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Seis en, ov. w. to belay (ropes); -Ing, v. grasket.

Seizoen, o. aeason.

Sek, v. sack (.Spaniah wine).

Sekreet, o. W. C. (= water-closet), privy; —bril, seat (of a privy); —deknel, lid; — ruimer, night-mau, scavenger.

Sekse. ▼. sex, female sex.

Selder||, v. celery; —bind, celery-leaf; — kuol, celery-root; —loof. celery-leaves; — •oep, celery-soup; —zand. celery-seed.

Seldremeiit, tsw. the deuce!

Senaat, in. senate.

Seuator, m. seuator.

Sene blad, o. seuna-Ieaf; —groen, o. periwinkle.

Senior, m. senior.

Sensatie, v. sensation, tlirill; — roman, sensatioual uovel; shilling-shocker, curdler.

Sent, v. framing, rail (of a ship).

Seraf, m. serapii; — «vleugel. wing of a seraph ; —«vlucht, flight of aseraph; —ine orgel, serapliiue (a).

SernlIJn, m. scraph.

Serail, o. seraglio.

Serenade, v. serenade (in the evening).

Serge, v. serge.

Sergeant, m. sergeant.

Serie, v. series.

Sering, v. lilac, clovejrillyflower; — eblocseiaa, lilac-blosHom; — eboum, lilac-tree.

Serpeait, o. serpent, terniagant; —«look, —•tong. serpent'a-tongue; —ig, bv. terniagant.

Serpeaityn, v. culverin; —steen, serpentinestone.

Servet, o. napkin; te groot voor — en te kleiai voor talellakeu, between liay and grrass; —Je, closet paper; — band (—ring), uapkin-tie (—ring); —goed, diaper.

Servies, o. dinner-set, tea-set, etc.

Servituut, o. servitude, claim; burden (on land).

Sextant, v. sextant.

Sfeer, v. sphere, orbit (of a planet); conipass, reach; liet is buiten ni|)ue —, it is not within iny provluce, beyond my reach (conipass).

Sidder en. on. w. to trcmble, to shudder, to itliake ; —aal, torpedo, cramp-fish; — iug, v. tretubliug, shudder.

Sier, v. cheer; goede — innkeit, to make good cheer, to carouse, to make inerry.

Sier aad, o. ornament; —en. ov. w. tu ornament, to adorn, to deck, to decorate.

Sierlijk, bv. & bw. neat (-ly), elegant (-ly); —laeid, v. neatness, elegance.

Siersel, o. ornament.

Sigaar, v. cigar; lichte —, zware —, mild strong cigar; —ast-la, v. cigar-asli.

Sigaren fabriek, v. cigar-munufactory; — handel, cigar-trade; — kistje. cigar-box; —koker, cigar-case; —maker, cigar-maker; PU lil* ,cigar-holder; — winkel, cigar-shop.

Signrette, v. cigarette, paper cigar; — npapier, tissue-paper.

Signaal, o. sigual; het — tot den terug¬

tocht blazen (slaan), to sound (to beat) a


Sigataleaaaent, o. description.

Signet, o. seal; —suyder, aeal-engrraver.

Sypeleu, on. w. to ooze, to trickle.

S||sje, o. llnnet, siskin, aberdevine.

Sikkel, v. sickle, reaping-hook ; de aaaaan —, the moon's cresceut; —voriuig, bv. sickleshaped.

Sikkeaieurig, bv. cross, quarrelsome, queru-


Sikkepit, v. bit, trifle.

Silhouet, v. silhouette.

Sim, v. ape, monkey, fiahing-line.

Simpel, bv. mere, plain, simple, silly, mad; —, bw. merely, only, simply; —achtig, bv. somewhat silly, doting; —held, v. silliness, iinbecility, idiocy.

Sinaasappel, m. oranje; —schil, v. o rangepeel.

Sinds, bw. & vz. zie Sedert.

Sinecure, vz. sinecure.

Singel, in. girth, cingle ; counterscarp, moat, outer-wall; —eaa, ov. w. to girth, to surround.

Sintels, m. mv. einders, slag.

Sinterklaas, m. Santa Claus; —avond, eve of Sauta Claus.

Sint-Jan, ni. Midsummer-day; —sappel, honey-apple ; —seuvel, falling-sickuess ; —snacht, Midsummer-night.

Sint-Maarten, ni. Martinmas-day.

Sint-Michiel, m. Miclielmas-day.

Siait-l'ieter, m. St. Peter*s-day, Lamnias-day.

Sipperlippeai, on. w. to sip, to lap.

Sire, m. Sire, my Lord, your Majesty.

Sireen, v. siren, mermaid.

Sireneaazaaig, m. Bi reus' song.

Siroop, v. zie Stroop.

Si» seai, on. w. to hiss, to whiz, to sizzle; — klaaik, hissing souud, sibilant; —ser, m. bisser; serpent, squib (oi ftreworks); chickpea; met eeaa — afloopen, not to liuve any consequence.

Sits, o. chintz;—papier, coloured paper; -enwinkel, chintz shop.

Sjaal, v. shawl.

sjalot, v. hhallot.

Sjees, v. chaise, cart; gig.

SJeezeaa, ov. w. to rusticate (student*); to relegate; to be plucked (at au examiuation).

Sjerp, v. scarf, sash.

Sjilpen, on. w. to cliirp.

Sjofel, bv. shabby; bw. sliabbily.

Sjokken, on. w. to loiter about, to trudge; Njokker, in. trudger, loiterer.

Sjor ren, ov. w. to moor; to lasli, to frap, to arch; —klamp, snatch-cleat; —touw, lauiard; —ring, v. muoring, beluying, lashiug.

Sjouw, v. heavy burden, hard piece of work, toil; 11a» wit li a waft; *t is eeaa laeele —, it is very difficult (arduous) task; it is uplilll work, a heavy climb; zy zyn aaaa «Ie —, they live iu dissipatiou; they lead a dissolute Hfe ; —eaa, ov. w. to drudge, to toil; —werk, zie Sjouwery; —er, ni. drudge; porter.