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Ongel. v. suet, tallow ; —kaar*, v. tallow-

Oi*geiaakt. bv. unblamed. uncensured. Ongelaarsd, bv. unbooted.

Ongelnchtlg, bv. suety; — heid.v. suetiness. Ongeloden, bv. unloaded, empty.

Ongelakt, bv. unsealed.

Ongelnpt, bv. unpatched, not mended. Ougclaiclil, bv. without joints, • scarfs. Ongeinst, bv. uncommanded.

Ou gelauwerd, bv. unlaurelled, not laureated. Ongeldeu, o. mv. charge», expenses.

Ongeldig, bv. not valld, void, null and voIU;

—beid, v, invalidity.

Oiigeledigd, bv. not emptied.

Ongeleerd, bv. unleamed, ilKterate.uiiiettered, unschooled; —e, m. & v. unleamed. (IIliterate) person; —held, v.wantofleaming, illlteiateness; ignorance.

Ongelegen, bv. Inconvenient, unseasonable ; te —er l(|d, at an unseasonable hour (time); dat U oui nu ieer —, that is very inconvenient to usnow ; — held, v. inconvenienco; lu —held geraken, to get embarrassed, in a scrape, in difficulties; geldelijke — heden, pecuniary difficulties.

Ongeletterd, bv. illiterate, notmarked'.linen); —e, m. & v. illiterate person; —held, v. illiterateness. , , ,

Ongeleverd, bv. undelivered, unfurnislied. Ongelezen, bv. unread.

Ongeliefd, bv. not loved, unbeloved.

OngelUk, o. wronff, error; — doen.to wrong ca. o); — hebben, to be (In the) wrong ; — Keven, to blame; —, bv. & bw. unequal J-lv), uneven (-ly); —eltfk, bw. unequally ; i —held, v. unequality, unevenness, disparity, difference. ..

Ongelijkmatig, bv. & bw. disproportionable (-bly), disproportional (-ly); incommensurate; —held, v. disproporfcionateness.disproportion. Oiigel||knainig. bv. not liomologous; —heid,

v. not being liomologous.

Ongelijkslachtig, bv. heterogeneous; —heid,

v. heterogeneousness.

Ongelijksoortig, bv. disslmilar, heterogeneous, of different kinds; —heid, v. dissimiIsnity, heterogeneouf»ness.

Ougeiyktydig, bv. not simultaneous; bw. at different times ; —heid, v. not being simultaneous.

OiiuelilkTormig. bv. not uniform, uncomformable,disslmilar; —heid, v. dissimilarity, dissimilitude.

Ongeiykzydlg, bv. with unequal sides;

scalene (triangle).

OiigelHnid, bv. not glued.

(Ingelijst, bv. unframed.

Ongelikt, bv. unlicked, rude, unmaunered. Ongelinleerd, bv. not ruled.

Ongelogen, bv. not lied, true ; —, bw. truly, in truth.

Ongeloof, o. unbelief, disbelief, Infidelity, uiiortliodoxy (■— onrechtzinnigheid), scepti-

Ongeioof baar, Ongeloofeiyk, bv. & bw.

incredible (-bly), past all belief, sceptical; — held, v. incredibillty. . „ .

Ongeloofwaardig, bv. not deserving belief,

* . , .

Ongeloogd, bv. unbucked.

Ongeloold, bv. untanned.

Onaeloovig. bv. iucredulous, unbelieving; —, bw. incredulously; —e. m. & v. incredulous person, unbeliever, infidel (Mahometan); — heid, v. iucredulousness, Incredulity.unbeuer, Ongelost. bv. undischarged.

Ongelouterd, bv. not reftned, not purined. Ongeluk, o. inisfortune, accident, ill-luck, bad luck, adverse fortune, frowns of fortune, unhappiness; een — krUgen, to meet with an accident (a inisfortune); by —, by accident; een — komt uoolt alleen, mis» fortunes never come singly (single), it never rains but it pours; er U altyd een geluk bi) een —, it is an ill wind that blows nobody auy good; by —, xie Ongelukkig, l,w<. __sbode, messenger (carrier) ot bad news; —«kind, unlucky persou;—«profeet, croaker, foroteller of misiortunes; — svogel, trouble-peace, bird of ill omen.

Ongelukkig, bv. & bw. unhapry (-ily), unfortunate (-ly), unlucky (-Ily), out of luck. luckless, hapless, down on one's luck, ill-fatea, i ill-starred, bom with a wooden ladle in one's mouth; —held, v. unfortunateness, unlucki-

Ongeiukzalig, bv. wretched, miserable; —

lieid, v. wretchedness.

4»iigemnnid, bv. unmown.

Ongemaakt, bv. uumade, unaffected, artless, natural; —heid, v. unaffectedness, artlessness, naturalness.

Ongeinachtigd, l>v. unautliorized.

Ongemak, o. inconvenience, hardship, trouule,

accident, complaint.

Ongemak keiyk, bv. & bw. uneasy (.ily).difficult (-ly), uncomfortable (-bly), troublesome, peevlsb, cross; h(| heeft er - van gehad, he lias had a sound thrashing (drubbing); hil drinkt —, he drinks deep; — liegen, to He impudently, to He llke aconjurer (Hke a trooper); —held, v. uneasiness, difficulty, uncomfortableness, troublesomeness. Ongemalen. bv. not ground, unground. Ongeniangeld, bv. not calendered. Oiitreniniiivrd, bv. & bw. unmaunered, unmannerly, rude, unclvil; —held, v. unniaunerliness, lnclvllity, rullenen. Ongemarinerd, bv. unmarbled. Ongemaskerd, bv. unmasked.

Ongematigd, bv. intemperate; —heid, v.

intemperance, immoderateness.

Oiigeineeii, bv. uncommon, exiraordinary; —, bw. uncommouly, exceedingly, greatly; — heid, v. uncommonness, rarity. Ongemeend, bv. not meant. Ongemeenzaam, bv. not iamiliar, unfammar. Ongeiueld, bv. unmentioned.

Ongemengd, bv. unmixed.

Ongemerkt, bv. unmarked, unstamped, unobserved, gradually.