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OukrsnkbMPi bv. not to b® rumpled, in»

alterable; -held. ▼. unalterabteness. Onkruid, o. weeds; — vergaat niet, lil

weeds grow apace.

Onkuisch, bv. & bw. unchaste (-ly), immodest

(•ly); —beid, v. unchastity.

Onkunde, v. ignorance; uit zuivere —,

trom sheer ignorance.

Onkundig, bv. ignorant (of), unskilful (in);

—lieid, v. ignorance. unskilfulness. Onkwetsbaar, bv. invulnerable; —held, v.

invulnerableness, invulnerability.

Onlangs, bw. lately, the other day.

Onledig, bv. busy.occupied; zich — houden met, to be occupied with (engaged in), to be busy; —held, v. occupation, activity. Onleerzaam, bv. indocile; —held, v. indocility. ... ,,, ,

Onleesbaar, bv. illegible; —held, v. illegibility.

Onleschhaar, bv. unquenchable. Ouleverbaar, bv. unflt to be delivered, un-

merchantable, not of good delivery. Onlichameiyk, bv. incorporeal, incorporal;

—beid, v. incorporeity, incorporality. Onlief, bv. displeasing, disagreeable. Onliefeiyk, bv. & bw. unpleasant (-ly), disagreeable (-bly); —held, v. unpleasantness, disagreeableness.

OulHdeiyk, bv. insufferable, intolerable; —

held, v. insufferableness, intolerableness. Oniydzaam, bv. & bw. impatient (-ly); —

beid, v. impatience.

Oulotfeiyk, 4bv. & bw. unpraiseworthy (-ly), inglorious (-ly);— held,v.unpraiseworthiness. Oiiloocheubaar, bv. undeniable ; —beid, v.


Oulosbaar, bv. unredeemable.

Onlust, m. disiike, antipathy, aversion, disgust, sullennesa ; —en, mv. tronbles, distur» bauce; — ig, bv. uncheerful, sullen, dull; —igbeid, v. uncheerfulness, sullenness. Oiiiuaatschappeiyk, bv. unsocial. Onmacht, v. impotence, inability, weakness; swoon, fainting-fit; In — vallen, to swoon, to fall into a swoon, to have a 1'ainting-fit, to faint away; — Ig, bv. impotent, unable. Onmnuieriyk, bv. & bw. indecent (-ly), unmannerly; —held, v. indecency, unmannerliness.

Onmatig, bv. & bw. intemperate (-ly), immoderate (-ly), (to eat, to drink) to excess; —beid, v. intemperance, immoderateness, O n mededeel baar, bv. incommunicable; —

lieid. v. incommunicableuess. O n mededeelzaam, bv. incommunicative, uncharitable, selflsh; —held, v. incommunicatireness, uncharitabieness.

Oiimedeiydeud, bv. incompassionate. Onnieedowgend, bv. & bw. unmerciful (-ly), pitiless (-ly) j —beid, v. unmercifulness, pitiless ness.

Onmeetbaar, bv. immeasurable, incommensurable; —beid, v. immeasurableness, incommensurability.

Ouuieugbaar, bv. immiscible.

Ouinensch, o. monster.

Onmenseheiyk, bv. & bw. inhuman (-ly), barbarous (-ly); —held, v. inhumanity, barbarousness.

Onmerkbaar, bv. & bw. imperceptible (-bly);

—held. v. imperceptibility.

Onmetelijk, bv. & bw. iinmensurable (-bly); immense (-ly); —held, v. immensurability, immensity.

Onmiddeltyk, bv. & bw. immediate (-ly), out of hand, at a moment's notice; —held, v. immediacy, immediateness.

Onmin, v. disunion, disagreement; In —, on unfriendly terms, at variance, at odds; — krijgen, to fall out.

Onminiyk, bv. unamiable, unfriendly; —

held, v. unainiableness, unfrieudliness. Onmisbaar, bv. indispensable; —held, V,


Onmiskenbaar, bv. & bw. undeniable (-bly),

palpable (-bly); —held, v. undeniableness. OuuiogelUk, bv. & bw. impossible (-bly); Ik kou — komen, I could not possibly come, it was impossible lor me to come; —held, v. imposuibility.

Onmondig, bv. minor, under age; —e, m.«

v. minor; —held, v. minority, nonage. Onnadeelig, bv. not prejudicial, harmiess, innoxious.

Onnadenkend, bv. thoughtless, bair-bramed;

—held, v. thoughtlessne.ss.

Ouuaspeuriyk, bv. unseavchable, inscrutabld; —beid, v, unsearchableness, inscrutabllr ity.

Onnatuurlijk, br. & bw. unnatural (-lr) forced, coustrained; —beid, v. unnaturainess, artificiality.

Onnauwkeurig, bv. & bw. inaccurate (-ly);

—beid. v. inaccuracy.

Onnavolgbaar, bv. & bw. inimitable (-bly);

—beid, v. inimitability.

Onneembaar, bv. unconquerable, impregnabie; —beid, v. uncouquerableness, impregnability.

Ounoeniiyk, bv. & bw. inexpressible (-bly),

unutterable (-bly), innumerable (-bly). Onnoodlg, bv. & bw. unnecessary (-ly), needless (-lyj; —held, v. unnecessariness, needlessness.

Ounooiel, bv. innocent, inoffensive, h arm lest, silly, siniple, trifHng, frivolous, insipid, poor, mere, nothing but; —, bw. innocently, inoffensively, sillity; de moord der —e kinderen, the massacre of the Innocents; een —e Jongen, a silly boy, asiinpleton, a green-horn; by ziet er — uit, he iooks as if butter would not melt in hls mouth, - as if he could not say " bo" to a goose ; —beid, v. innocence, inoffensiveness, harmlessness, silliness, l'rivolousness, insipidity.

Onnut, bv. useless, needless; —beid, v. uselessness, needlessness; —teiyk, bw. uselessly; —tig, 3V. useless.

Ououigekocht, bv. unbribed. Onomkoopbaar, bv. incorruptible; —held, v. iucorruptibility.