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Rondborstig, bv. & bw. frank (-ly), candid <-ly), straightforward, openhearted (-ly); — held, v. frank ness, candour, openheartedness, straightforward ness.

Rondbreng en, ov. w. to hand (to hawk) about; —er, ra. liawker; (van couranten) news-man.

Ronddeelen, ov. w. to distribute.

Ronddolen, on. w. to err, to wander, to rove about.

R>onddraal en, ov. & on. w. to turn about, • round, to move in a circle; —ende beweging, rotatory motion;—log, v. tuiniug,


Ronddraven, on. w. to trot about.

Ronddrentelen, on. w. to lounge about.

Rouddwarrelen, on. w. to whirl round.

Ronddwalen, on. w. zie Ronddolen.

Ronde, v. ro*nds ; de — doen, to walk the rounds, to go round.

Rondeel, o. round bastion, roundel, circling goblet.

Rondel(|k, bv. roundly, fairly, flatly.

Rondemaat, v. round measure(for corn, etc.).

Ronden, ov. w. to round, to m:ike round.

Rondfladderen, on. w. to flutter (to liover) about.

Rond gaan, on. w. to go about, - round; laten —, to put about, to uirculate; —gaand, bv. encyclical; —e brief,circular,encyclical epistle ; —gang, m. circulation.

Roudgeveu, ov. w. to hand (to reach) about.

Rondheid, v. roundness, rotundity, openliearted ness, straightforward nes9.

Rondhout, o. round tiinber.

Ronding, v. rounding, roundness.

Rondje, o. littie round thing, game all round; een — geven, to stand treat all round.

Rondkijken, on. w. to look about.

Rondkop, m. round-head.

Rondleiden, ov. w. to lead about.

Rondloop en, on. w. to stroll, to gad about, to knock about; —er, in. —ster, v. strolier, idler.

Rondom, bw. & vz. round about; loop —, go to blazes; the deuce take you!; —schaduwigeu, in. mv. periscii, periscians.

Rondreis, v. circular tour; —biljet, o. circular ticket.

Roodreizen, on. w. to travel all over.

Rondrijden, on. w. to ride about.

Ron(d)s, v. wheel of a printing-press.

Rondsel, o. pinion.

Rondslenteren, on. w. to saunter about.

Rondte, v. round, circle, roundness; in «Ie —, in a circle, round about; iu de — draaien, to revolve, to turn about.

Ronduit, bv. plainly, tlatly, peremptorily; — spreken, to say one's say; to speak une'd mind; to speak plainly (tlatly).

Rondviscli, m. & v. round-lish; stock-flsh.

Rondvliegen, on. w. to lly about, • round.

Rondvraag, v. in — brengen, to put to the vote.

Rondwandelen, on. w. to walk about.

Rondwaren, ou. w. to haunt.

Rondzien, on. w. to look round, • about.

Routlzwerv en, on. w. to wander (about), to stroll; —er, m. wanderer, strolier, vagabond, tramp.

Rong, v. rundle-, rung (of a ladder).

Rouk en, on. w. to snore; —er, in. —ster, v. snorer; — lug, v. snoring.

Ronsel anr, m. kidnapper, crimp; —en, ov. w. to kidnap, to crimp; —lug, v. kidnapping, crimping.

Ronzebons, v, puppet-show, Merry-Andrew.

Rood, bv. red; —, o. red colour; — verven, to paint (to dye) in red ; — worden, to grow red, to redden, to colour, to blush ; —aarde, ruddle; —aarden, to ruddle; —baard, red-beard; —bont, red-ppeckled, red and white ; —borstje, robin red-breast; —bruin, red-brown, ruddy; —grond, —vonk, purples; —horig, red-haired; —kapje, Littie lied Kiding-hood;—kleurig, — vervlg.redcoloured, ruddy; —kop, red-haired person; —koper, copper; —kr||t, red chalk, ruddle; —rok, red-coat (an Ënglish soldier); — staartje, red>tail; —vonk, scarlet-fever; —vos, sorrel horse; —ekool, red cablage; —eloop, bloody llux ; — aclitig, bv. reddish; —achtiglieid, bv. reddishness ; —held, v. redness, blush.

Root', v. scab, ernst (of a wound).

Roof, m. robbery, booty, spoil, prey; op — uitgaan, to go marauding; —dier. beast of prey; —gierig.—ziek,—zuchtig, rapacious; — gierigheitl, —zucht, rapacity; — goed, booty, spoil; —nest, haunt (recept* ucle) of robber*; —schip, pirate-ship; — staat, piratical-ctate; —vogel, birdofprey; —zucht, rapacity, rapaciouauess; —achtig, bv. rapacious.

Rooi, v. mark, aim, order, rule; —en.ov. w. to hit, to order, to regulate, to gather, to dig up (potatoes); to clear; — lijn, v. liues; op de —11|ii staan, to range with the street; buiten de —l()n, out of the lines; —mand, potato basket; —meester, surveyor; —paal, mile-stoue; —schieten, to hit tlie mark; —t(fd,time to gather potatoes; —er, m. —ster, v. feller, gatherer; —iug, v. gat her i ng.

Rook, in. smoke; geen — zonder vuur,no smoke witliout lire; in — vervliegen, to vanish into smoke; —, v. hay-rick; —coupé, sinoking compartment; —gat, tunnel, outlefe (of a chiinneyj; —hok, smoking-shed ; — nest, smoky room, • house;—spek, smokedried pork; —tabak, smoking tobacco; — verdrffver, smoke-expeller; —vleesch, smoke-dried heel ; —zolder, smoking-loft; —worst, smoke-dried sausage ; —achtig, bv. 7.ie Rookerigt —en, ov. & on. w. to smoke, to reek; —er, til. siuoker; —erig, bv. smoky.

Hoorn, in. cream ; —boter, dairy-l'resh ; — |)s, cream-ice; —kaas, creain-cheese; —kannetje, cream-jug; —schotel, cream-dish ; —taart, cream-tart; —vla, cream-custard ; —achtig, bv. creamy; —en, ov. w. to cream.

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