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BOO. —


Ilooiitach. bv. Roman, • Catholic; —gezind, —gezinde, m. & v. Roman Catholic, papistic.

Rooi, v. rose, key-atone, bull'a eye (of a target = schut), face (of a sea compass), erysipelaa, St. Antony'a fire; als eene — slapen, to sleep like a top; onder de —, under the rose, in aecret; op rozen slapen, to live aclover ; geen rozen zonder doornen, no roses without tborns; de Koode en de Witte —, the Red and the White rose; zoo frisch als eene —, as fresh a daisy; —kleur, rose-colour; —kleurig, rose-coloured, rosy; —achtig, bv. erysipelatous.

Roost en, ov. w. to roast, to broil, to toast; —pan, frying-, roasting-pan; door de zou geroost, sun-burnt; —er, m. gridiron (to bake, to fry, to roast on), grate (io a stove), table, list, roster (list of officers); volgens — aftreden, to go out by rotation; — van werkzaamheden, school time-tables; het ging er heet van den — (lig.), they were fighting fiercely, there was a bloody battle (a fierce fight); —oven, frying-oven; —pan, frying-pan; —werk, grates; —wQze, like a grate, grated.

Roosteren, ov. w. zie Roosten.

Rooveu, ov. w. to rob, to plunder, to pirate.

Roover, m. robber, pirate (zee—); —bende, band (gang) of robbers ; —hoofdman, captain of robbers; —sliol, den of robbers; —y, v. robbery, piracy.

Ros, o. horse, courser, steed; drubbing; — krUgen, to be drubbed; —baar, horselitter; —beier, the horse Bayard, palfrey; teaser, turbulent fellow;—kam, curry comb; —kamiiien, to curry, to chide; —molen, borse-mill; —tuischer, jockey, horse-dealer.

Ros, bv. red, ruddy, russet; —baard, redbeard; —horig, red-haired; — achtigheid, bv. reddish, ruddy.

Rosmaryii, m. rosemary; —melk,rosemarymilk; —takje, rosemary-sprig.

Rossen, ov. w. to curry, to brush, to aconr, to drub; on. w. to ride, to gallop, to roll (in a carriage).

Rossig, bv. reddish, ruddy; —held, v. reddish ness, ruddiness.

Rot, o. crew, band, set, gang, lot; file, squad (ofsoldiers); —, v. zie Rat; een — geweren, a stack of arms; geweren aan —ten zetten, to stack arms; by —ten links (rechts), left (right) file; in —ten optrekken, to march by (in) files; een dieven—, a gans (a set) of thieves; een oude rot, zie Rat; —gezel, comrade ; —meester, corporal; master of a ward; — sw(js, — sw|)ze, in files; — tenkrult, —tenval, zie onder Rat« —tenvuur, fire by files.

Rot, bv. rotten, putrid; —gans, (kind of) wild goo«e; —koorts, putrid fever; —ziekte, bane (of aheep); —«clitig, bv. rotty, carious.

Rots, v. rock; —blok, —klomp, pieee (fragment) of rock; —gevaarte,rocky-mass;

—hol. —kloof, cavern; —steen, rock; — achtig, —ig, bv. rocky; —achtigheid, —Igheid, v. rockiness.

Rotten, on. w. to rot, to putrefy; to gather together, to asaemble.

Rottig, bv. rotty, cariona; nasty; —held, v. rottiness, cariosity; naatinesa.

Rotting, v. putrefaction.

Rotting, m. cane; rattan; stick;—band, canestring; —knop, head (knob) of a cane; — olie, a sound drubbing.

Rouw, m. mourning; regret; sadnesa, distress; in den — z(|a, to wear mourning; uit den

— gaan, to go out of mourning; — dragen over, to mourn for; zware —, first (deep) mourning; lichte —.second (half) mourning;

— band, mourning-band, bat-band;— bedrtyf, mourning; —beking, condolence; —brief, death-circular; —dicht, —gedicht, elegy; —drager, mourner; —floers, crape;—gewaad, —goed, mourning; —kap, mourninghood; —klucht, lamentation, condolence; —kleed, mourning-dress; —kleederen, mourning-weeds; —koets, mourning-coach; —koop, amart-inoney, rue-bargain; — hebben, to repent one's bargain;—lint, mourningribbon; —mantel, mourning-cloak; —sluier, mourning-veil; —staatsie, funeral pronession; —tyd, mourning-time; —winkel, mourning-siiop, undertaker's shop; —en, ov. w. to cause regret; het zal u —,you'll repent of it; on. w. to wear (to go in) mourning; —Ig, bv. mournful, sorry (om, for).

Royaal, bv. royal; iiberal, handsome.

Royal isuie, o. royaliam; —Ist, m. royalist; —itelt, v. liberality.

Royeereu, ov. w. to cancel, to remove (from), to erase (off), to expunge (from a list).

Roze blad, o. rose-leaf; —boom, m. rosetree; —bottel, v. husk containing theseeds of a rose-tree; —knop, m. rose-bud; — niarUii, v. zie Rosmarijn ; —nobel, m.

rose-noble: —rood, bv. rose-coloured, pink; o. rose-colour; —struik, m. rose-bush; — tak, m. rose-branch; —nbed, o. bed of roses; —ngaard, m. rose-garden; —nhoed, m. rosary, chaplet; — iilionig, m. rose-honey; —uhout, o. rose-wood; —nhouten, bv. (of) rose-wood; — eukrans, m. rosary, chaplet; z(|n — bidden, to say one's beads; tien —en bidden, to say the rosary ten times over; —ntyd, m. time ot' roses; —nwater, o. rose water.

Rozet, v. rosette; —venster, Catherine-wheel.

Rozig, bv. rosy; erysipelatous; —heid, v. rosiness; erysipelatous dispoaition.

Rozyn, v. raisin; sore; —enbaard, m. aore mouth; m. & v. person with a sore moutli; —eukorf, frail, raiain-basket.

Ruche, v. frilling, ruff.

Ruchtbaar, bv. public, known, manifest; — w orden, to get abroad (about), to take wind etc ; —heid, v. publicity.

Rug, m. back; ridge (of liilla, mountains); achter Iemands —, in a o.'a absence,