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Omparelen, ov. w. to pearl, to set with | pearls.

O inperken, ov. w. to hedge (to fence) in.

Omplakken, ov. w. to paste about, - round.

O inplant en, ov. w. to plant about, - round; to transplant; — ing, t. planting about, • round; transplantation.

Omploeg en, or. w. to plough; -Ing, ▼. plough ing.

Ontploffen, on. w. to fall (to bounce) down.

Ompraten, ov. w. to talk into another opinion, to persuade, to prevail upon.

Omrakeu, on. w. to get down.

Omranunelen, Ooirammen, ov. w. to batter down.

Omranden, ov. w. to border, to edge.

Omrasteren, ov. w. to pale (to fence) ln, to rail in.

Ontrafelen, on. w. to go about with a rattle.

Omreikeu, ov. w. to liand (to reach) about.

Omreis, v. turn, tour, roundabout way, circuit.

Omreis en, ov. & on. w. to travel round, about; to circumnavlgate; to go about;—er, m. traveller, circumnavigator; —ing, v. travelling about, circumnavigation.

Ontrennen, ov. w. to run down; on. w. to run about.

Omr(|den, ov. w. to ride down; on. w. to

ride about.

Omring en, ov. w. to surround, to environ, to encircle; —ing. v. surrounding.

Omrit, m. ride, riding about.

Omroelen, on. w. to row about.

Omroep en, ov. w. to cry about, to proclaim, to publish; —er, m. crier; —ing, v. crying about, publication.

Omroep eu, ov. w. to stir (up); —ing, v. stirring (up).

Omroeren, ov. w. to stir (the broth, porridge etc.).

Omrollen, ov. w. to roll about, to turn; on. w. to roll dow»n; to turn, to volve about.

Omrukken, ov. w. to pull (to snatch) down; on. w. to march about.

Omschaduw en, ov. w. to overshadow, to shade; to adumbrate; —ing, v. overshadowing; adumbration.

Ouischaus ei», ov. w. to intrench, to fortify; — ing, v. circumvallatlon.

Ontschenken, on. w. to flll glasses round.

Omschepp en, ov. w. to new-model, to transtorm, to regenerate; —ing, v. transformation, regeneration.

Omschieten, ov. w. to shoot down, to shift, to veer round.

Omschenen, ov. w. to shine about.

Omschikken, on. w. to move (to draw) back, to make room.

Omschommelen, ov. w. to stir about, to shake about.

Omschoppen, ov. w. to kick down.

Omschreeuweu, ov. & on. w. to cry about.

Omschrift, o. inscription, legend, posy, exergue.

Omschr(|v eu, ov. w. to write about, to circutnscribe, to periphrase, to detail, to parti-

cularize; —Ing, r. oircumscription,periphrase, circumlocution.

Omschudden, or. w. to shake (to stir)about, to huddle together.

Omarhuiven, or. w. to shore otherwtae, • down, on. w. zie Omschikken.

Omscliuren, or. w. to scour.

Omsingel en, or. w. to surround, to environ, to invest; —ing, r. surrounding, blocking up.

Omsjorren, or. w. to bind (to tie) about with ropes or cables.

Omslaan, or. w. to knock down, to over» throw, to clinch, to riret, to turn up, • over (een zeil); to set over, to put (to throw) on, to put about, to proclaim by drum-beat* ing, to make a repartition of taxes; on. w. to fall down, to upset, to be overeet, to capsize, to turn, to changs; de wind sloeg om, ths wind veered round; de boot sloeg om, th« boat turned turtle, was upset, capaized; een hoek —, to turn round the corner; rechts —, to turn to the right; een blad —, to turn over a page; een kaart —, to turn up a card; een mantel —, to put on a cloak| het weer slaat om, the weather ischang* ing; er in —, to strike at haphazard (at random); de kosten —, to have the expen* ses (costs) paid in equal parts (individually).

Omslachtig, br. troublesome, prolix, detail* ed, tedious; —held, r. troublesomeness, prolixity.

Omslag, m. turning ; trouble, encumbrance, ceremony; assessment, repartition; hoofdel(jk« —, poll-tax; —, o. cover, wrapper, envelope, case, hem. border, facing (of a coat, a drens)< —doek, m. shawl; veel — maken, to be ceremonious; maak geen —, use no ceremony; al die — was on* noodig geweest, all those formalities had been unnecessary; het — van een bock, the cover of a book; zonder — gaf h|) aan onzen wensch gehoor, without any further to do he comp'ied with our wishj de — bedraagt tien pond sterling, thl assessment amounts to £ 10.

Omsleepen, Omsleuren, ov. w. to overset in dragging, to drag about.

Omslinger en, ov. w. to swing (to wind) about, to environ, to encompass, to encirclei on. w. to be overset, to lie about; —ing, r. Hwinging about, lylng about.

Omsluieren, or. w. to veil, to cover, to hide.

Omsluiten, ov. w. to enclose, to surround,

to invest.

Oiitsiiinkken, ov. w. to throw down, to over» turn, to smash down; on. w. to fall down.

Omsmelten, ov. w. to melt again, to refound, to remould, to reform.

OmsmUteii, ov. w. to throw down, to over* turn, to overset, to throw on, to turn, to shift, to set over.

Ontsnijden, ov. w. to cut and serve (at table).

Omsnorreii, ov. w. to whirl round, - about, on. w. to hum about.

Oiusnutrelen, on. w. to search about, topry.