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on.w. to recover, to grow better; het weer zal wel —, I am sure, the weather will look up.

Opknoop en, ov. w. to truss up, to He up; to iiang; — ing, v. trussing up; hanging.

Opkoelen, ov. & on. w. to cool, to refresh, to get cool.

Opkoesteren, ot. w. to cherish, to cocker, to nurue.

Opkok en, ov. w. to boil (up), to boil again; —ing, v. boiling again. ebullition.

Opkomen, on. w. to cotne up, to rise, to urine ; to Bhoot; to appear, to present one 's Bell'; to recover; to thrive, to prosper; de zon (de maan) komt op, the sun (the moon) rises; de wind kwaui op, the wind rose (arose), 1'reshened up; er komt een onweer op, a thünderstorm is gather» ing; de groote acteur kwam op. the great actor appeared (on the stage); zlfne zaken komen op, his business prospers (thrives, is looking up); de reserve komt weer op, the reserves coine under arms again ; tegen let» —, to object to, to take exception to; to set one '* face against a thing ; ket kwam b(| m|) op, it occurred to me (— to my miud); het komt niet b() my op, wat denk Je wel, I think not in the least, I teil you ; doen —, to conjure up (spirits); —d, bv. rising (moon, sun; getieration — geslacht).

Opkomst, v. ri«e; origin; recovery; attendance (at church, at a meeting etc.); de — en het verval van het Rontelnsche Hyk, tiio rise and lall of the Roman Empire; eene geringe —, a small attendance.

Opkooien, ov. w. to cage, to pen (up).

Opkoop, m. forestalment, engrosnment; —en, ov. w. to buy up, to forestall, to engross; —er, m. — ster, v. forestaller, engroaser; —ing, v. forestailing, engrossing.

Opkorten, ov. w. to draw in, to draw close together, to shorten; on. w. to lessen, to decrease, to diniinish, to draw near, to draw to a close (- to an end).

Opkrabben, ov. w. to scratch open, to rip up (open) old sores.

Opkramen, Opkrasten, on. w. to team per off, • away, to skedaddle, to cut one's stick, to make oneself scarce.

OpkrUgen, ov. w. to take (to get) up, to ge» on, to eat up; de leerlingen kregen veel werk op, the pupil» were set great task»; *U hr(|gen met hem op, tiiey take to him, they begin to like hiin.

Opkrimp en, 011. w. to shrinlc (up), to contract; tegen den wind —, to ply to windward, to liaul the wind; —ing, v. contraetion.

Opkroppen, ov. w. to swaliow down, to bolt (one's lood), to smother (one's feelings), to pocket (to bottle) up (one's anger).

Opkruien, ov. w. to carry up (on a wheelbarrow); on. w. to crowd 11 pon one another, to lloat, to drift, zie Opkramen.

Opkruipen, on. w. to creep up.

Opkrullen, ov. w. to curl, to frizzle; on. w. to curl.

Opkweek en, ov. w. to bring up, to nura (up), to rear, to breed, to raise (cattle); — er, m. nurser, nursery-gardener (of flowers), breeder, raiser; —ing, v. nursing (up),rearing, breeding, raising (of cattle).

Opkwikken, ov. w. to refresh, to trim.

Oplaag, v. impression (of a paper, a book); een geheel herziene —, a coinpletely recast (revised) edition; hoe groot is de — ? Iiow many copies are printed ?

Oplad en, ov. w. to load, to lade; —er, m. loader; —ing, v. loading.

Oplangen, ov. w. to reach upwards.

Oplappen, ov. w. to botch, to patch up, to bungie, to vamp up (old plays e.g.).

Oplaten, ov. w. to let stay up; to fly (a kite).

Oplnveeren, on. w. to luff up.

Be,,< on. w. to lay upon, to apply to, to enjoin, to order, to charge with, to impose upon, to inflict upou, to tender (an oath); (eene geldboete) to fine (van, tor), to lay by, - up, lo save, to give more, to unrig (a ■ hip) ; opgelegde vaartuigen, ships in ordinary; — to print, to work (to draw) off; geld —, to lay by (to save) money ; boete —, to enjoin penalty (penance), to fine; straf —, to inflict punishment; het zw(|gen —, to command (impose) silence, to put down; belastingen —, to lay on (to impose) taxes; eene geldboete —, to impose a fine upon a person, to fine (to mulct) a person; 12 O O exemplaren werden opgelegd van dat boek, 1200 copies were printed of that book; geheimhouding —, to enjoin secrecy (on a person), to bind (one) over to secrecy;

f;oederen —, to store up goods;—ging, v. aying upon, application, laying by, • up, imposition, infliction, injunction; —sel, o. edging, iacing, trimming.

Opleid en, ov. w, to lead (up), to bring up, to form, to breed, to train (for a thing); voor een examen —, to prepare for (to coach for) an examination; —ing* v. leading (up), direction, instruction; — iiigsscliip, trainingship; —ingssrhool, training-school, seminary, training-college.

Opletteu, on. w. to be attentive (to), te attend to, to pay attention (to), to take notice (of), to inind, to mark.

Oplettend, bv. & bw. attentive (-ly); —held, v. attentivenesn, attention.

Opletter, m. mindful person, observer.

Opleveren, ov. w. to produce, to yield, to bring in, to deliver; het onderzoek leverde niet* op, the inquiry led to nothing, was of no avail; oplevering, v. delivery; t(Jd van —, term of delivery.

Oplez en, ov. w. to read (aloud), to gather, to glean, to piek up; den tekst —, to give out the text; —er, m. reader, gatherer, gleaner;— Ing.v. reading, gathering, gleaning.

Oplicht en, ov. w. to lift (up), to seize, to carry off, to arrest, to clieat, to gull; on. w. to clear up; den hoed, den sluier —, to raise one's hat, the veil; een balk —, to