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boats —ton. oyiter-barr.1; — *aiig,t.oy»terflshery-, —vlocher, dredger j —vrouw, — wHf, oyiter-woman.

Oever, m. «hor» (of the aea), bank (of» river). brink (of ruin, of death); bulten de —• treden, to overflow the banks; —aayjjy. —bewoner, coaster; —atad. maritime town; —aand.sand of the shore; iwaIiiWi sea-swallow, shore-bird. t

Of. tw. or. either, If. whether, but; of goed, — kwaad, either good, or evil (bad); Ik vroeg hen», — hU *ou komen, I askcd )iim. if (whether) he would coma; het duurde «let lang - h|| kwam, it did j,ot last long but he came; he was not long in coming; ik twijfel niet — *U !• *lek, I do not doubt but alie is Hl.

Offer, o. offering, «acrilice; ten — brengen, to sacrifice (for); als het — vallen van, to fall a victim to; —aar, m. — aarster,v. offerer, sacrificer-, —en, ov. w. to offer up, to sacrifice, to immolirfe; —alt«ar, ofterlngaltar; —ambt, sacriflcer's office; —beest, —dier, victim; —bloed, bloed of the victim;

brood, offering-bread; -bus, — klst,poor

box- —dienst, sacrifice; —feest, sacriflcatory festival; —gebed, offertovy; —geld,— penning, money offered. offering-penny; i>eter-pence, Rome-scot; —gewaad,—kleederen, sacriflcer's clothes, - garments; — kelk. sacrificial cup; —koek,offering-cake;

lam, lamb to be offered. offered lamb;

—anaal, offering meal; —mes, sacerdotal knife ; —plaats,place of sacrifice; —plechtlffheld, ceremony (solemnity) of a sacrifice;

priester, sacrificer; —wet, law of sacri-

fleing; —wichelaar, aruspex-, —wichelarij, aruspicy; —w||n, wine used in sacri-

Offèrande, v. offering, sacrificing.

Officieus, semi-official.

Officier, m. officer ; onder —, a warrant officer, a non-commissioned officer; *ee—, naval officer; - van gewondheid, army(military) surgeon; - van Justitie, public prosecutor; counsel for the prosecution; bU de genie, engineering officer -, — nn den «taf, stafi-officer; —■ degen, officer s sword ; —ensocletelt, officers' club. Ofschoon, vm. though, although.

Oir, m. heir, issue, offspring. ojief, o. ogee, ogive.

Oker, v. ochre. _ .

Okker noot, v. walnut; —noteboom, wai-


Oksel, m. arm-pit, axil(la).

Okshoofd, o. hogshead.

Oleander, m. oleander, rose-bay.

Olie, v. oil; er is geen - meer In de lamp 'lig.), all our money is gone; ne (she) is dying; her (his) strength is wasting away; het was - In het voor, it was adding fuel to the fiame; - throwing oil into the ft re ; — en azijnstel, cruet-stand; helllge —, chrism ; —bak, oll-trough; —blok, . oil-block ; —dom, very stupid ; —droesem,

oil-lees; —flesch, oil-bottle, oil-cruet; — handel, oil-trade; —kan, oil-can ; —koek, rape-seed cake ; —koop, oil-man, quack; —kruik, oiljar; —molen, ollmill; —Pers« oil-press; —|»ot, oil-pot-, —renk, smell of oil; —slager, oil-maker, oil miller; —slagerij, oii-manufactory; —steen, hone; — ton, —vat. oil-cask; —verkooper, oil-man; —verf, oil-colour, -paint ; —vlek, spot of oil, oil stain ; —winkel, oil-shop; oil-seed ; —«acht, soft as oil; — achtig, bv. oily, oleaginous; —achtigheld. v. oiliness.

Oliën, ov. w. to oil.

Oliesel, o. unction ; laatste —, extreme unction ; het laatste — toedienen, to ad-

minister extreme (supreme) unction (to a

Olifant, m. elephant; —achtig, bv. elepliantine, elephant-like ; *U *U" vrienden ala —en, they are as thick as peas in a shell; —sdriiver, elephant-driver; —shuld, elephant 's skin; —sjacht, elephaut-lionting; —papier, elepliant-paper; —ssnult, elephant's trunk, - proboscis; —stand, ele- | pliant's tooth ; ivory ; —szadel, howdah. Oligar chle, v. oligarchy ; — cliisch, bv. oligarch ical. ,, .

Olijf, m. olive (tree); —, v. olive; — berg, Mount of olives; —boom, olive (-tree); — kleur, olive-colour; —kleurig, olive-coloured ; —krans, olive-wreath; —olie, oil or olives ; —tak, olive-branch.

Olijven, ov. w. to give an olive colour. Olfjven oogst, m. olive-season; —per»,

olive-press. , . „

Olim, m. In de dagen van —, in days of yore. Olui, m. —boom, elm, elm-tree, witch (wytcn) hazel; —bosch, elingrove ; —tak, branch of an elm. „ . .

Om, vz. to, in order to, for; on account ot, because of; about, near, round, around; at; de wind Is —, the wind has turned (shifted, veered) ; een veeg — de «oren, a box on the ear ;wedden — een tientje, to bet a sovereign ; zich bekommeren niets, to care for nothing-, — O u., at slx (o'clock); eene rel. - de wereld, a voyage round the world j - fcod . wil, for God', sake; for love ; de t||d I. time is up — Kerstmis, about Cliristmas (Xmas);

— den dokter zenden, to send for the doctor; — dien t||«l, about that time-, — dien hoek, round about that corner ; oog

— oog, en tand — tand, eye foreye.and tooth tor tooth -. beurt — beurt, turn and turn about; water — te drinken,

for drinking; — en b|), almost, about; — het uur, every hour; — Jen anderen dag. every other day; —, bw. expired, P"*; turned, changed; — en —, round about, alternately, by turns; — . .. heen, round about. , ,

O makkeren, ov. w. to plough up. Omarbeiden, ov. w. to turn up, t.) digj to remould, to remodel.