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Paling, m. & y. eel, spitchcock-ecl; —pastei, eel-pie; — steker, eel-catcher; — vel, eel-akin.

Pallasade, v. palisado, palisade.

Palisander, o. palisander, rose-wood.

m. clown, Merry-Andrew, Jack-pudd ing.

Pailas, m. cavalry-aword ; falcliion.

Palm, m. palm, -tree, palin-twig; —, r. box: palm; decimeter; hy droeg den — wei; (Hg.), he bore (carried otf) the palm; «lat la — in liet vuur (Ug.), that is addiug 1'uel to the tlame; —boom, puim-tree, box-tree; —boschje, palm-grove; —Itont, box-wood ; —houten, (made ofj box-wood; —olie, castor-oil, palm-oil; —tak, palm-twig; — week. Passion-week ; — wyn, palm-wine ; —Zondag, Palm-Sunday.

Palater, m. — «tok. pilgrini's stafl'.

Paltrok, m. large coat.

Palta, v. (the) Palatinate; —graaf, count palatine; —graafschap.palatinate;—gravin, pals-gravine, counters palatine.

Pamflet, o. pamphlet, libel, broad-sheet, broadside.

Pan, v. pan, frying-pan, tile (of the roof); skull (ot the head); in de — hakken, to put to the swnrd, to cut to pieces; een veeg uit de — kragen, to get one's due, - one's own; —nal,spuch-cock (eel); —boor. trepan; —haring, iïesh (green) herring; —likken, to sponge; —likker, sponger, parasite ;— vlaclt. 1'ried fish; —vliea, pericranium ; — nekoek, pan-cake; — iienhakker, tilemaker, tiler; —nenbakkery, tile-works; —uendak, tiled roof; —nendekker. tiler.

Pand, o. pawn, pledge, forfeit, skirt, lappet (of a coat); store-house, magazine; in (te) — geven, to give in pledge, to give as a security; —houder, pawnbroker; een — inlossen, to take out of pawn; to redeem a pledge; een — verbeuren, to forfeit a pawn; een — der liefde, a pledge of love ; —lieden, hostages ; —apel, —verbeuren, (game of) forfeits; —en, ov. w. to seize, to distrain; —er, in. distrainer; —Je, o. pawn; een — maken, to apply to the pawn-broker; —abuis, pawn-broker's shop, my uncle's, uncle tliree balls.

Pandekten, o. mv. pandects, digest.

Pandoer, in. pandoor (a game at cards); pandour (Huugarian foot-soldier).

Paneel, o. panel, waiuscot (= —hout); — werk, wainscoting, panelling.

Pan iek. v. panic; — isch, bv. panic.

Panopticum, o. panopticon.

Panorama, o. panorama.

Pau(t)srr, o. cuirass, coat of mail; —«lier, armadillo; —hemd, coat of mail, wirc-cnirass; —maker, armourer; — scliip, ironclad.

Pantalon, v. trousers.

Pauter, m. panther; —huid, —vel, pantlier's skin.

PautofTel, v. slipper; ouder de — «taan,

to be lienpecked, to be dangliug at one's wife's leading-strings ; —parade, v. general walk (of tiie tashionable people).

Paiitouilme, v. pantomime.

Pap, r. porridge, milk-pottage, spoon-meat; paste (of flour); size (in cotton); pap; poultice (on a wound); cataplasm (made of herbs); wleu de — geboden wordt moet gapen, we must seize time by the fore-lock; hy heeft er geen — van gegeten, he does not know tiie abc of it; -baard, —buik, lover of milk-porridge; —kind.cliild brought up witli pap; —lepel, pap-spoon, porridgeppoon; het ia heui met den —lepel Ingegeven, he lias been tauglit it Irom his intancy; —pot, pap-pot, porridge-pot; by m«»eder* —pot blyveu, 10 stay at home; not to go out into the world; een kind uiet den —pot grootbreugen, to feed a baby on pap.

Papa. in. papa.

Papachtig, bv. pappy.

Papaver, v. poppy; —bloem, poppy-flowerj —olie, poppy-oil; —zaad, poppy-s«.-ed.

Papegaai, ni. parrot; — aclitig, parrot-like; —enkruld, sweet-william ; — ennest, parrot's nest; — eneua, crooked nose.

Pupeu bloem, v. dandelion, lion's-tooth; —dom, o. priestdoni, priesthood; —hoed, —muta, prick-wood.

Papery, v. popery.

Papier, o. paper; blll (bllls) of exchange; gegomd —, gummed paper; gekleurd —, stamed paper; grauw —, brown puper; getint —, toned paper; post—, note-paper; gelinieerd —, ruled paper ; vloei—, blotting-paper; vel(|n—, wove(n) paper; de —en ryzen, the stocks are rising; het zal in de —en loopen, it wiil cost lots of money; — ia geduldig, anything may be committed to paper, - put down on paper; —bloem, immortelle, xeranthemum; —boom, white poplar; —drukker (presse-papier). paperweight; —fabriek, paper-nianuinctory; — handel, paper-trade; — kooper, —ver* kooper, paper-merchant, stationer; —maker, paper-maker; — mea, paper-knife; — molen, paper-mill; —plant, —riet. papyrus; —acliaar, paper-scissors; —snippers, clippings (scrapej 01 paper; —winkel, stationer's shop; —worm, book-worm, book-louse ; — aclitig, bv. like paper; —en, bv. paper, feeble, weak; —en geld, paper-money; — en kind, literary work.

Papillot, v. curl-paper.

Papist, m. papist; — ery, papistry.

Pap pen, ov. w. to paste, to glue, to stiffen, to poultice (a wound); — pig. bv. pappy; — ping, v. pasting, stiflening, poulticing ; —ael, o. paste, glue.

Paraaf, v. paraph, flourish; parafeeren, o. w. to sign with a llonrish.

Parade, v. parade, show; — houden, to parade, to troop the colour; — maken met zyn geld, to tnake a show of one's wealth; groote — en klein garnizoen (flg.), more cloth than dinner; op het — bed liggen, to be lylng in state; —bed, bed of state; —kleed, liabit of parade; —uiaraeh, marching on the parade; —paard, horse of