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In een — oogenbllk, in an unguarded moment.

Onbewnnrd, bv. not kept, unpreserved. Onbewnarheid, bv. not verified. Onbewnndeld, bv. untrodden.not frequented,

not walked «pon.

O ia beweegbaar, bv. immovable; —held,


Onbeweeglijk. bv. motionless, Immovable, unmerciful, severe-, —held, v. Immobility, immovableness, inflexibility, unmercifulness, severity.

Onbewerkt, bv. unwrought.

Onbewezen, bv. unproved, unproven (rechtsterm).

Onbewijsbaar, bv. not provable, not to be proved; —held, v. impossibility of being proved.

Onbewllligd. bv. ungranted.

Onbewimpeld, bv. undisguised, plain; —, bw. plainly.

Onbewogen, bv. unmoved, unruffled, impas-

sive, caltn.

Onbewolkt, bv. unclouded, serene. Onbewoonbaar, bv. uninhabitable; —held,

v. uninhabitableness.

Onbewoond, bv. uninhabited, desolate. Onbewust, bv. (van) unacquainted witli, unconscious -, unaware ignorant of; —held, v. unconsciousness, ignorance.

Onbesaald, bv. unsown.

Onbezadigd, bv. & bw. inconsiderate (-ly), heedless (-ly); —held, v. inconsiderateness, heedlessness.

Onbezeerd. bv. unhurt, uninjured. Onbezegeld, bv. unsea-led.

Onbezet, bv. not occupied, vacant .unguarded,


Onbezield, bv. Inanimate, llfeless.

Onbezien, bv. unseen, not examined. Onbezocht, bv. unfrequented, untempted. Onbezoedeld, bv. unouliied, undefiled. Onbezoldigd, bv. receiving no pay, unpaid for; een — ambt, an honorary office; een — ambtenaar, an unpaid (a special) officer or functionary.

Onbezonnen, bv. & bw. inconsiderate (-ly);

—held, v. inconsiderateness.

Onbezorgd, bv. & bw. careless (-ly). reckless (-ly), easy (-ily); — held, v. carelessness, recklessness.

Onbezwaard, bv. unencumbered, unmortgaged (property — eigendommen), unburdened, untaxed, undutiable, not subject to duty, pure, ciear; —held, v. being unencumbered.

Onbezwalkt, bv. unblemished. Onbezweken, bv. unshaken, undiminislied. Onbillijk, bv. unequitable, unreasonable, unfair; —held, v. unreasonabieness, unfairness. Onbloedig, bv. unbloody, peaceful. Onblusclibaar, bv. unquenchable; —held,

v. unquencliableness.

Onboetvaardig, bv. & bw. impenitent (-ly), unrepenting («ly); —held, v. impenitence, tinrepentance.

Onbreekbaar, bv. not to be broken, infrangible, indissoluble; —held, v. infrangibiiity, indissolubility.

Onbruik, o. disuse; In — geraken, to fall (to come) into disuse; In — zijn, to be out of practice; to be disused, antiquated. Onbruikbaar, bv. unflt for use, useless, impracticable; —held, v. uselessness, impracticability.

Onbuigzaam, bv. unbending. unpliant, inflexible, obstinate; —lieid, v. unpiiantness, inflexibility, obstinacy.

Once, v. ounce.

Onchristelijk, bv. & bw. uncliristian (-ly), uncbaritabie (-bly), bw. contrai-y to the principles of ciiristianity; — held, v. uncliristianness.

Onehristen, m. infidel, not-christian. Onctfnsbaar, bv. not tributary.

Ontlaad, v. misdeed, crime.

Ondank, m. ingratitude, displeasure; — is *s werelds loon, the world pays with ingratitude ; — b(j Iemand behalen, to disoblige a. o.; s|)us —*s, in spite ot' liim. Ondankbaar, bv. & bw. ungrateful (-ly), thankless; disagreeable; —held, v. ingratitude.

Ondanks, bw. notwithstanding, in spite of. Ondeel, o. atom.

Ondeelachtlg, bv. not partaking of. Ondeelbaar, bv. Indivisible; —lield, v. in-


Ondegeiyk, bv. superficial, unsubstantial, unsoiid, dishonest, unfair; —held, v. superficiainess, dislionesty, unfairness. Ondenkbaar, bv. unimaginable; —held, v.


Onder, vz. under, among, down, during, at, with, upon; — elkander, pell-mell; — zeil, under weigh (sail); — zeil gaan. to set sail;

— de baud, in the mean-time; meanwhile;

— vier oogen, in private; between ourselves; — de regeering van Koning Willem III, in the reign of King William the Third; — de preek, during the sermon;

— Trienden, among friends; — weg, on the way; under way; — aan de bladzijde, at the foot (at the botlom) of the page; iets

— handen hebben, to have a thing in hand; — eede beloven, to promise on oath;

— een glas w(jii, over a glass of wine; — die voorwaarde, on that condition; — den blooten hemel, in the open air; — mijn bereik, within my reach; — den schijn van, under the show of; — woorden brengen, to express in words; de zon Is —, the sun is 6et; ten — brengen, to subdue, to subjugate; — m(j, in my keeping;

— ons, between ourselves; van —en. from beneath, from the bottom; van — de tafel, from under the table ; naar —en, down; — anderen, amongst other things.

Onderaau, bw. below, at the foot of. Onderaardsch, bv. subterranean, subterrane-

ous, underground, infernal. Onderadjudant, m. orderly-sergeant.