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■ervice (assistance) in need; — dwang. ur- i gency, exigency ; -dwingen,to.ieceM.tate. to urge, to compel, to press; —haven, l.arbour in need; —helper, —help.ter, helper in need; -hulp. m. cliarman. v. charwoman; make-weight; —Jaar, year ofc'i8tre"8; —klok, alarm-bell; —kreet.cry of dist.ess, Bcrcam; -leugen. —logen, white li»; llldend, necess.lous, indlgent, poor, -~MJdende. indigent (person), poor; —lot, fate, destii.y; —mast. jury-mast; -««oord, Tnurder in need; — munt, obsidionat coin, moneyi —penning, spaie-money, obs.dlonal niedal; -ïe.n. «afetybrake; -roer, jury ru ider • —echot, shot of distres»; —«eln, «ignal of distress; -«tal, trave, travlce; — weer, o. grievous tempest, terrible stoim; v. necessary (legitimate) defence.

Nooddruft, v. necessity, want, indigence; livelihood, necessaries of lite; *>v.

necessitous, needy, indigent; —Igheid, v. necessitousness, neediness.

Noode, bw. loth, reluctantly, unwilling(ly). Noodeloos. bv. & bw. needies» l-ly); —held,

v. needlessness.

Koodrn, ov. w. to invite, to bid; nooder,

m. undertaker (at a funeral); inviter.

Noodig, bv. necessary, needtul; — hebben, to want, to be (to stand) in need ot, to hit\e occasion lor; — maken, to necessiate; hel éeue —♦ the one thiug needtul.

Koodiz ei», ov. w. to invite, to bid, to desue;

—er. m. inviter; —Ing, v. invitatton; —ster,

NomUotT'o. fate, destiny ; —

fatal (-ly); —tlgheid, v. fatalness, fatalitj . Noodwendig, bv. & bw. necessary (-ïly). ïndispensable (-bly); -held, v. necessary; | necessity.

Noodzaak, v. urgent case; necessity. NoodzakelUk, bv. & bw. necessary (ïly); —

held, v. necessity. .

Noodzaken, ov. w. to oblige, to compel, to

constrain, to force.

Nooit, bw. never.

Soor(ï,*7w.0,'north'; ten —en, to the north;

ten oosten (westen), north by east

(west)- —, v. north; om de —, north about; L nnii, towards the north; -einde.northend; -kaper, ork, orca, grampus; —kust, northern coast; —IU"» northern circle; pool, arctic pole, north-pole; —cirkel, northern circle; —landen, arctic countr.es; —«ter, north-star, poiar star; —vaai-der, trader to the north; —*ee, Nortl.-sea; ziide, north side. . ,

Nowrdeiyk, bv. northern;bw. north ward. Noorden, o. north; —wind, north-wind. Noorder, bv. northern, septentrional; — punt, arctic pole; —breedte, northern latitude; —licht, north-liglit, aurora borealis; —zon, midnight-sun; met de —zon yerhuizen, to go away in a mist, to take French leave, to give one the go by. Noordnoord oost, bw. — oosten, o. north-

north-east; -weit, bw. —westen, o. northnorth-west. .

Noordoost, bw. —en, o. north-east; — ten noorden (oosten), north-east by north (east); —eiyk, bv. north-east; bw. towards the north-east; —eren, on. w. t0 towards the north-east; -erlng, v. east variation.

Noord ach, bv. northern.

Noordwaarts, bw. north ward.

Noordwest, bw. -en, o. north-west; — ten noorden (westen), north-west by north (We«t)- —elllk, bv. north-west; bw. towards the north-west ; —eren, on. w. to incline to the north-west; —erlng, v. west variation.

Noot, v. nut; hazel—, filbert; wal—, walnut; een harde —. a hard nut (to crack); something very difficult; kwade 11 kraken, to have to sufler a great deal; —note, lieele —, semlbreve; halve —» minim; kwart crotchet; acht.te -, quaver;

zestiende —. semi-quaver; twee-en-dertll.te —, demi-semi-quaver; vler-en-xe,tlc.te —, double-demi-senii-quaver; l»U heelt veel noten op s(|uen zang, .Tery commanding (exacting); —olie, nut-oil;

muskaat, nut-meg. .

Xou, v. nap; wel In de-pen, very content;

well dressed; in high spirits.

Kopen, ov. w. to spur, to goad; to incite, to

indttce, to prompt.

Nopens, vz. concerning, with regard to. Kopie, o. zie Kopt — «laken, ratteen. Koppen, ov. w. to nap. to p.ck; —U*er, napping-iron; -.ehaar, nappiug-shears; per, n>. nappen -pig. bv. nappy. full ot nans' —ster, v. napper.

Norm', m. rule. Standard; —aal. bv. normal;

average ; — «aUehool. v. uormal school. Nor«ch. bv. & bw. gruff l-ly). cross (• yl. «"r'y r-ily), sharp l-ly), frowmng (-ly); -held, v. trrufTness, crossness, surliness, sharpness. Nota v. note, memorandum, bill; — nemen van, to notice. to take note (notiec) of; — bel, bv. notable; -hele, m. & v. a lead.ng person, authority, commissioner.

Notarieel, bv. notarial, ol a notary.

Notaris, m. notary, scrivener; —ainDt, —

achan, o. notai'y's office. _ .

Note bolster, m. green shell of walnuts, peel; -boom. waVnut-tree; —boomen, bv. (made of) walnut-tree-wood; ov. w to paint lifce walnut trce-wood; —boomenhout. walnuttrpp-wood * —'don, nut-shell.

. Noteer en, ov. w. to note (down), to) make a note ot"; to quote; —ing, v. notmg (down); quotation (of a market).

Notemuskaat, v. & o. nutmeg. Notenkraker, m. (a pair oi) nut:cr^®J®*(r. Noten papier, o. music paper; —balk, stair,

i —schaal, gamut. .

Notie, v. notion; geene — hebben »an,to

- have uo idea (no notion) of it.

» Notillcatie. v. notiftcation; iets voor — aannemen, to accept for notiftcation; to si'elve. Notitie, v. notice, cognizance, note, merooran-