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SafTranlg, br. zte SafTraanaehtlg.

Sage, v. legend, tradition, fable, tale.

Sago. v. sago; —boom, sago-tree; —meel, sago-powder; —palm, sago-(palm)tree.

Sajet, v. & o. worsted ; —ten, bv. worsted.

Sak. m. Back, robe.

Sakkerloot, tsw. sounds! gracious me! good gracious!

Salade, v. salad; —bak.salnd-bowl; —krop, salad-head ; —schotel, «alad-dlsh.

Salamander, m. salamander.

Salar leeren, ov. w. to pay, to salary; —la, o. aalary, pay, wager.

Saldeeren, ov. w. to balance, to close.

Saldo, t. balance, residue; batig —, balance in one's favour; — credit, balance to one's credit; voor het — trekken, to draw per appoint (for the exact amount).

Salep, v. salep, saloop.

Salet, o. parlour, drawing-room, party, company, assembly, rout; —Jonker, beau, fop, earpet-knight, squire of dames; —Juffer, — pop, flirt, coquette.

Salie. v. sace; —melk, rage milk; Jan Salie, old duffer.

Salmoniak, v. sal ammonlac; —geeat, liquld ammonia.

Salon, o. saloon, drawing-room; —boot, saloon-steamer; —wagen, saloon-carriage.

Salpeter, o. saltpetre, nitre; —hereider, saltpet re-maker; —geest, spirits of saltpetre; —groef, saltpetre-mine; —hnt, saltpetrebouse; —zuur. bv. nitric, o. nitric acid; — ochtlg. — Ig, br. nitrous.

Salueeren, ov. & on. w. to salute; met de vlag —, to dip the flng.

Saluut, o. salute, salutation; —seliot, salute.

Salvo, o. volley; een — afschieten, to fire a volley.

Samaar, v. simar(re).

Samen, bw. together; —aarden, on. w. to sympathize; —binden, ov. w. to bind (to tie) together, to bind up; to unlte; — blijven, on. w. to remain (to stay, to stick) together; —brengen, ov. w. to bring together; — buigen, ov. w. to bend together; —doen, ov. w. to put together; ou. w. to act in common, to go shares, to carry on business in partnership; —dragen, ov. w. to carry together; — drijven, ov. w. to drive (to chase) together; on. w. to float together; —dringen, ov. w. to press (to crowd) together, te compress; —drukken, ov. w. to press (to squeeze) together, to compress; —drukking, v. compression; —flansen, ov. w. to patch (to botch, to piece) up; — gaan, on. w. to go together; to agree; — gesteld, bv. compound; —groeien, on. w. to grow together; —groeiing, v. growing together; —hang, m. coherence, connection; —hangen, on. w. to cohere, to be connected; —hangend, bv. coherent; — hechten, ov. w. tofasten together; tounite; —hechting, v. fastening together, union; — hoopen.ov. w. to heap (to pile) up, to coacervate, to

accumulate; —hooping, v. heaping (piling) up, accumulation; —ketenen, ov. w. to concatenate ; —ketening. v. concatenation; — knoopesi, ov. w. to knit (to tie) together; —knooping, v. knitting (tying) together, connection; —komen, on. w. to come together, to meet, to assemble; —komst, v. meeting, assembly, congress; —koppelen, ov. w. to couple; —koppeling, v. coupling; —leving, v. society; — llfmeii, ov. w. to glue together, to conglutiuate; —IU«n Ing, v. conglutination; —loop, m. concourse; confluence, concurrcnce; —loop van omstandigheden, (at a) juncture; — loopen, on. w. to run together; to concnr„ to consplre; —mengen, ov. w. to mi* together, to blend.toamalgamate;— menging, v. mixtion, amalgamation; —mengsel, o. mixture; —naaien, ov. w. to sew together; —pakken, ov. w. to pack up, • together; zich —, t. w. to agglomerate, to crowd together, to gatker; —pakking, v. packing up, - together; —paren, ov. w. to sort, to pair, to match; to wed; —persen, ov. w. to press (to squeeze) together; — persing, v. pressing (squeezing) together;—plokken, ov. w. to paste (to patch) together; —raapsel, o. mishmasli, rhapsody, stew (of lies etc.); -rapen, ov. w. to collect, to gather, to amass; —rnping, v. gathering; —roepen, ov.w. to cal! together, to convoke, to assemble; —roeping, v. calling together, convocation; —rotten, on. w. to gat her in crowds, to crowd (to troop) together, to conspire; —rotting, v. crowding together; gathered mob; —schakelen, ov. w. to link together, to concatenate; — schikken, ov. w. to put in order, to arrange, to adjust; —schikking, v. arrangement; —scholen, on. w. to crowd (to flock) together;—scholing. v. crowd ing together; crowd, mob; —smelten, ov. & on. w. to melt together; —smelting, v. melt-ing to-ether, fusion; —spannen, on. w. to combine, toconspire; —spauuer, m. conspirator; — sponning» v. combination, conspiracy, plot; — spraak, v. dialogue, conversntion; confereuce; —spreken, on. w. to converse (upon); — spreker,m. interlocutor; —spreking.v. conversation, conference;—«tel, o. system, npparatus, compound; —stellen, ov. w. to compose, to compound; — steller, m. composer, compiler; —stelling, v. composition, compound word; — stemmen, on. w. to agree, to square (to accord, to coincide) with ; — stemming, v. agreement, harmony, coincidence; — stroomen, on. w. to llow (to crowd) together; —stroomlaig, v. confluence; —tellen, v. to count (to sum, to add) up; —telling, v. addition; —trekken, ov. w. to draw together, to contract, to astringe; —trekkend, bv. astringent, contractile; — middel, astrin* gent; —trekking, v. contraction, crasis; — trekklngafeeken, circumflex; —vatten, on. w. to t«ke together, to resume, to comprise; —vatting, v. resutning, compritsing;

8 AF. — SAM.