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to be arranged. to agree with; — oninerVen, to observe rightly (with reason); — •tellen, to bring (a. oj to hls trial, to exocute; — wijzen, to show the right way, to take up; — zetten, to set to rights, to bring to reason; —bank, court of justice, tribuual, dresser; —«lag, session-day, courtday; —doener, judge, justice; — hui», common-hall; —kamer, — znnl, court-hall; —kunde, jurisprndence, law; — matig, bv.

b*-Jaw.fu.1 le*al (-•y). just (-ly); —

naatigneid, lawfulness, legalnass;—spraak, verdict, sentence; —sprekeu, to do justice; —zaak. cause, lawsuit; —«ban, —«gebied, jurisdiction; — «dwnaag, judical constraint, compulsion by way of law, arrest for debts, auress; — «gebied, jurisdiction; — sgebrialk, form of law, legal usage; —«geding, lawsuit; —«geldig, val ld in law; —«geldigheid, valldlty ; —«geleerd, juridical; —«geleerde, lawyer; —«geleerdheid, jurisprudence; — «handel, action, lawsuit; — smacht, judicature ; —«verdraaier, —«vea» krachter, caviller. pettifogger; —«verdraaiing, —«verkrachting, chicanery, pettifosfging, prevarication ; —«vervolging, accusation; —«vraag, lawquestion; —« wese van —, by (of) right. a '

Hechten, o. mv. rights, jurisprudence, law; In de — «tudeereaa, to study (the) law, to read for the bar; meester in de—, graduated lawyer (L. L. D.); doctor In de —, doctor of law; student In de —, law student; iemand lat — aanspreken, to take the law ol one, to begin legal proceedings agaiust one, to sue one at law; —, ov. w. to make right, - straight, to judge, to execute; on. w. to go to law, to take the law (of one), to bring au action (against); —s, In justice.

Rechter, (lat sain.) right.

Hechter, m. judge, justice; —ambt, office of a judge, judicature; — plaatsvervanger, deputy-judge; —stoel, tribuual, judgineutaeat; —l||k, bv. judicia!, justiciaryi de — lUke macht, the legal profession; —lyke organisatie,judicial organisation; —«chap o. zie Rechterambt.

Rechtheid, v. rightness, straightness, justice.

Rechts, bw. at (to) the right; —af,'—out, bw. to the right.

Reclitsch, bv. right-lianded.

Rechtuit, bw. straight on, straightway, freely ; in plaiu ternis ; .Inaatje—, plain-dealing man. plain-spoken fellow.

Rechtvaardig, bv. & bw. righteous (-ly), just (•ly); —makend, justifying; — maker, ju»tifler; — nanking, justification; —e, ni. righteous man; —en, ov. w. to justily; —held, v. riirhteousness. justice; —Ing, v.Justiflcation.

Recidiviat, m. & v. repeated otlender.

Reclame, v. puir, cryiug up, putfiug advertisement, claim; —ereaa, ov. w. to claim* reclamant, in. claimer, plaintifT.

Recruteer en, ov. w. to recruit; —Ing, v. recruiting.

I Recraiut, m. recruit.

Hectiflo eereai, on w. to rectify; — atie, t.


Rector, m. rector, headmaster; — aat, —

•chap, o. rectorship.

Re^a, o. (luggage-) ticket, receipt. Itedncteur, m. editor, reviewer, conductor. Redactie, v. drawing up, wording (of an article etc.), editing, editors, editorial stafT—bureau, v. editor'a office; redigeereaai ov. w. to edit (a paper).

Reddeloos, bv. Irretrievable, past recovery. irrecoverable, diaabled; —, bw. irretrievably.

Red den, ov. w. to aave, to rescue, to deliver, to retrieve; —der, m. saver, deliverer, aaviour; —middel, remedy, expedient. Redder aar, m. —aarster, v. one that brlnga in order, arranger; —en, ov. w. to bring la order, to arrange, to clear; —ing, v. bring» ing in order, arrangement, clearing. Redding, v. rescue, delivery, salvation (armyh —boel, life-buoy; —boot, life-boat; —toe •«el. o. fire-escape. life-preserver, apparatua (appliance) for rescuing drowning people. ■lede, v. speech, discourse; reason, judgment, sense, understanding• naar — luisteren, to listen to reason; eene — houden, to deliver (to make) a speech ; leannaad tot — brengen, to talk one into reason ; to bring one to reason ; het ligt In de —, it stands to reason-, it is obvious (clear, self evident) i In de — valleaa, to interrupt; to cut short;

deel, part of speech ; —kavelen, te reason, to argue; —kaveliaag, reasoning, arguing; —kunde, rhetoric; —kuaadlg,

rhetorical; —kaaaastenanr, rhetorican ;

rijk, iluent, voluble. talkative; — rijker, rhetorican ; —skamer, dramatic club.guild of Rhetoric; —stryd, —twist, dispute, debate; —twisten, to dispute, todebats—twister, m. disputer, disputant; -voer-' der, speaker, orator; —voeren, on. w. to speak, to haraugue; —voering, speech, oration; eerste —voering, maiüen speeeh; —wisselen, to discouise ; —•wisseling, dhcourse ; —ziften, to cavil; —zifter, caviller; —lyk, bv. & bw. reasonable (-bly). rational <-ly). tolerable (-bly), pretty well; rather; —1||klieid, v. reasonableness, rationality; —loos, bv. irrational, brute; —loosheid, v, irrationality.

Reden, v. reason, mntive, cause: proportloo, ratio (verhouding); |»U heeft geen enkele — tot veróaitschuldlglaig, he hasn't a leg to stand upon ; in omgekeerde —, inverse ratio, inver^ely; oui —, becauss of; on account of; —gevend, causal. '

Redeaaaar, m. orator ; — skunst, oratorlcal art; —sgave, —stalent, oratorical talent; eloquence.

Redeneer der, m. reasoner, discourser. choplogic; logic-chopper; —en,on. w. to reason, to argue; —kunde, logic; —kundig, bv. Jfc bw. logical (-ly); —kundige, logician; — ing, v. reasoning.