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■■terg, bea^s grea*e; — setong, nest s tongue, ex-tongue, bugloss; —sevleesch, beet; — «eatbloed, blood of oxen, ox-blood; — •endrift. berd of oxen; — sendrUver, ox-driver; —senhoeder. neat-herd; — senliuid, neat 's lilde; — senkooper, grazier, dealer In oxen- —senmarkt, oxcn-inaiket; —senoog, eye of an ox. ox-eye, bull's-eye; — seuweider, neat-berd, grazier.

Otter, m. otter; h|| «liep als een —,he was as fast asleep as a churcli; —vel, otterskin.

Oubollig, bv. furious, angry, queer.

Oud. bv. old, aged, former, late. ancient, antique, obsolete; de —e geschieden!», ancient bistory; —e gebouwen, at.tique houses (buildings); een — soldaat, a veteran soldier; een — woord, an obsolete word; een zeer — man, an aged man ; de — firmant, the late partner; een —e rot (lig.), an old stager, an old hand; — en

long, the old and the young ; Jong gewend

— gedaan, once a use and a custotn for ever; «Ie goede -e t||<l, the good old times ; iets bij het —e laten, to leave a thing as it is; w|) kennen hen» van — we know him oi old; hoe gaat het je ouwe (oude)? how is your gov'nor? hoe —er hoe gekker, old l'ools are the worst of fools; de —«te in Jaren, the senior (meinber, partner); n»yn — ste zoon, my eldest son; —bakken, utale, old-tashioned; — bakkenlieid, staleness; —burge- ! meester, late burgomaster; —eigen, quitrent; —grootmoeder, greatgrandinother; — grootvader, great-grandiather; moei, —tante, great-aunt; —oom, great uncle; ■— tilds, formerly, of old; —vader, patriarch, 1'ather of the churcli ; —w»jfV»ch. ot an old woman, sllly; -achtig, bv. oldish, elderly. Oude, m. old man; —, v. old wonian; de

—n. the ancients.

Oudejaarsavond, m. New-Years eve. Oude-kleerenmai kt, v. rag-market; — kleerkoop, m. dealer in old clothes, salesman; —mannenhuis, o. hospital -, asylum for old men; —vrouwenhuis, o. liospital asylum 1'or old womeu.

Ouderdom, m. age, old nge.

Ouderliefde, v. parontal love.

Ouderiyk, bv. parental, paternal.

Ouderling, m. elder; — enbank, pew of the

elders; —schap, o. eldership.

Ouderloos, bv. orphau, parentless; —held,

v. orpluin state.

Ouders, m. mv. parents.

Ouderwets, bw. alter the antique tash-.on. Ouderwetsch, bv. antique. old-faahioned; —

held, v. antiqueness, old-iashionedness. Oudheid, v. oldness, ancientness, antiqujfcy; Grielcsche oudheden. Greek antiquities; koopman in oudheden, antiquary; — kenner, antiquarian; — kennis, —kunde, archeology; —kundig, archeological.

Ouds (van), Oudttfds, bw. formerly, of old. Outaar, Outer, o. zie Altaar.

Ouwel, m. wafer; host (— gewade —);

doos, wafer-box; — kastje, o. pyx.

Ovaal, bv. & o. oval.

Ovatie, v. ovatiou.

Oven, m. oven, furnace (m factories); kim (in lime-kilus, kalkovens); —deur, ovendoor; -dweil, -wlsch. oven-mop. malkln; —gaffel, oven-fork; —gebak, cake; —krabber, oven-rake. . Over, bw. remainlng; — en weer, to and fro, alternately; —. vz. over, beyond, more than, above, exceedingly, too, past, (over) again, by, along, opposite, on, about, at; — eene week, a week hence ; — acht dagen, this day sennight; — land (zee) gaan, to go by land (by sea); - Vlissingen naar Qiieeiisboroiigh, via Flushing to Q.; iets beslissen. to decido on a matter ; tot

— de ooreu in de schulden zitten, to be in debt up to one's arni ptts; to be over head and ears in debt; — dag. in the day» time; de trein was — zjjn t|jd. the train wus over-due; ongerust —. uneasy about; verbaasd — ,astonished(surprised)at; boos

— angry at; voldaan —* satisfied witli; aan den —kant, over the way, opposite;

— den Uonau, beyond the Danube; berouw hebben —, to repent of; zicli beklagen —, to complain of; — de duizend, above (upwards of) a thousaud ; de zeventig, on the wrongside ofseventy; — zevenen, past seven; — 't geheel, (upjon the whole;

— eene heg npringen. to leap over (to clear) a hedge; - de brug komen (lig.), to shell out, to come down ; — iemand iu den rouw zyn, to be in mourning over ft person; — en weer. alternately, by turns; to and fro; — de kling Jagen, to put to the sword. .

Overaardig. bv. very pretty (nice).

Overal, bw. everywhere, anywhere ; —tegenwoordig, enz., zie Alomtegeiiw oordig,

Ovei babbelen, ov. w. to teil, to blab, to


Overbed. O. upper-bed.

Overbekend, bv. generally lcnown, notorious;

lieid, v. notoriousness, notoriety.

Overbeleefd, bv. too polite, too officious. Overbevolk en,ov. w. to over-people; —Iing, v. surplus population; —t, bv. over-peopled. O verbevruchting, v. superfetation. Overbiudeu, ov. w. to bind over, to bind

again. . x iu

Overblazen, ov. w. to blow over, to gild. Overbliide, bv. overjoyed.

Over biyfsel, o. remainder, remains, remnant, rest; — biyven, on. w. to remain, to be lelt; to pass the night.

Overbluffen, ov. w. to strike dumb, to put

out of countenance, to out-lace.

Overbodig, bv. superlluous, supererogatory, tautologie!al); -heid, v. ouperfluousness, supertluity. , . t _

Overboeken, ov. w. to enter into anotner book.