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Ontvleesd, bv. lean, lank. emaclated. Ontvleezen, ov. w. to piek the flesh off. Ontvielen, or. w. to obtain from (a, o.) by

Ontvlied en. 0». w. to.Tade to mpl

(from), to take wing, to flee from; — Ing, V. evasion, escape. \

Ontvliegen, on. w. to fly away (from). Ontvlieten, Ontvloeien, on. w. to flow

OntïïuchTen, on. w. to fly from to «Mapa (from), to flee fiom; —Ing, r. fllght, eeoap». Ontvoer der, m. ra»ltlier, raptor, abductor. kidnapper; -en, ov. w to carry off to carry away (from). to ravisli, to kidnap (— chlld stealing); —Ing, v. carryiog off, abduction.

Ontvolk en, or. w. to dispeople, to unpeople,

to depopulate; -Ing. r depopulatloD Ontvolkt, bv. unpeopled, deserted, depopulated.

Ontvonk en, ov. w. to kindie, to exclte; on.

w. to be inttamed; — Ing.v.kiudling.exciting. Ontvouw en, ov. w. to uufold, to display, to explain; —Ing, v. unfolding, display, expla-

Ontvreemd en, ov. w. to steal —, to» pMj" -, to einbezzle (from); —l«»g, v. theft, erabezzlement. , _

Outwak en, on. w. to (get) awake; doen—, to awake; -en, O. —Ing, Y. awakenlng, revival.

Ontwallen, ov. w. to dismantie.

Ontwapen en, ov. w. to disarin, to appease;

—Ing, v. disarming.

Ontwaren, ov. w. to percelve, to discover, to descry. •

Ontwarr en, ov. w. to disentangle, to unravel;

—Ing, v. disentangling.

Ontwassen, on. w. to outgrow.

Ontweien, ov. w. to unbowel, to disembowei, to eviscerate (een haas); to draw, to hulk. Ontweldig en, ov. w. to wrest -, to force •, to extort (froin); —er, m. wrester, extorter; —Ing, v. wresting, extortion.

Ontwen» en, ov. v. to disuse, to disaccustom, to break of, to wean from; —Ing, v.

disuse, disusage. . .

Outwerp, o. project, plan, draught, scheme; — van wet, bill; —en, ov. w. to project, to plan, to sclieme; —er, m. projector. Ontwijd en, ov. w. to profaue, to desecrate, to degrade; —er, m. profaner, desecrator, violater; —Ing. v. profanation, desecration. Ontwijfelbaar, bv. & bw. doubtless (-ly), indubitable (-bly),unquestionable (-bly); —held, v. doubtlessness, indubitableness.

OntwHk en, ov. w. to avoid, to shun, to escape-, iemand —, to flght ehy of a person; —end, bv. evasive (answer); —Ing, v.avoiding, escape. ..

Ontwikkel en, ov. w. to unwrap, to unfoia, to develop, to display, to explaia; —Ing, v. development, explanation.

Ontwind en, ov. w. to unwind, to unravel, to unfurl; —Ing, v. unwinding, unraveling.

Ontwoekeren, ov. w. to get by usury, to force (from); ontwoekerd aan de baren, reolaimed (wrested) from the wave» (of the sea). „ . .

Ontwoelen, ov. w. to unwrap, to anwind. Outwolkt, bv. cloudless, serene. Ontworstelen, ov. w. to escape (from) by wreetling, to make a narrow escape (from). O ut wortel en, ov. w. to unroot, to uproo* to pull up by the root, to eradicate; —lag* v. unrooting, rooting up, eradication. Outwrlekt en, ov. w. to dislocate; — lng.V.

dislocation. , .

Ontwring en, ov. w. to wrest from.to extor»*

—Ing, v. wresting from, extortion. Ontzadelen, ov. w. to unsaddle.

Ontzag, o. awe, authority, respect,veneranoa*

hebben voor, to respect, to feel respeot

for; iemand — inboezemen, to inspire • person with awe (respect); —wekkend, awful, imposlng. .. ..

Ontzaglijk, bv. A bw. awful (-ly), formidabie (-bly)j —held, v. awfulness, formidabieness. , ,

Ontzegel en, ov. w. to unseal; —Ing, V.

unsealing. .

Ontzegg en, ov. w. to refuse, to deny, lo forbid, to interdict; lemaud *U" eleeh—, to nonsuit a person ; iemand het —, to deny one 's right (to do something); het werblUf I" de stad werd hein ontzegd, he was forbidden to stay in town any Ion ge r; Ik wil het u»U niet -, I will nol pinch myself of it; —Ing, v. refusal, denial,

interdiction. „ . ..

Ontzelleu, ov. w. to outsail, to lail away

from, to escape in saillng.

Ontzenuw en, ov. w. to enervate, to unnerve j to refute (arguments); —Ing, v. enervation. Ontzet, o. relief, delivery, rescue; het — van Leiden, the relief of Leyden ; het — uit v|)ands handen, the rescue from the enemy 's hands.

Ontzett en, ov. w. to relieve, to deliver; to Hprain; to remove, to dismiss; to startie, to perplex -, de stad werd ontzet, the town was relieved; the siege (of the town) was raieed ; *U» beeM wa* ee" weinig ont. zet, his leg was a little strained; h« li ontzet van z|Jn auiht, he was been dismissed from his offlce; Ik wae ontzet (van schrik en*.), I was utartled; I stood perplexed; —end, bv. dreadful (-ly), startlingi —er, m. reliever; —ing, v. relieving, delivery; vemoval, dismissal; amazement; perplexity.

Ontziel d, bv. lifeless, inanimate; —en, ov.

w. to kill, to slay.

Ontzien, ov. w. to respect, to revere;to rear, to shun; to spare, to treat gently; to stand in awe of; h|| «woe* — worden, he must be (dealt with) treated gently -, Iemand — (uit eerbiedige vrees), to stand in awe of; to respect a. o.; h(J *al xich niet — ra te beleedlgeu, he will not scruple to offend you.