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de hand —, to snatcli a letter out of a person's hands; uit liet verband —, to distort; In liet (te) veld (velde) —.totake the field; — wind. puit of wind, squall, blast; — king, v. puiling, tugginp, jerking.

Rul, v. great demand, rush, run, quick sale.

Rul, bv. rugged, rough, uneven; —held, v. ruggedness.

Rum, v. rum; —flesch, rum-bottle; —«netje., o. plans of rum.

Rumoer, o. rumour, uproar, noise; —en,on. w. to rumour, to inake a great noise.

Run, v. tan; —molen, tan-mill.

Ruud, o. horned beast (buil, ox, cow), neat; —vee, borned cattle, neat-cattle; —veestamboek. herd-book; —vleescl». beef;—ergebrand, roast-beet'; —erliarat, loin of beei; —erpeat, cattle-plague, rinder-pest; —erril». cutlet of beef; —erstal, stable for borned cattle; —erworst, beef-sausage.

Rune, v. runic cbaracter.

Runnen, on. w. to curdle (of milk).

Runsel, o. rennet, runnet.

Rups, v. Caterpillar; —endooder, Ichneumonfly; — eiiiiemt, nest of caterpillars; —envangst. ridding of caterpillars.

Rimcli. v. rush, bulrush.

Ru* seel, o. red arsenic; —leer, Russian leather; —leeren, of Russian leatber.

Russchen, bv. rushy.

Ruat, v. rest (also in music), repose, quietness, Btilluepe, tranquillity, cliains, chain-wales (of a sbip); Iemand met — laten, to leave (to let) a person alone; — houden, to keep qolet; — nocl» daur hebben, to be very restless; to be on the fidgets; de eeuwige — ingaan, to pass away from time to eternity; to take one's last sleep; to be launched Into eternity; to be gathered to one's fathers;

—bank. couch; — bed. coucli-bed; —dag, day of rest, lioliday, day-olT, ofT-day; —plaats, re6ting-place; grave; —punt, pause, rest, point of rest; — stoel, easy-cliair, arm-chair; —ttfd, time of rest, vespite, leisure, holidays; —uur, hour of rest, - of repose; — veer, stay (of a gun); —verstoorder, ditturber, trouble-feast, marplot; —verstoring, disturbance, breaeh of the peace.

Rusteloos, bv. & bw. restless (-ly), uneasy (-ily), steady (.ily), incessantly; —lield. v. restlessness, uneasiness.

Rusten, ov. w. to rest, to prepare, to arm; on. w. to rest, to repose, to sleep; hier ruat

het stofTelUk overschot van here

lie the mortal remains of . . . die «ware plicht rust op mU. that painful duty is Incumbeut on me; runt uw hoofd op mU1* schoot, rest (lean) your head in my lap; rust wel. pood night, sleep well; zich —, t. w. to prepare (for), to arm.

Rustiek, bv. rustic, rural.

Rustig, bv. & bw. quiet (-ly).calm (-ly).vigourous (-ly); —held, v. quietness, vigour.

Rusting, v. *ie Wapenrusting.

Ruw, bv. & bw. rouph (-ly). rude (-ly), rugged (•ly), raw, rough-hewn; —e suiker, raw BUgar; —e diamant, rough (uncleft) diamond; — weer, boisterous (tempestuous) weather; In het —e, In the rough.

Ruwaard, m. povernor, lieutenant, sheriff; —schap, o. povernorship, lieutenancy.

Ruwheid, v. roughness, rudeness, rugpednesB.

Ruzie*, v. quarrel, brawl, fray, trouble; — zoeken, to piek up a quarrel, to fasten a quarrel (on one); — kr(|gen. to tall by the ears, - to loggerheads; — hebben, to be out, at odds, at squares;—maker,—maakster, quarrelsome person.


S., v.; St.. Saint; 8cr. (Bcrlpslt), l»e (she) bas written it; Sc. (sculpsit), be (she) bas made (engraven) it; Sen., Sr., senior, the elder; ■up. (supra), above; s. v. p., if you please.

Sa, tsw. come onl cheer upl

Saai, bv. & bw. dull (-y), tiresome (-ly), tedioub ; een —e preek, a dull (long-winded) sermon; een — dorp, a sleepy (dull) village; —e lectuur, dry-as-dust books (—readIng).

Saai, v. & o. Berge; —fabriek, serge-manulactory; —hal, serge-hall (store); —winkel, Berge-shop; —en, bv. (of) serge.

Saaiheid, v. dullncss, tiresomeness.

Sabbat, m. sabbatb; —dag. sabbath-day, — Jaar, sabbatical year;—schender, sabbathbreaker; —schennis. Babbath-breakinp, profanation of the sabbath; — «reis, sabbatical journey; —sstilte.holy silence(of the sabbath).

Sabel, m. Bable,Bable-tippet; —, v.Babre, sword;

scimitar (kromme, of Turksche—, o. sable ; —bout, sable, furs of sable; —dier, sable ; —kling, blade of a sabre; —houw, —slag. cut (strokc) with a sabre; —tascli, hussar's poucli, sabretasli; —vel, Bable-Bkin; —en, ov. w. to sabre, to cut down.

Sabot, m. wooden shoe.

Sacrament, o. sacrament; «Ie laatste —en toedienen, to administer the supreme unetton (to); —huisje, tabernacle; — sdag, Corpus-Christi-day; —eel, bv. sacramental.

Sacriat eln, m. sacristan; —le, v. Bacristy, vestry. . , „ .

Sadduc eër, m. Sadducee; —eeseh, bv. Sadducean, of the Sadducees.

Saffier, m. & v. sapphire; — en, bv. sappliire.

Saffloer, Saffloers, o. safflowcr.

Saffraan, v. saffroa; —bloem, saffron-flower; — geel, safTron; — aclitlg, bv. saft'rony, like aanton.