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lift up a beam; een misdadiger —, to carry off (to seize, to arrest) a t'ellow; mei» heeft hem opgelicht voor ÏO £, he has been swindled out of £ 10; het begint op te lichten, dawn (day) is breaklng; it la clearing up; —er,m.—iter,f.clieat,Kuiler, sharper, swindler; —ery, v. sharping. swlndling.

Oplikken, ov. w. to lick up, to lap.

Oploeven, on. w. to keep the weather-gage,

to luff up (to the wind).

Oploop, m. riot, tumult; een — veroorzaken. to kick up a row; —en, ov. w. to force, to burst open, to find, to meet witli; on. w. to run up, to rise, to swell, to chafe, to increase, to run up (to); straf —,toincur punishment; eene ziekte —. to contract a disease; geld —, to raise the wind, to (jet money; eene rekening laten —■, to run up a bill; zyne hand liep op, lus hand Bwelled; oin half een *s nachts kwam hy nog —, as late as half past inidnight he dropped in upon me (he caine round); de pryzen zijii opgeloopeu, the prices have been looking up (improvimr).

Oploopend, bv. & bw. increasing, passionate (-ly), touchy (-ily); een — karakter, a rash temper; —lieid, v. passion, passionateness, touchiness.

Oplosbaar, bv. resolvable, soluble, dissoiuble;

held, v. resolvability, dissolubility, dissol-

ubleness. . „ ,, ...

Oplos» en, ov. w. to dissolve (in a liquid); to unriddle, to solve (a problem, a difficulty); to explain, to clear; — ing. v. dlssolution; solution (of a sun); explanation (of a passage, an expression etc.).

Opluik en, ov. w. to open; on. w. to open,

torevive; —Ing, v. opening; revival. Opluister en, on. w. to illustrate, to give a lustre to, to grace, to illuminate; —Ing, v. illuslration, grace.

Opmak en, ov. w. to open; to make out; to strike up, to draw up (a report, a balance); to make (a bed), to prepare, to arrange; to infer from, to conclude from (one's words); to trim (a hat, or bonnet); to spend, to dissipate (one's inoney); een inventaria —, to take stock of everything; to draw up an inventory; alles — wat men bezit, to cqnander everything; to run through one's fortune; to outrun the constable; zich —, t. w. to get one's self ready; to prepare for, (naar) to set out for; —er, m. spendfchrift; —ing. v. opening; making out, drawing up; preparing, arranging.

Opmerk elyk, bv. & bw. remarkable (-bly); —en, ov. w. to remark; toobserve.to mark, to notice; —end, bv. zie Opmerkzaam; —enswaardig. bv. zie öpmerkeiyk; —er, m. —«ter, v. ob*arver; —ing, v. observation. Opmerkzaam, bv. & bw. attentive l-ly); —~

beid. v. attentiveuess, attention.

Opmot en, ov. w. to measure, to survey; —er, m. measurer, surveyor-, —ing, ▼. measurin-*, measurement, surveyiug.

Opmetselen, ov. w. to build, to wall up.

Opmonteren, ov. w. to cheer up.

Opnaai en, ov. w. to stitch up, to tuck; —■el, o. tuck.

Opuem en. ov. w. to take up; to break open; to unp*ve; to wipe off; to examine, to survey, to audit; to take up, to borrow, to raise; to take (well, 111); to gather, to collect (votes); to receive, to admit; een artikel —, to place (to take) an artlcle-, geld —, to borrow (to raise, to take up) money; eene advertentie —, to insert an advertisement; reizigers —, to piek up travell^r»; water —, to absorb water; alles gemakkeiyk —, to take matters easy; liet tegen iemand —, to try conclusions with one; to bandy words (arguments) with one; to declare war against one; Iets goed —, to take good stock of everything; to take it in good part; de rekeningen —, to audit the accounts; het — voor, to defend the cau*e of, to speak up 1'or, to take oue's part, to take up the cudgels for; —, on. w. to have succeus, to thrive; hunne zaak te A. nam op, their business at A. throve (flourished); —er, m. exainiuer, surveyor; gatherer; —Ing, v. taking up; examination, survey, audit; bor» rowing; ffathering.

Opnieuw, bw. again, anew, a second time.

Opnoem eu, ov. w. to name, to enumerat©; —ing, v. enumeration.

0 po Her en, ov. w. to offer up, to sacrince, to devote ; —ing, v. sacrificing; sacrifice.

Opontbied en, ov, w. to summon; —Ing, v. suinmons.

Oponthod, o. summons.

Oponthoud, o. stay, abode, delay, stoppage.

Oppakken, ov. w. to pack up; to seize, to catch; to run in (a tliief), to scamper off, • away.

Oppas sen, ov. w. to try on (a cap, a hat); to take care of, to wait upon, to tend, to nurse; to wait for, to spy, to watch; on. w. to take care, to watch; to do one's duty, to be diligent, to behave well; een zieke —, to nurse (to wait on) a patiënt; pas op! have a care!; het kind past goed op, the child behaves well; —■ !• de boodschap, havo al 1 your eyes about you; be on the alert; — send, bv. attentive, diligent, dutiful (son); —ser, m. waiter, spy, watcher; dry-nurse; —siug, v. tending, nursing; watching; —ster, v. nurse.

Opper, m. lmy-cock, hay-rick.

Opper, bv. (in siim.) upper, chief; —admiraal, m. admiral in chief; —barbier, m. chiel'-barber; —best, bv. very good; bw. very well; —bestuur, o. supreine direction, government; — bestuurder, m. governor, ruler; —bevel, o. (supreme-) cl.ief-cotnmand; —bevelhebber, m. commander in chief; -bewind, o. chief-mana-ement; nupreme direction; —bewindvoerder, m. chiel-manager, governor, ruier; —bisschop, in. archbishop; —boekhouder, m.chiel-bookkeeper;

1 —gebied, o. chiel-command; —gebieder, m.