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—el|)k, bw. in an insulting manner; —er, m. Bcoffer; —er|J, r. scofRng, acoft', tuunt; —Ig, bv. Bcofflngr; —ing.T. acofflng, taunting; —ster,v. zie Schim per» -iw|)i,—iwIJxe, bw. in an insulting ninnner, scorufully, tuuntingly.

Schln. r. dandruff.

Schink, m. gammon, ham; —el, knuckls (of a ham).

Schip. o. ihlp, vessel, nave (of a church); ■choon — Hinken, to make a clean aweep of; to aettle accounts; to take a purgative; groot —.groot water,the more one spends, the more one wants; klein —, klein zeil, little faniily, little cares ; een — 1ste kInsse, (a ship) A 1; —bek, beak, prow; -boom, boatman's pole, ga ft"; —breuk, shipwreck; — lijden, to be shipwrecked; — brenkeliiig, m. & v. shipwrecked peraon ;—brug, bridge

. of boata, floating bridge ; — hnnk, trrapplingiron; —pond, ahip-pound (150 K.G.)j — reeder, ahip-owner.

Schipper, m. boatman, barge-man, skipper, maater, captain; —sboom, aetting-pole; — •gaat, —«knecht, boatman'a boy, bargeman's mate; — sliaak. boat-hook ; — shuis, tavern; -•pU. sliipman'a great coat; — uitdrukking, sliipmun's term; —avrouw, boatman'a wife, captain's wife; —en, ov. w. to manage, to arrange, to aettie; on. w. to be a boatinan, to ateer; —y. v. navigation.

Schitter en. on. w. to ahine, to glitter, to sparkle; —licht, glittering ligiit; — end, bv. glittering, aparkling, bright, brilliant; — Ing, v. ahining, glittering, aparkling.

Schob, v. zie Schub.

Schobbejak, Schobberd, m. acoundrel,


Schobben, ov. w. to rub, to acour.

Schobberdebonk, op — loopen, to live at other people'a expense, to be a aponger, to be a tramp, a beggar etc.

Schoef, v. cape (of cloaka etc.).

Schoei en, ov. w. to «hoe, to Iine (with wood), to wainscot; op dezelfde leest geschoeid (Mg.j, to be all of a die, • of a kidney; —er, m. ahoemaker; —Ing, v. ahoeing, lining; — sel, o. ahoeing, ahoes.

Sehoelje, m. raacal, variet, rogue; —aclitig, bv. rogulsh, knaviah.

Schoen, m. ahoe; leder weet het best waar de — hem knelt, every one knows beat where the shoe pinchea; wien de — past, trekke hem nnu, if the cap lit, wear it; a nod ia aa good as a wink to a blind horae; z|)ne —en «paren (flg.), to aave ahoe-leather; vast lat z|jiie —en staan, to stand one'a ground ftrnily; iu iemands — en staan, to be in one'a place, • in one'a ahoes; de stoute —en aantrekken, to aorew up one'a courage, to make bold. to take heart; —aantrekker, — hoorn, ahoeing-horn; —band, ahoe-atring; —borstel, ahoe-bruah; —gesp, shoe-buckle;—lappen, mending of ahoes; —lapper, cobbler; — spothuis, cobbler'a shop; —leer, ahoe*

leather; —leest, ahoe-last; —lint, shotribbon. ahoe-atring; —maken, ehoe-maklng; —maker, ahoe-maker; —«baas, maater* ahoe-maker; —sglld, ahoe-maker'a Corporation; —«knecht, journeyman-ahoemaksr; —suies, ahoe-maker'a knife; —snaald,ahoemaker'a needie ; — «winkel, ahoemaker'e shop; —naad. aeam of a shoe; —poetser, shoe*black, boots (at an hotel);—rleui, strap of a ahoe; —smeer, blacking, ahoe-wax, polish; — spyker, clout-nail. hobnailt — winkel, shoemaker's shop; —zool, solo of a ahoe.

Schoener, m. achooner.

Schoer. m. great ahower, zie Schouder; — haai. monk-fiah; —mantel, mantiet.

Schoffeer der, m. deflourer, raviaher; —en, ov. w. to deflour, to raviah; —iug, v. defloration, raviahment.

Schoffel, v. ahovel, hoe, weeding-hook; — ploeg, hoeing-plough; —en, ov. w. to hos, to clear of weeda, to bolt one'a food, to eat ravenously.

Schoft, m. clumay fellow, boor, clodhoppor, rogue, raacal; —, v. buttock, rump, shoulder, withera, quarter of a day's work; — aehtlg, bv. & bw. brutish (-ly), brutal (-ly); —en, on. w. to rest, to take reat, to take breakfaat, • dinner; —t(|d, time of reat, • to break* faat, - to dine; —erig, bv. zie Schoftachtig.

Schok, m. ahock, bounce, jolt, jerk, concuaaion ; —ken, ov. w. to ahake, to jolt, to jog, to atrect, to move, to ngitate.

Schol, v. plaice (a flsh), flake (of ice), olod (of earth); —t|)d, plaice-time; —lenvangst, plaice-flshing; zoo plat als eene —, as flat aa a flounder.

Scholen, on. w. to flock togetlier, to ahoaL

Scholier, m. achool-boy, pupil, acholar; — ster, v. achool-girl.

Scliolp, —ei. soft, boiled egg.

Scholver, Scbolverd. m. cormorant; clumay fellow, boor, clown.

Schommel, m. awing; —, m. & v. buaybody) —, v. clmrwoman; —en, ov. & on. w. to awing: to ahake, to atir; to clean careleaaly; —kokje, acullion, factotum; —meisje, charwoman; —touw, awinging-rope; —Iug, v. awinging; ahaking, atiiring; cleaning.

Scliompermuilen, on. w. to amile, to grla.

Scliongel, m. enz. zie Schommel, enz.

Schonk, v. bone, ahank.

Schoof, v. aheaf; in schooveu binden, to aheaf, to bind into sheavea.

School en, ov. w. to inump; on. ow. to beg, to tramp; —er, m. mumper, beggar; —er(|, v. besrgary* —ster, v. female beggar.

School, v. school, college, academy; shoal (of herringa etc.); Fröbel —, kindei-garten; bewaar—, infant school; armeu—,raggedschool; kostelooze —,Iree-achool; — voor lager, middelbaar, onderwf)** elementary (primary), secondary, higher school (university); — voor voorbereidend onderwijs, preparatory school; dag—, avond—, day—, evening-school; kost—. boarding-