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Onbeschut, bv. unprotected.

OnheseflTelUk. bv. inconceivable.incomprebensible ; —held, ▼. inconceivableness, incomprehensibility.

Onbeslagen, bv. unsbod, untagged; unmixed, not made to batter, unprepared; — ten U* komen, to be unprepared (badly equipped) for a task. , ,

Onbeslist, bv. undecided, undetermined; een — e strtJd (spel),a drawn battle (game); — bl(Jven, to end in a draw.

Onbesloten, bv. unwalled; unconcluded; indecisive, wavering.

Onbesmet, bv. unstained; uninfected, tindefied ; — tel|Jk, bv. not contagious, uninfectious.

Onbesneden, bv. uncircumcised; —held, v. uncircumcision.

Onbesnoeitl, bv. not lopped, - pruned; unclipped; rude.

Onbespeiird, bv. undiscovered.

Onbespied, bv. unespied, unepied.

Onbespraakt, bv. ineloqueut; —held, v. want of eloquence.

Onbesproeld, bv. unwatered.

Onbesproken, bv. blameless; unbespoken, unengaged (a seat);een— gedrag, a blanteless conduct; een — leven, an exemplary (a blameless) life; Iets — laten, to give a thing a wide berth; to pass it over; —held, V. blamelessness.

Onbesprongen, bv. unattacked.

Onbestaanbaar, bv. inconsistent, incompatible; —held, v. inconsistence, lnconsistenoy; incompatibility.

Oubesteed, bv. unspent; unplaced.

Onbestel haar, bv. undeliverable;—bare brieven, dead letters; ardeeling voor — bare brieven, dead-letter-office.

Onbesteld, bv. not ordered.

Onbestemd, bv. unflxed, unappointed; vague.

Onbestendig, bv. & bw. uustable (-bly), iuconstant (-ly), unsettled (weather); —lieid, unstability, inconstance.

Onbestorven, bv. freslt (meat), undried tgrass); — weduwe, grass-widow; — weduwnaar, grass-widower.

Onbestraat, bv. unpaved.

OnbestraftelUk, bv. blameless. irreprebensible; —held, v. blamelessness, irreprehensibility.

Onbestraft, bv. not reproved, unpunished.

Onbestreden, bv. unopposed, easy.undiaputed.

Onbestreken, bv. not plastered.

Onbestrooid, bv. unstrewn.

Onbestnur baar, bv. ungovernable, unmanageable, unruly (boys, people); not dirigible (balloon); — d, bv. ungoverned, unmanaged, unruled.

Onbesuisd, bv. & bw. rash (-ly), foolhardy (ily), liair-brained (-ly), liot-headed; —held, v. rashness, foolliardiness.

Onbetaal baar, bv. not due, not to be paid, unpayable; invaluable. priceless, capital (fun), excellent, flrst-rate; — d, bv. unpaid, not paid for, outstanding (accounts).

OnbetamelUk, bv. « bw. unbecoming (-ly), unbeseeming (-ly), undue (-uly), indecent (-ly); —held, v. unbecomiugness, unbeieeraingness, indecency.

Onbetemd, bv. untamed, bridleless. Onbeteugeld, bv. unrestrained, unbridled. Onbeteuterd, bv. & bw. resolute (-ly), un* daunted (ly); —held, v. resoluteness, un* dauntedness.

Onbetlcht, bv. unaccused, unimpeached.

iibetimmerd, bv. not built upon, free. Onbetoogbaar, bv. indemonstrable; —held,

v. indemonstrableness.

Onbetoogd, bv. undemonstrated.

Oiibetooni baar, bv. untamable, not to bd

bridled ; —d, bv. unbridled.

Onbetoond, bv. not sbown, unsbown. Oubetooverd, bv. unenchanted. Onbetreden, bv. untroddeu.

Onbetreurd, bv. unlamented, unwept. Onbetrokken, bv. unclouded, clear; not

drawn upon.

Onbetuigd, bv. unattested; zich niet — laten, not to remain inactive, - a passivt looker-on; to take an active share in a thing; to make one's presence feit; (at dinner) to partake freely of it.

Onbetwist, bv. undisputed, unconéested,rightful.

Onbetwistbaar, bv. & bw. indisputable (-bly);

—held. v. indisputableness. Onbevaarbaar, bv. unnavigable; —lieid, V.

being unnavigable.

Onbevallig, bv. & bw. ungracefnl (-ly), inele* gant (-ly); —lieid, v. ttngracefulness, inelegancy.

Onbevaren, bv. unexplored (seas); unexperienced (sailors); — matroos, fresh-water Jack.

Onbevatteltyk, bv. incomprehensive, stupid; incompreliensible; —held, v. incompreliensiveness, incomprebensibleness. Onbevestigd, bv. unconftrmed, not installed. Onbevlekt, bv. spotless, unstained, pure,immaculate (conception,ontvangenis); — held, ,v. spotlessness, purity, immaoulateness. On bevochtigd, bv. unmoistened. Onbevoegd, bv. incompetent; —held, v. incompetente.

Onbevolen, bv. uncommanded, of one's own iree will.

Onbevolkt, bv. unpeopled, unpopulated, un* inhabited.

Onbevooroordeeld, bv. unprejudiced, unblassed.

Onbevoorrecht, bv. unprivileged. Onbevrncht, bv. unchartered, not freighted. Onbevredigd, bv. unsatlsfied, unappeased. Onbevreesd, bv. & bw. fearless (-ly), undaunted (-ly); —held, v. l'earlessness, undauntedness.

Onbevriesbaar, bv. not liable to be frozsn,


Onbevroren, bv. unfrozen.

Onbevrucht, bv. unimpregnated.not pregnant. Onbewaakt, bv. not watched, unguarded;