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draw-bridge; —gord|Jn, blind; — net,dragnet, purse-nefc. . x , .

Ophaken. ov. w. to hook up, to faaten.

Ophakken, ov. w. to cut open, to hew open (up): (pochen) to awagger, to biag; ophakker#awaggerer, bragger; —U« braggardism, swagger; -ig. awaggeni.fr, h°**"u •

Ophal ei», ov. w. to draw ito pull, to tetcli, to holst) up. to suiff in, to snuff up, to raise, to run up (a wall); to shrug up (one'a ahouldera), to gather, to collect (money), to gain, to atford, to lead up, to produoe, to allege; (prHzen) to praiae, to extol, to rend.totear; het _ (=, beter worden) to recover; a|Jn h«rt —, to enjoy one's self, (aan) to take one's fill of; iemand bü den rug — (Hg ), to «lander a person; kan l»U het — r can he possibly retrieve it? den neu» — voor iet» (zie Nem); iete opnieuw to rip up old sores, to go over old ground again; „en, on. w. (van) to mention, to make mention of, (tegen) to equal, to aurpass; — er, ni. gatherer, collector;—Ing, v. drawing (puiling, hoistiug) up, ah rug, gathering. Ophanden, bv. approaching, (near) at hancl. Ophangen, ov. w. to hang (up), to simpend; on. w. to hang. to be hanging; eene achilderil —, to hang (to put) up a picture-, een ■niadadiger —, to hang a criminal by tüe

Ophnppen, ov. w. to snap up, to snatch up. Opharken, ov. w. to rake together, - anew. Ophaspelen, ov. w. to ree!.

Ophebben, ov. w. to have on, to have eaten; wat —, to be in one'a cups, to be tipsy ; reel — met, to make mach of, to bo lond of, to dote on. ......

Ophef, m. fuss, hubbub, intonation, striking up (of a song); — en drukte, pomp and clrcumstance; — maken van, to boast (to bras) of, to extol, to make a fuss about it. Ophetr en, ov. w. to lift (to take) up, to heave, to raise, (lulde prQxen) to extol s to revoke, to abrogate. to annul;hct beleg —, to raiae the aieire; elkaar —, to nentralize each other; eene wet —, to repeal (to abrogate) a law; de handen —, to lilt up one'a hands; een vennootschap —, to dissolve a partnership; een vonnl* —, to annul a sentence; een beftlaKleigging -. to retake (to take oll*) a seizure; een alt-

tin» , to break up (to close) a aitting (a

aession); de elavernU in de kolonie —, to abolish alavery in the colony; —Ing, v. lifting up, raisiug, taking off, abrogation,

deteasance, neutralization.

I Ophelder en, ov. w. to clear up, to enligliten, to explain, to illustrate, to elucidate; on. w. to clear up; —Ing, v. clearing up, explanation, illustration, elucidation.

Ophelp en, ov. w. to help up, to raise, to assist, to support; —er, m. raiser, supporter. Ophemelen, ov. w. to raise to heaven, to

extol, to cry up (a book, an article etc.). Opliilschen, ov. w. to hoist (up).

Ophite en, ov. w. to set (to egg) on, to mcite,

to provoke; to instigate; -er, m. v. «etter on, egger on, inciter; —mg, v. aetting on, incitement. iustigation.

Ophoog en, ov. w. to heighten, to raiae;

—Ing, v. heightening, raiHlng.

Ophoop en. ov. w. to heap (to hoard) up.

to accumulate; -ing. v. accumulation. Ophooren. on. w. to hearwithaurprise Ophoud en. ov. w. to hold up (one s hand), to keep up, to support, to niaintain one s honour); to stretch out; to keep on (one a hat); to hinder, to atop, to retain, to retard, to detain, to keep iu suspense, to amuse; to conceal, to harbour; to withdraw, to buy In (furniture, a house etc. at an auction); on. w. to cease, to atop, to end, to leave off- zich —, t. w. to remam standing; to 'live, to sojourn, to atay.to lose one a time; (met) to meddle with; ik wil ■uil niet met zulke beuzellngen —. I will have notliing to do with auch tri fles; zich- b|| een onderwerp, to dweil tóo long on (upon) a subject; *onder —, lucessantiy, continualiy, without intermlaaion, without ceasing; —er, m. supporter; detainer; —Ing, v. supportmg ; stoppage, retention, detention; cessation, intermiasion. „ . __

Opinie, v. opinion ; naar mijne —, in my opinion; de publieke —, tlie public opinion ; Mrfl. Qrundy. .... ,,

Opium, o. opium, Kendal black drop,

.chulver, opium-taker.

Ol>ln»en, ov. w. to drive up. - aivny; to dislodge< to rome, to unharbour (astasi; to start (a hare); to spring (a partridge); to bolt out (a rabbit); to mako rise. to swell; to enliance (to raise) the prico ot, to pull (up), oplncer, starter (of gamej. Op kalanderen, ov. w. to calender anew. Opkamer, v. upper-room. .

Opkammen, ov. w. to comb again, - up; to

extol (a person). t .

Opkappen, ov. w. to cut open; to dress (the

Opklemen, on. w. to slioot up, to germinate. Opkijken, on. w. to look uP; vreemd -, to be surprised, to look all wonder, tostare. Opklar en, ov. w. to clear up; to explain; on. w. to clear up (the aky clears up); -ing, v. explanation. . .

Opklauteren, on. w. to cllmb up, to clara-

Opklanwen, ov. w. to rake together, - up. Opkleuren, ov. w. to vevive the colour of, to give a fresli colour to; on. w. to get a fresher colour.

Opkliium en, on. w. to climb up, to mount, to ascend; to be promoted; —ing, v. rise, ascent; graduation; climax; bU —, gradu-

OpttS'0»;: w. to awake b, knocking

at the door, to lcnock up.

Opkluiven, ov. w. to piek clean, to eat up. Opknappen, ov. w. to eat, up; to arrange, , to trim (the garden etc.); to do up (clnldren),