen, ov. & ou. w. to plump, to throw (to lall) down, to plunge down.

Xeder regen en, on. w. to be struck down (to

be laid) by the rain.

\ederr()den, ov. w. to ride (to run) down. Wederroepen, ov. w. to call down. Xederrollen, ov. & on. w. to roll down. Xederr u k k en. ov. w. to pull (to snatch) down. Xedersabelen, ov. w. to slaughter, to but-

cher, to put to the sword.

Xederschieten, ov. & ou. w. to shoot (down), ü'ederschyiien. on. w. to shine down. Xederschry ven, ov. w. to write (to note, to

pen) down, to depose (to put) in writing. Xederweluidden, ov. w. to shake down, - off. Xedemchuiveai, ov. w. to shove (to push)

dowu; 011 w. to glide (to slide) down. Xederwlnan, ov. w. to strike (to knock) down; to let down; to cast down (de «togen); to pitch (eeue tent); to encamp (een leger); to discourage; to dishearten, to deject (ontmoedigen); on. w. to fall down; to precipitate; zich —, t. w. to encamp ;to establish one's self, to set up. Xedernleepen, ov. w. to drag down. Xedersllkken, ov. w. to swallow (down). Xedersiuakkeu, ov. w. zie Xederbofl'eii. Xedersiuyten, ov. w. to throw (to tling) down.