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OPS. —


unfavourably; iemand in — brengen, to

piek holes in a persoa's coat, to cast aspersions on him.

Opspringen. on. w. to spring (to jump, to ■tart) up, to bound, to frisk, to leap (for joy), to fly up, to be blown up.

Opspruiten, on. w. to sprout, to slioot up.

Opspuiteu, ot. & on. w. to upout (to gusb) up.

Opstaan, on. w. to stand upright, to rise, to get up, to rise •, to revolt (against); uit den doode —, to rise from the dead; tegen een tiran —, to revolt (rise) against a tyrant; houdt ge Tan vroeg —? are you an early riser? Tan tafel —, to rise from tal>le; er staat eene boete op, it is liable to a fine; ik sta er op, I insist upon it.

Opstal, m. superstructure, building.

Opstand, m. rising, revolt, rebellion, insurrection; de — in Yoor-Indië, the Iudian mutiny: in — kouten, to rise in revolt; de — der Yereeuigde Nederlanden tegen Spanje, the insurrection ot' the United Netherlands against Spain; de geschiedenis van den — in 1089, ^the history of the rebellion in »689; — ellng. m. & v. rebel, insurge»*, —ing, v. resurrection.

Opstapel en, ov. w. to heap (to pile) up, to accumulate; —Ing, v. lieaping (piling) up, accumulation.

Opstappen, on. w. to step (to walk) up, to go away, to take leave.

Opstek en. ov. w. to stick on, to set up, to lioist (a flag), to lift up,to put up, to sheathe, to pocket (up), to pierce, to broach (a cask), to light (a lamp, a cigar), to kindie (a fire), to retouch, to piek (a lock), to prick up(the ears); (het hoofd) to grow unruly, to revolt; on. w. to increase, to freshen up; een storm stak up,a storm arose;een zwaard —, to put up (to sheathe) a sword; wilt ge eens —, will you light a cigar, a pipe? will you have a smoke? geld —, to pocket money; hooi —, to put up hay-, den vinger —, to put up (to show) one's finger; — er, m. butcher's knife, pick-lock, lamplighter.

Opstel, o. draught, scheme, ezercise, composition; eeu — innkeii, to do a composition (a paper); —len, ov. w. to erect, to range, to draw up, to compose, to write; een leger —, to draw up an army (in battle-array); een brief—, to write (to compose)a letter; eeu coutract —, to draw up an agreement (a contract); pnleu —, to erect poles; —Ier, m. author; —ling, v. erection, composition.

Opsteuiui en, ov. w. to resolve upon, to agree ahout; —ing, v. resolution, agreement.

Opstyg eu, ov. w. to rise, to mount, to ascetid; —ing, v. mounting, ascent; vapours, belch (—oprisping).

Opstijven, ov. & on. w. to stifFen, to starch.

• Opstok en, ov. w. to stir (to poke) up, to incite, to Instigate (flg.); —er, m. inciter, instigator; —ing, v. stirring up, incitement, instigation.

Opstookster, v. zie Opstoker.

Opstoot en, ov. w. to push up, to push open, to make rise by pushing, to start; —Je, o. riot.

Opstopp en, ov. w. to stop (up), to fill, to cram, to stuff (dead animals); —Ing, v. stoppage, constipntion.

Opstoven, ov. w. to stew (again).

Opstr(Jden, ov. w. to maintain (toaseert) obstinately.

Opstrijken, ov. w. to smoothe, to iron, to ntroke (to turu) up, to pocket (money).

Opstroopen, ov. w. to turn up, to tuck up (the uleeves), to skin.

Opstuiven, on. w. to fly up, to fire up, to bristle up, to fall out.

Opstuwen, ov. w. to pile up, to push up.

Optakelen, ov. w. to rig, to mend.

Optassen, ov. w. zie Ophoopeu.

Opteekeu nar, m. recorder; —eu, ov. w. to note (down), to record, to notice (pupils at school); —iug, v. noting (down), annotation, record ing.

Optell eu, ov. w. to cast up, to count up, to add, to enumerate; —er, m. custer up; — ing, v. casting up, addition, enumeration; optelsom, v. addition-sum.

Opteren, ov. w. to consume, to spend; totar (= met teer bestrijken).

Optica (optiek), v. (o.), opties; optisch, bv. optical; — bedrog, optical delusion.

Optillen, ov. w. to lift up, to raise.

Optimmeren, ov. w. to build (up).

Optocht, m. march, procession, train; — te paard, cavalcade.

Optooi en, ov. w. to attire, to adorn, to trim up; —iug, v. adoruinent; —sel, o. attire, trimmings.

Optoom en, ov. w. to bridle (a horse), to cock (a hat); —ing, v. bridling; cocking.

Optornen, ov. w. to rip up, - open; ik zal er voor moeteu —, I sliali be held responsible for it.

Optredeu, on. w. to step up; to step forth; to make one's appearance; to enter (to mount) the pulpit; als Othello —, to appear an Üthello; tegen Iemand als vijand —, to take up arms against a person; to act as his enemy; als schrijver —, to come out as au author.

Optrek, m. cottage, summer-house, lodging; —keu, ov. w. to draw up (a curtain); to draw (to pull) open; to build, to raise, to run up (a wall); to cast up, to add up (optellen)! on. w. to dfosipate; to be moist; to inount guard, to march; de nevel trok op, the fog cleared up; tegen den vijand —, to march up against the euemy; met een kiud —, to be occupied with u child; —kiug, v. drawing up; - open; rasiug; dissipatiou; march.

Optroeven, on. w. to play trumps.

Optuigen, ov. w. to rig (a ship), to harness \a horse).

Opvaart, v. aseension; ascent.

Opvangen, ov. w. to catch (light); to catch (a thief); to intercept (letters).