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—held. v. shamefulness, Ignominy, infamy.

Schane, v. «conce, fort, entrenchment, redoubt. bulwark; hind-caatle, poop, quarter-deck (ot a «hip): — graver, pioneer; —ltleed, waistcloth, netting; —korf. gabion; -looper, watcli-coat, sailor's (soldier».) 7"

naai, paliaade; —werk, entrenchment, eart »»work; —en, ov. w. zie Verechauaeu.

Schape bout, m. leg of matton; —kop. tti. block-head, sawny, noodle; — leer, o. Bh®®P* leather; —lever, v. sheeps liver; -peo», v. sheep's pluck ; —poot, m. aheep a leg:; -▼acht. v. —vileel o. fleece; -vel. o. •heep-skin; -vet, o. sheep's fat. slieep-greaaei

vleeacli, o. matton; — ..boter, slieep-

milkbutter; —..dief, m. sheep-stealer ; iiadrek. m. —nkeutela. v. mv. —nmeat, m. sheep's dung; -..fokker m. ^eeder ot sheep; — nhok, o. sheep-fold; — nkaaa, v. ■heep-cheese; -nlula. tick ; -..markt. v. ■heep-market; —..melk, u. natal, m. sheep-fold; —«teelt, v. breeding of sheep; —..wol, v. sheep's wooi. SchaDnelilk, bv. & bw, tolerable (;bly). indifferent (-ly), pretty well, fairly; — held. v.

jssEEr&zz*. '• »»««*

Sehar^v! flounder; —bier, —rebier, amn.ll

teer; —rebllter, horn-beetle. .

Scharen, ov. w. to range, to draw up (in battle-array, l« slagorde), to array ; zich — t. w. to place one'* self, to draw up. SchareiislUper, m. knife- (scissors-) ff1'1"'?®'Scharlaken, o. scariet; —fcoorta.

fever, scarlatina; —rood, scarletj •cis, bv. scarlet.

Scharlel, v. clary, orval.

Scharlnln. m. knave, scoundrel.

Scharminkel, m. skeleton, scrag, lank fellow. Scharnier, o. hlnge, joint; -gewricht,

hinire-like joint. . ,

Scharrel aar, m. orawler, intriguer; drudge, toiler- — beenen, on. w. to spread onea lees, to go straddle-legged ; —en, ov. w. to scratch, to crawl, to straddle (to gotrailing)

Schat[ m. treasure; een — van gel(l, a mint of lïionêy; -ten tefinmetai, to' >»y "P treasures; waar uw — la, ia ook uw hart, where your treasure is, there your heart wi*|. be- een — van kennla. a store-house ot knowledge, of learning ; m|)n —, ..»U" Jemy dear! my love! my honey! -be**"r' der, treasurer; —graver, digger after hld.de» treasures, treasure-seeker; —kamer, trea■urv • —klat, exchequer; — meester.. treasarer; —meesterschap, treaaurerahlp; pllclitlg, tributary; —«lik, very baar, bv. valuable, tributary; -baarheid,

v. valuableness, tributarines*.

Schater en, on. w. to resound, (▼«» ■»«* lachen) to burst out lauglilng, to burat into laughter; —lach, loud laugh, burat ol

Schiftt'en, ov. w. to value, to rate, to eatimate.

to prize, to appralse, to tax, to think, to reckon, to esteem (— achten); te l.oog—, to overvalue, to overrate; te laag —, to undervalue, to underratej hoe oud schat *e dien man? how old do you think that man to be; what age would you giye that man ? allu verlies - op 500 gulden, to value bis loss at 500 guilders; —er, m. valuer, rater, appraiser, taxer; — ing, v. valuation, rating, cstimation, taxing, appraisement, tax, tribute.

Schaven, ov. w. to plane, to square («=haafce —), to scrape (liides, skins), to graze (one • »kin), to finish, to polisli.

Schavielen, ov. ". to trim ; on. w. to make room, to yield, to change for the better; het begint te -, it goes pretty well now.

Schaving. v. planing, scraping, cliafing,

SchaTotf'o. scaffold, «hop-board (of tallonft op het — eterve-i», to die on the scaffold; —kleur, blood-coiour; —paal, pillory; — springer, knight of the thimble, mean tallor; —atraf, public execution; —teereu, ov. w. to execute.

Schavuit, m. rMcal, .cape-grace, rogue; — enstreek, —euêtnk, roguish trick, piec» of knavery. , , .

Schedel, m. skull, head, cranium, brain-pan; —boor, trepan; —breuk, fracture ol the skull; —leer, craniology, phrenology; — nieter, craniometer; —naad, suture of the

skull; —vllea, perlcranium.

Scheede, v. sheath, scabbard; vagina; cod (or bean» etc.); In «Ie - «teken, to slieathe; nit «Ie — trekken, to un.heathe;

—vllea, vaginal membrane.

Scheef, bv. oblique, slopinir, slanting, leaning, wrv; wrong; —, bw. obliqueiy, aslant, awry, askew; ill; — gaan. to skew, to go askew; to eo wrong ; — maken, to «lant; iemand

— aanzien, to frown at one; to look upon one with an evil eye; *U» hoed — opzetten. to cock one'a hat; z||ue arhoenen alloouen, to walk one's shoes down; been. m. & v. wry-le*ged person; —hoek, oblique angle; —hoekig, witli oblique —nek, m. & v. wry-necked person; —heiu, y. obliqueness, «lantingnes», wryness.

Scheel, o. cover; ntrln* ot liair, tress; hoofdpijn, sick head-ache, tnegrim; naalo, hair pin. , . .. _.

Scheel, bv. & bw. squint-eyed, squinting (-ïyi,

— alen, to equint; —oog. m. & v. squinteved person; —alen, squinting; —aarö, m. squinting fellow; —achtlg, bv. rather

Sclieelelf, ov. w. to separate, to part one's

hair; to wash, to scrape clean.

Scheen, v. shin; iron l»and (- hoop); — been, -plfp, shin-bone; eene blauwe to be refused, to get the slip., to meet with a refusal; Iemand het vuur na aan ue achei.en leggen, to lead one a pretty dance; to bring one to hls last resource, to nonpluss a person; Iemand ieta voor de srhenea