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Wedersnorren, on. w. to come (to fall) down

with a buzzing sound.

Wederspatten, on. w. to spatter down. Wederspreiden, ov. w. to spread down. Wederapringen, on. w. to jump down. Wederstampen, ov. w. to stamp (to ram) down.

Ncdemtekeii, ov. w. to stab, to run through. Wederstellen, ov. w. to put down, to write

down ; zich —, t. w. to sit down. WederstUgen. on» t0 come down, to do-

scend; to alight.

Wederstoot en, ov. w. to thrust down; to

stab; to run through.

Wederstort ei», ov. w. to throw (to hurl, to dash) down, to precipitate; ou. w. to fall down, to precipitate-, zich —, t. w. to pre cipitate (one's self) ; to throw one's self, to rush (upon); — ing. v. falling down. Wederstralen. on. w. to sliine down. Wederstrekkeu. ov. w. to strike (to lay) down, to prostrate; zich —, t. w. to lie down.

Wederstryken. ov. w. to rub down; to let down; to lower; on. w. to alight, to light. Wederstrooieu, ov. w. to strew (to spread) down.

Wederstroomeu, on. w. to stream down. Wedcrstruikelen, on. w. to stumble down. Wederstuiven, on. w. to come down in the

shape of dust; to rush down.

Wedersullen, on. w. to glide (to slide) down. Wedertellen, ov. w. to teil (to count) down. Wedertrnppen, Wedertreden, ov. w. to

tread down.

Wedertrekken, ov. w. to pull down. Wedertuimeleu, on. w. to tumble down. Wederval, in. falling down, downt'all ;—lei», on. w. to fall down, to prostrate one's self. .

Wedervaren, ov. & on. w. to carry down •,

to come down (iu a boat), to sail down. Wedervell en, ov. w. to feil, to strike down;

— ing, v. feiling, striking down. Wedervliegen, on. w. to fly down, to alight. Wedervlieten, on. w. to llow down. Wederviyen, ov. w. to lay down softij; zich

—. t. w. to lay one's self (to lie) down. Wedervlneien, on. w. to flow down. Wedervoeren, ov. w. to carry down. Wederwaaien, ov. w. to blow down ; on. w.

to be blown down.

Wederwaarts. bw. down, downwards; —ch,

bv. downward.

Wederwentelen, ov. w. to roll down. Wederwerp en, ov. w. to cast (to throw, to fling) down, to overthrow, to prostrate ; —Ing, v. overthrow ing, prostration.

Wederzak keu, on. w. to sink down. IVederzellen, on. w. to sail down. Nederzenden, ov. w. to send down. Wederzett en, ov. w. to set (to put) down, to appease, to allay the anger of; zich —. t. w. to sit down, to settle, to establish one's „elf; —Ing, v. putting down, settling. Wederzien, on. w. to look down.

Wederz()gen, on. w. to sink down, to droop,

to faint away.

Wederzlnk en, on. w. to sink down; —Ing, v. sinking.

Wederzitt en, on. w. to sit down; —Ing, v.

sitting down.

Wederzulgen, ov. w. to suck down. Wederzwelgen, ov. w. to swallow (to gulp) down.

Wederzweven, on. w. to come down liovering. Weef, m. cousin; (oomzegger) nephew;grandson, descendant; volle —, cousin-gerinan; —schap, o. cousinship, nepotism.

Weem achtig, bv. thievish; —ster, v. taker. Ween, bv. no, nay; wel—, oh.no! no indeed I certainly notl ik wed van —, 1*11 bet (warrant) it is not so; — zeggen, to decline, to refuse, to say nay (no); —, o. no; — verkoopeu, to bc unable to suit one's customers. Weep, v. pinch, twinge, nip, blow, loss; Iemand eene goede — geven (lig.), to cause him a great loss, — much damage; in de — zyn, to be at a pinch, in a fix; —Je» o. plait, fold; — «kapje, —•muts, crimped cap. |

Weer, Weere, v. whirlpool; in «Ie— zyn,to

go down hill, to go down the wind.

Weei haal. m. downstroke; —talie, down-

haul tackle.

Weerlialer, m. downhauler.

Weernlachtig. bv. down-cast, low-spirited, dejected; —held, v. low-spiritedness, dejectedness, dejection.

Weerslag, m. slaughter, massacre; —, o. pre*

cipitation (in chemistry).

Weet, v. nit (of a louse), rivet (in scissors); —oor, froward (irritable) person, crab; — en, ov. w. to rivet.

WefTeus, vz. next to, together with. Wegeeren, ov. w. to cut (a person); iemand totaal —, to cut a person dead, to turn one's back upon; to give tiie cold shoulder; to shelve.

Wegen, tw. & v. nine; met ons —en, nine of us; ruiten-, settoppen—, nine of diamonds, —spades ; — dnagsch, of nine days; —hoek, nonagon, enueagon; —hoekig, nonagonal, enneagonal; —Jarig, of nine years, nine years old; —kuilen, to play at chuck-farthing; —maal, nine times; —oog, latnprey, furuncle; —tal, nine; —voud, o. —voudig, bv. ninefold; —de, bv. ninth; —dehalf, bv. eight and a half; —derliaude, —derlei, bv. of nine sorts, nine sorts of; —tien, tw. nineteen; —tiende, bv. niueteenth.

Wegentig, tw. ninety; —Jarig, of ninety years, ninety years old; —maal, ninety times; — ste, bv. ninetieth ; een —er, a nonagenarian. Xeger, m. negro; —knaap, negro-boy; — koren, black millet;—land, negro country, negroland; —schip, slaver, slave-ship; — slaaf, negro-slave; —vriend, anti-slavery

Iman, abolitionist; —en. ov. w. to tyrannize, on. w, to drudge, to slave; —in, v. negrowoman, negress.