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Roest, ra. roost, hen's nest; o. rust, matinees; oud—, refuse iron; de — vreet het ijzer,

rust corrodes iron; de — In *t koren, mildew, blast; —papier, rust-paper; —vlek, rusty spot; — achtig, bv. rusty; —en, on. w. to roost; to rust; oude liefde roest stiet, an old (early) love is «ever forgotten; —ig. bv. rusty; hoar*e (— heesch)-, —Igheid, v. ruatiness; hoarseness (=» heeschheld).

Roet, o. soot; —kleur, sooty colour; —kleurig, having a sooty colour; —lucht, sooty stnell; — smaak, sooty taste; —vlek,sooty spot; —zwart, prepared soot, bistro■; achtig. —Ig, bv. sooty; —«ehtigheid, — iglieid. v. sootiness.

Roezemoez en,on. w. to bustle,to rummage; —ig, bv. bustling. , ,

Roezeu, on. w. to strike a bargain in tne lump. . , .

Roezig, bv. tipsy, half-seas-over, boisfcerous (weatlier). . , ,,

Rollet, m. (a certain) beat of the drum, roll, tattoo; den — slaan. to beat the tattoo (the roll); —, rebuke;eei» — krijgen, to run the gantlope, to be rebuked; —aar, m. — aarster, v. bungler; —en. ov. & on. w. to rough-hew, to bungle (up), to botch, to beata tattoo, to roll (a drum); —aohaaf, ritte ; — werk, bungled piece of work ; — ig, bv. « bw. bungling (-ly), clumsy (-ily).

Rog, m. ray, thorn-back; —geuvangst, rayftshing.

Rogge, v. rye; —bloem, corn-flower, ryellour; —brood, rye-bread; —meel, ryemeal; —oogat, rye-crop.

Rok, m. coat, dress-coat, gown, petticoat (vrouwen onder—); skirt (vrouwen boven—); een blauwe — bJJ een rood bovenlijf aantrekken, to put on a blue skirt wifeh a red body; een menigte In —. a claw-hammer (dress-coated) crowd ; JU hebt een —Je uitgetrokken, mijn waarde, gedurende Je ziekte, you have lost tiesh in your illuess, my dear; z||ik —Je omkeereu (0g.)« to turn one's coat; to become a turn-coat; to change views, politics; — «band, coat-binding, string of a petticoat; — akuoop, coat-button ; —sikkouw, sleeve of a coat; — •pand. skirt (Hap) of a coat;—azak, pocket of a coat.

Rokken, o. distaff; —, ov. w. to wind on the

distair, to coutrive, to plot, to intrigue. Rokken aar, m. —aarater. v. inciter, plotter, intriguer; —en, ov. & ou. w. to incite, zie ook Hokkeu.

Rol. v. roll, roller, cylinder, sheave. trundie, truck ; winch (under a cart, a waggon), liwt; part, charaeter; een — behangselpapier, a piece (a roll) of wall-paper; een — tabak, a roll of tobacco; zijne — kennen, to know one's part; op de — plaatsen, to put on the list, to place on the rol Is; van «Je — schrappen, to cancel (to strike otf) from the rolls; goed iu de — blijven, to be in character; aan de — gaau, to be on

the spree, to be making a night of it; eens zonderlinge — speleu, to be acting a strange part, - strangely; h(| speelde z)|u —letje op het wereldtooneel. he strutted hls hour on the world's stage;—baan, bowling-green, skating-rink; —baud, (a kindof) tape; —bed, trundle-bed, bed on casters; —blok, roller; — gordijn, blind; —hout, rolling-pin, rolling-stick, roller-, —koets, trundle-coacli; —lende, roll, rolled piece of raeat; —leng, stockflsh in roll; —paard, trundle-horse, gun-carrlage; —pens, minced beef in tripo ; —steen, roller;—stoel, t undle-chair; —vast, letter-perfect; —verdeeling, cast; —wagen, truck, RO-cart. Holleereu, on. w. to distribute the part»

(among the actors), to cast a play.

Roll en, ov. & on. w. to roll; on. w. to tumble-. Iemands zak —, to piek one's pocket; een stuivertje kan vreemd —, things may take a strange turn; door het leven heen —, to roll through llfe, to pass through one's life anyhow, fco shift for oneself; —end materieel (van spoorwegen), rolling-stook; — er, m. roller; — lug, v. rolling, trundling. Roman, m. novel; —held, hero of romance; —lezer, novel-reader; — schr(| ver,—schrijfster, novel-writer, novelist; —tlek, v. romanticism.

Homance. v. ballad, romance.

Koinauesk, Romantisch, bv. romantio,

fanoiful, chimerical.

Romer, m. wine-glass, ruinmer, goblet. Hommel, m. coufused heap, lumber, mlshinash; —boel, zie Rommel i —hok, — kamer, lumber-room; —kast, press for old things; —kist, chest (trunk) lor old things; —kruid, all-spice; —pot. rumbling-pot-, — zolder, lumber-garret; —zoo, lumber, wishmash, rhapsody; —ari), ▼. lumber, rumbling; —en, ov. w. to mix, to put out of order; on. w. to rumble, to buzz; — ing, v. rumbling, rumble; lumber.

Homp, m. trunk (of the body), carcass, huil (of a ship), torso (of a sculptured image);

— Parlement, Kump (-Parliament). Rompelig, bv. rugged.

Rompslomp, bw. sluttislily, bunglingly; —, m. disorder, mislimash, trash, confusion, worss conlounded.

Rond, bv. & bw. round, circular (-ly), plain (-ly), zie Rondborstig» — getal, round number; een — Jaar, a whole year-, —e som, even (round) suin; h|| is — In al zHn handelen, he is a plain-dealing mau; een —e vent, a plain-spoken fellow ; de —e waarheid, the plain truth; —schrift, round text, round hand; z|) konden niet

— komen, they could not make both ends meet; — maken, to round; —, o. round, circle; Iu het —, round, • about, around.

Hoikdachtig. bv. roundish; —held, v. roundishness.

Rondas, o. shield, round buckler. Koudbazuineu, ov. w. to divulge, to trumpet