Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

Schrap pen, ov. w. to scratch (out), to erase, to cancel, to strike out (a name), to cross; —Uzer. scraper; —per, m.—ster,v.scratcher, scraper; —tel, o. scrapings.

Schrede, v. stride. step ; z(Jne —n richteu naar, to direct one's steps to; groote —n doen, to take large strides.

Schreef, v. line, dash; bound ; buiten de — gaan, (Hg.). to kick over the traces; to go beyond the limits; de deur staat op cene —, the door is ajar.

Schreeuw, m. cry, sliout; —aclitig. bv. crying; —en, ov. & on. w. to cry, to shout, to bawl, to clatnour (for); —bek, —leeiyk, in. & v. crier, ba wier; —end, bv. cry mg; bw. very; —er, m. ciier, siiouter; — erlg, bv. crying.

Schrei en, ov. & on. w. to weep (for joy); tocry (for revenge; — over iosses);het schreit ten hemel, it is crying to heaven; it is revolting; —er, m. — «ter, v. weeper, crier.

Schriel, bv. & bw. —held, zie Schraal) — heid.

Schrift, o. writing; writ; writing-book; —, v. scripture; de heilige —, the Holy Writ, Scripture; op —, in writing; op — brengen, to take down (to draw up) in writing; groot —, staand —, klein —, loopend

- —, large rotind -, small -, running hand; —geleerde, scribe, scripturist, theologian; —geleerdheid, knowledge of the scriptures; —matig, bv. & bw. scriptural, conformable (-bly) to the Scriptures; —uitlegger, exegetist, interpreter; —uitlegging, exegesis; —vervalaching, interpolation; —el|)k, bv. written; bw. in writing, by letter; een — examen, a written examination; zich — aanmelden, to apply by letter.

Schriftuur, v. writing; Scripture; —plaat», Scriptural passage; —woorden, wovds of Scripture; —lUk, bv. & bw. zie Schriftmatig.

SchrfJbeenen, on. w. zie Schrijden.

Schr||deling s, bw. astride (oi); straddlelegged ; —ach, bv. straddling.

Schrijden, on. w. to stride, to straddle.

8chr(jf bakje, o. standish ; —behoeften, v. mv, —gereedschap, —gerei, —tuig, o. writing-materials, stationery; —boek, o. writing-book; —bord, o. black-board; — fout, v. slip of the pen, clerical error; — geld, —loon, o. writing-fees ; —inkt, m. writing-ink; —Jeukte, v. —luat, m. —zucht, v. excessive desire of writing, itch for writing; —kiatje, o. scrutolre, escritoire; — koker, m. pen-case; —kramp, writer*s cramp; —kunet, v. art of writing, penman■hip, calligraphy; —lade, v. drawer for writings; —lei, v. slate; —lea, v. writing lesson; —leaaenaar, m. writing-desk; — letter, t. character, letter; —meeater, m. writing roaster; —oefening, v. writingexercise; —papier, o. writing-paper; —pen, V. writing pen; — achool, v. writiug-school; —ater, v. writer; authoress; —atlft, v. style; —atyi, —trant, m. style; —stof, v. subject-

matter; —taal, v. written language, booklanguage; —tafel, v. writing-table; —uur, o. writing-hour; —vertrek, o. office, study; —werk, o. writing, copy-work, clerk's work; —w|jse, v. manner of writing; —woede, —zucht, v. mania for writing, rage for scribbling; —ziek, bv. given to writing, v. itch of writing.

Sclir|)ling a, bw. —ach, bv. zie Schrfjdelinga, —ach.

Schr|)n, o. box, chest, cabinet; —werk, joinery ; —werker, joiner, cabiuet-maker ; —werkerfj, joiner's trade.

Schrijnen, ov. w. to gall, to fret, to abrade, to graze.

Schr|jv en, ov. & on. w. to write, to compose; er ataat geaclireven, it is written; in 't net —, to copy fair; —en, o. writing, letter; —er, m. writer; clerk; author; copyist; —agild, (the) authors, society of authors; —er|j, v. writing, penning, scribbling; -erachnp, o. authorship.

Schrik, m. fright; dread, terror; leinand — aanjagen, to frighten one; to give one a turn; er met een kleinen — afkomen, to come off with a little fright; h{J bestierf het b|jna Tan —, he was aimost frightened to death; de —der woeat|jii, tiie terror of the desert (i.e. the lion); —barend, — wekkend, frightful, terrific; — beeld,Iright; pliantom; bug-bear; —bewiud, terrorism; —gedrocht, monster, ogre; —middel, antispasmodic; —poeier, antiapasmodic powder; —aclitig, bv. easily frightened, shy, scary, timorous; —aehtigheid, v. shyness, timorousness.

Schrikkel dag, m. intercalary day; —Jaar, o. leap-year; —uiaand, v. February.

Schrikkelijk, bv. & bw. lïightful(>ly), terrible (-bly), dreadful (-ly).

Schrikken, on. w. to be frightened, to startle, to take fright; wakker —, to start from one's sleep, to awake with a start.

Schril, bv. & bw. timid (-ly), shrill (-y).

Schrobbeering, v. rebuke, taunt.

Schrob ben, ov. w. to scrub, to wash ; to hog (a sliip); —net, drag-net; —werk, scrubbing, washing; —zaag, hand-saw; — ber, m. scrubbing-brush, swabber, hog; scoundrel, scrape-penny; rebuke, taunt; — ater, v. charwoman.

Schroef, v. screw, vice, mill, nut (■■ moerschroef); — zonder eind, endless (perpetual, worm-) screw ; allea ataat weer op loaae schroeven, everything is uncertain again; —bank, vice-bench; —boor, —tap, screw-tap; —bout, screw-bolt; — fleach, flagon with a screw; —gang, worm of a screw; —haak, screw-hook; —hoorn, powder-horn with a screw; —l|ju,spiral line; —moer, nut, female screw; —pers, vicepress; —sleutel, turn-screw, screw-wrench; —sluis, Bluice with screws; — ataart, end of a stock-screw; —atoomboot, acrewsteamer; —atop, stoppie in the form of a screw; —voruiig, cochleary, cochleated ; —