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Piatache. v. cracker.

Pietooi, v. pistole (a coin); —, ▼. & o. pistol (a weapon); —kogel, pistol-ball; —koker, holster, pistol-case ; —schot, pistol-shot.

Pit, t. kernei (of a fruit), wiek (of a lamp), pith, marrow falso flg.); er zit — noch merg in, there is neither pitii nor marrow in it; er zit — in hein, there is pith in him; — hebben, to have pelf, to be rich; —, o. pitch.

Pitoor, m. bittern.

Pit ajaaravlag, v. flag tised for giving a signal to a boat to come a-board; —afaren, ov. w. to give a signal for coming on board.

Pittig, bv. pithy; —heiü, v. pithiness.

Plaag. v. plague, vexation, nuisance, distress; de tien plagen van Egypte, the ten plngues (scourges) of Egypt, —baat,—duivel, —geeet. vexer, plaguer, tormentor; —ziek, fond of teasing, vexing; vexatious; —zucht, love of vexing, troublesomeness.

Plaat, v. plate; dial (w|)zer—); cut, engraving (houtsnede, gravure etc.), shelf(of wood); shoal, sands (zandplaat, ondiepte); een aiiarinereu —, a slab of marble; een — in ateendruk, a lithograpliy; een boek* werk met platen, an iilustrated work; een boek niet —Jea, a picture-book; de

— poetsen, to cut one's stick; to take to one's heels; to desert; —druk, copper-piate-, —drukker, printer of engravings, copperplate-printer; —drukker j), copper-plateprintiug-office : —etaer, engraver; —(fzer, sheet-iron; —koek, griddle-cake-, —siyper, polisher of plates; —snydeii. o. engraving; —anyder, engraver; —werk, engravings; iilustrated work; —zilver, silver-plate.

Plaata, v. place, room, stead; living, office, berth, employment; personage; town, village; court, yard; (in a book) passage; In de eerate —, in the first place, firstly; in — van. instead of; —gr{jpeu, — hebben,—vinden, to take place, to happen; — neuten, to sit down, to take a seat; — maken, to make room; to stand ott'; de — van een ander innemen, to step into another's slioes; een winstgevende —, a lucrative berth; a profttable living (of a clergyman especially); een verveleude —. a dull place (village, town etc.); de — achter *t huia, the backyard ; eene — vóór 't liuia, a front-yard; eeue besproken —, an engaged seat; a reserved seat; op de — gedood worden, to be killed on the spot; — nemen naar Windaor, to book for W.; — tieapreken (voor coucert enz.), to bespeak (to engage) a seat for a concert etc.; iemand op zUue

— zetten, (Hg.), to teacii one nianners (in a stern fashion); geeu — meer, no more room; — bekleeder, substitute, representative; — beachry ventl, topographic (-ai); —beschrijver, topographer; —beschrijving, topography; —bewaarder, —bewaarater, one tliat keeps a place for another, pew-opener; — briefje, ticket; — bureau, booking-office; —hond, mastiff;

—majoor, major of the place; —ruimte, room; — voor tien peraoneu, to seat ten

(in a railway-compartment); —vervangend, bv. snccedaneous, substitute of; — vervanger, substitute, representative; —eiyk, bv. local; —e geateldheid, local condition; —en, ov. w. to place, to put; to give an employment to, to get a place for; zyn geld —, to invest one's money; —er, m. placer;

— Ing, v. placing.

Plafond, o. ceiling; plafonneeren, ov. w. to ceil.

Plag en, ov. w. to plague, to tease, to vex; —er, m. plaguer, teaser, vexer; —er(|, v. teasing, vexation; raillery.

Plagge, v. (green) turf, sod; —nateker, cutter of green turf.

Plagiaat, o. plagiary; plagiarism, literary piracy; — plegen, to commit plagiarism, to plagiarize.

Plagiaria (= pleger van plagiaat), a


Plak, v. ferule, slice, round; snot, stain; met de — kr(|geu, to be feruled; onder de

— zitten, to be iienpecked; to be under the lash, under the thuiub; iemand onder de

— houden, to keep a tight hand over one; —voerder, schoolmaster (of former days), bully.

Plakkaat, o. placard, edict, poster, proclamation; —boek, collection of edicts.

Plak ken, ov. w. to paste -, to glue (together); to throw; on. w. to stay long; —almanak, caleudar to be pasted up; —boek, scrapbook; —bord, posting-board; —briefje, placard; —goud. gold-leaf;—plaatje,scrap; —plelater, stick rng-plaster; — atyfsel, paste; —werk, veneering; —zegel, bill stamp, adhesive stamp; —leer, m. —ater, v. paster, sticker.

Plamuioten. ov. w. to fumble, to soil (with dirty hands).

Plan, o. plan, scheme, project, map (of a town); — nenuiaker, planner, schemer, projector.

Planeet, v. planet; lemanda — lezen, to cast aperson's nativity (<= horoscope); —baan, orbit (of a planet); —kenner, astrologer; —kennia, horoscopy; —kyker, —lezer, astrologer, horoscopist; —lezen, o. horoscopy; Planetarium, planetarium.

Planetenatelael, o. planetary system.

Plank, v. board, shelf; plank ; op de —en komen, to appear on the stage, on the boards; de — mis zyn, to be mistaken; to be out there; to be beside the mark; vau de boveuate plank, trom the topmost shelf; (Hg.), capital, first-rate; —en, bv. wooden, made of boards.

Plankier, o. platform; wooden floor.

Plant, v. plant; —aarde, mould ; —aardig, vegetable; —dier, zoophyte; —gewas, plant, vegetable; —yzer, dibble; plantiug-stick; —enbeachrUviiig,phytography;—engroel, vegetation ; — en hol', nursery; —enkenuer; botanist, herbalist; —enkunde, botany,

ris. — PLA.